Pay Fixation in Revised Pay scales 2010 by using by daw34175


									   Pay Fixation in Revised Pay scales 2010 by using Access

    This application is developed in MS Access and it works correctly in MS
     Office XP or higher versions.

    System must be installed with MS Office XP with MS Access application.

    Change the local system date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy, if
     not already changed. Procedure to change the date format of system
     installed with window XP operating system is given below

   Start -> settings --> control panel  Click on date, time, Regional and
   language options  click on Regional and language options  click on
   customize button  go to date tab  change the date format from
   mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy  click apply -> OK -> apply click –OK -> close

    This application is simple and useful to fix the pay of the most of the
     employees in Revised Pay Scales of 2010, except those who got promotion
     after 01.07.2008 or appointed to high scale under Automatic advancement
     schemes after 01.07.2008, cases like junior drawing more pay than senior
     and employees drawing stagnation increments in pre-revised scales etc.

    This application simplifies the task of pay fixation of employees and it
     automatically generates the sanction proceedings and Appendix-I. Care has
     been taken to get correct output, however manual verification is must
     before approving the proceedings / appendix to ensure more correctness
     in the sanction orders.

How to use this application?

Down load the Application file (Prc2010_Dists.mdb) and save in the local system.

Double click or right click open the file, a data entry form will popup (Pay
fixation in Revised pay scales 2010).

First click on the Office master button and enter office details like office
name, officer name and location. The same details appear on the sanction
proceedings. After entry close the Office master form.

Enter employee name, select employee designation, enter employee place of
working and location (like Cocoon Market, …… etc),
Select the existing basic pay from the list (Basic pay of the employee as on the
date of option, Example: - if opted from 01.07.2008, basic pay as on
01.07.2008). Select the Grade as on date of option.

Select the existing scale as on date of option.

Enter personal pay i.e. Family planning increment if any.

Enter special pay, if any like typist, Drivers etc special pays.

Select to HRA percentage from the list.

If employee is drawing CCA as on option date, select the location from the list,
else leave blank.

If employee drawing agency allowance etc, enter the amount against the any
other compensatory allowances.

Enter Personal pay (not family planning PP), if any, in the RPScales2005.

Enter option date i.e. option letter date

Enter the date from which employee opted for RP Scales 2010.

Enter next date of increment i.e. increment fall due after the date of option.
Example :- employee having increment in the month of March and opted for RP
Scales w.e.f. 01.07.2008. The option date is 01.07.2008 and next increment date
is 01.03.2009.

Revised pay scale – No need to enter the new scale. Once the existing scale is
selected, new scale automatically display.

Enter Spl Pay in PRC 2010 and other compensatory allowances, if any, in RP

Enter office file Rc Number and date (these two will display in the sanction

After entering all the above details, click on the PROCEEDINGS button. A
popup opens showing the print preview of the sanction proceedings. On this
popup window (print preview), right click a small popup menu opens, select the
page setup according to your printer and then print the proceedings.

Similarly print the Appendix-I.
To enter another employee details, click on the navigation button and enter next
employee details and then take printouts.

How to export the proceedings and appendix to MS word for printing or further

Instead taking direct print out from the application, out put may be exported to
MS word format. This helps not only for further modifications in the
proceedings and saving and easy printing.


Right click on the print preview window of proceeding / appendix, select the
export option on the popup menu – a new window opens. In this, type the file
name you desired against File name and select ‘Rich Text format(*.rtf)’ against
save as type. Check the autostart radio button and then click on the Export
button. Then the total proceedings will be saved in a word file. Necessary
modifications may be made in this before printing.


In the RP Scales, for most of the cadres, corresponding scale to the existing
scale was given except in the case of Superintendents/ Accountants (Suptd.
Cadre), Record Assistance and Ronio Operators etc where one stage higher was
given. In such cases please change the scale of the employee manually after
exporting the report to word format. Similarly in the case of employees who got
promotion or higher scale due to Automatic advancement scheme after the date
of option, pl add the relevant para in the proceedings / appendix after exporting
the report to word file.

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