Mrs. Miller's Kindergarten Daily Schedule 2008-2009 by zll14065


									    Mrs. Miller’s Kindergarten Daily Schedule 2008-2009
8:30-8:45      Arrival
               • Teacher picks up students in cafeteria at 8:30
               • Students arriving after 8:45 are tardy
               • Students put away backpacks, folders, lunch boxes
               • Attendance
               • Find personal space on alphabet carpet
               • Job Helpers assigned for the day

8:45-9:00      BTV Ch. 72
               • Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem
               • Students watch televised morning announcement
                 program hosted by students and administration

9:00-9:30      Morning Circle
               • Lunch Count
               • Question of the Day
               • Calendar/Weather/Number of days in school
               • Morning Message Read Aloud
               • Songs & Movement
               • Teacher shared reading lesson

9:30-9:40      Phonics/Phonemics Lesson
               • Introduce/practice Letter of the Day or Letter of
                  the Week and/or a new High Frequency Sight Word

9:40-9:50      D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) & bathroom break
               • Students select a book to view on their own or with a

9:55-10:30     Special Area Classes
               Monday:     Art (Mrs. Perez)
               Tuesday:    P.E. (Coach Prusaczyk)
(9:45-10:15)   Wednesday: Music (Ms. Fleming)
               Thursday: P.E. (Coach Prusaczyk)
               Friday:     P.E. (Coach Prusaczyk)

10:35-10:40    Snack
              •   Snacks that are individually wrapped are easiest to
              •   Healthy options are preferred (fruit, crackers,
                  cheese, pretzels, granola bars, etc.)

10:40-11:00   Social Studies/Science Lesson

11:00-12:00   Work Stations
              • Students participate in four different work stations
                per day
              • Three stations allow children to work independently or
                with their group, and one station is teacher directed
              • Students have 15 minutes to work at each station
              • Stations cover our theme studies for the week, math,
                phonics, guided reading/writing, letter of the
                day/week, fine motor skills, etc.

12:00-12:05   Clean up work stations and prepare for lunch

12:12-12:37   Lunch

12:40-12:45   Restroom Break

12:45-1:00    Read Aloud / Making Meaning Lesson

1:00-1:30     Math
              • Math lessons may be whole group, small groups,
                individual practice, or a combination
              • Many concepts and skills are covered through hands-
                on games, activities, and songs

1:30-1:45     Guided Writing
              • Together we write our Afternoon Message
              • Students assist in sounding out letters, spelling words,
                 deciding on punctuation, etc.
              • Students will eventually use this time for independent
1:45-2:05     Recess
              •   Students have supervised free play outside on the
                  kindergarten playground

2:05-2:20     D.E.A.R Time

              •   Drop Everything and Read
              •   Students choose a book to read/view quietly, alone or
                  with a friend

2:20-2:30     Prepare for Dismissal
               • Students retrieve own backpack, lunch box, and daily
               • Fridays – students on “green” choose prize from
                  treasure box

2:30-3:00     Dismissal by groups / Free Quiet Time
              • 2:30 – Car Riders
              • 2:45 – Bus Riders
              • 2:55 - Extended Day and Wadeview
              • 3:00 – Walkers
              • 3:00 – Car Riders with middle school siblings

3:00-3:15     Teacher Planning

1:45-2:15     Library Visit
              • Students visit the library for a lesson with Media
                 Specialist Mrs. Homblette and check out books
9:45-10:15    Special Area Class
10:20-10:35   Class Meeting and Bully Prevention Curriculum
10:42-11:07   Lunch
11:30-12:30   Work Stations
12:40-12:55   Snack and Recess
1:00-1:15     D.E.A.R Time
1:15-1:30     Guided Writing
1:30-2:00     Dismissal

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