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U.S. Military resumes anthrax vaccinations
“A federal judge cleared the way Wednesday for the
Pentagon to resume vaccinating military personnel
against anthrax after lifting his injunction against the
mandatory inoculation program. U.S. District Judge
Emmet Sullivan granted a motion from Defense
Department attorneys to limit the effect of his
vaccine ban to the six plaintiffs who are suing the
For more information:
McIntyre, Jamie; “Judge OKs military anthrax
vaccinations,” CNN Washington Bureau, January 8,

GE crops and pesticides
“Eight years of planting genetically modified maize,
cotton and soya beans in the US has significantly
increased the amount of herbicides and pesticides
used, according to a US report which could
influence the British government over whether to let
GM crops be grown.”
For more information:
“GM crops linked in pesticide use,”
New Medicare coverage for prescriptions will
reduce private insurance drug coverage for seniors.
For More Information:
“Bush acts to reward companies who cut off senior
drug coverage,” See also:
Pear, Robert and Robin Toner; “Medicare overhaul
gets House victory by a whisker,” New York Times,
The Seattle Times, Nov. 23, 2003

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