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									      iSeries Enterprise
Document Management &
     Imaging Overview

                 Todd Johnson
                 May 17, 2006

! Document Management 101
! Benefits of a Document Management Solution
! Document Management Components & Functions
   •   Document Imaging
   •   Application Integration
   •   Report Management
   •   Electronic Forms Integration
   •   Security
! What to look for in an iSeries-based Solution
! Implementation Methodology
The Issue…

! Explosion of ‘content’ within organizations

! Studies indicate that more content will be generated in the next
   two to three years than in the entire history of mankind!

! 80%-90% of corporate data exists on paper

    • Electronic documents and paper-based information must be made
      accessible in an integrated fashion

    • Current workflow must either remain intact or be made more
      efficient – must have user acceptance

    • Must not burden an overburdened IT department
The Issue…

! Paper everywhere!!
The Issue…

! Microfilm / Microfiche

   • Expensive – old machines are costly to maintain

   • Typically only addresses the document at time of archival
       "   Not part of workflow
       "   One viewer at a time
The Solution…

! Enterprise Document Management
What is Document Management??

! Document Management is a key component of Enterprise
  Content Management (ECM)

! Broad definition of ECM: An integrated approach to
  handling an organization’s “content”
   • Includes:
       " Document Management

       " Records Management

       " Web Content Management

       " Forms Management
What is Document Management??
! Solutions capable of handling ECM include some or all of the
    • Document Imaging
    • Application integration
    • Workflow automation
    • Report management (COLD)
    • Searching – across disparate data repositories
    • Electronic forms integration (output)
    • Forms management (input)
    • Electronic signature capture
    • Dynamic document management (revision control, check-in / check-
    • Digital asset and records management
    • Web content management
    • Security
What can you store in a Document Management system?

!   Scanned Documents & Images
     •   Typically stored as TIFF images
     •   TIFF images can be retrieved via any standard TIFF viewer
     •   Single Page TIFF images offer performance advantages

!   PC Files in their Native formats (collaboration & doc mgmt)
     •   Customizable document types allow any PC file types to be stored in their native
     •   PC files may be launched from repository using the corresponding application
           "   Document check-in / check-out / revision control / retention rules

!   PC documents as TIFF images for permanent archival using a Windows TIFF
    Print Driver (archival)
!   iSeries spooled files and PC print output as COLD documents
     •   allows formatted viewing and searching with or without overlays

!   Electronic documents generated from your iSeries
     •   Automatically Index and Store electronic documents generated by electronic
         forms solutions
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?


! DM Solutions are capable of producing a positive ROI in
  a short period of time

! Reduce costs associated with the filing / storage /
  archival / purging of paper documents
   •   Reduce number of file cabinets
   •   Recapture square footage of office space
   •   Microfilm / Microfiche
   •   Offsite storage services
   •   Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms (integration with an
       electronic forms solution)
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?
Storage space savings example:

! Just One 30GB 5.25” Optical Platter can hold the
  equivalent of up to:
   •   12 four-drawer filing cabinets
   •   8,000,000 computer report pages
   •   500,000 scanned pages
   •   350,000 PDF pages
   •   50,000 digital photos
   •   19,000 microfiche pages

! Scanned documents = 50K-70K per page
! PDFs = 80K – 100K per page
! Spooled File report = 2K-5K per page
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?


! Reduce costs associated with the movement of
  documents within an organization
   •   Mailing
   •   Faxing
   •   Courier services
   •   Personnel associated with each of those tasks

! Improve A/R, reduce write-offs
   • Electronic, intelligent document routing (electronic forms solution)
   • Electronically locate and send invoices and other docs
   • Instant proof of delivery – scan signed shipping docs
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?


! Reduce costs and inefficiencies associated with
  routing and retrieving docs
   • KEY - Capture the document as soon as it enters the
     organization and electronically route it
       "   Workflow module
       "   Customized workflow integration (Lotus Notes /
           Microsoft tools)

   • Multiple viewers at same time
   • Multiple documents on the screen at the same time
   • Eliminate damaged, misplaced, and lost documents
     – time and $$$ to regenerate docs
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?


! Utilize power of Internet / Intranets to share information
    •   Employees
    •   Customers
    •   Vendors
    •   Business partners

! Improve customer sat – no need for “call backs”
    • Store and link documents, variable content, and other files
      to existing LOB applications
    • All information related to a customer / vendor / employee
      record stored in one centrally located area
Why Implement a Document Management Solution?


! Enhance document security

! Enhance organization’s ability to recover from a disaster

! Comply with government retention requirements – audit
    • eDiscovery
    • HIPPA
    • others
Document Management – Areas of Focus

! Document Imaging
! Application Integration
! Report Management
! Electronic Forms Integration
! Security
Document Imaging

! Key Functions of a Document Imaging system
   • Document Capture
       "   Scanning (paper documents, pictures)
             !   Batch scanning
             !   Interactive scanning
       "   Drag ‘n Drop (PC files)
       "   File conversions (microfilm/microfiche, video, audio, other)
       "   Computer Reports (Computer Output to Laser Disk = COLD)
       "   Integration with Electronic Forms solutions
       "   TIFF print driver

   • Indexing
       "   Document Keys – keep it simple!!!!
       "   Manual (Keyboard, TIFF print driver)
       "   Automatic (Bar-coding, programmatic, integration with apps and
           Electronic Forms solutions)
Document Imaging

! Key Functions of a Document Imaging system
   • Electronic Retrieval and Routing
       "   Via PC, Thin Client, Browser (Web site or Portal)
             !   Stand-alone
             !   Via integration with LOB application software or workflow application
             !   Via customized menus
       "   Annotations
       "   Notes
       "   Full Text Search / Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
             !   OCR needed to convert scanned docs
             !   FTS can search any electronic docs

   • Storage and Permanent Archiving
       "   Tape / DVD / PC Server
       "   Permanent via Optical Disks (Write-Once, Read-Many = WORM)
       "   Backups are critical!
Document Imaging
• How Document Imaging Works…

                                                              ...then indexed and compressed
 Original documents...     ...are scanned, “dragged and       to 50K-70K byte files...
                           dropped”, or imported…

 ...or print, fax,       ...and then decompressed         ...then stored on a storage server
    e-mail, etc!                 for display...           device or optical disk...
Application Integration

! Most document imaging systems integrate with your
  line of business applications
   • iSeries “green screen”
   • iSeries GUI
   • Email / Groupware apps
   • Microsoft Windows
   • Web apps
   • Linux apps
! Typically done via scripts, APIs, or “screen scraping”
! Use the application software to find the document(s)
  and/or file(s) you are searching for
! Automatic indexing eliminates misfiling
Application Integration
! An example of an iSeries Accounts Payable application
  with document imaging integration
Report Management
! Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD)
   • iSeries spoolfiles are processed as “Cut” forms

   • Automatically archive and index iSeries spoolfiles
      "   Archive the entire report as a single document
      "   Archive the report as many smaller documents
            ! Search for specific key fields (i.e. – customer and invoice
              numbers), which would indicate the change in document.
            ! “Burst” the spoolfile into smaller documents with the exact
              number of consecutive pages found for the key values.

   • An optional forms overlay may be created in IMS/21 and
     merged only upon display or printing (which saves storage
      "   With Overlay
      "   Without Overlay
Report Management
! Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD)
Electronic Forms Integration
! iSeries Electronic Forms software packages
   • Contain:
      "   Forms design software
      "   Forms processing and integration engine

   • Provide:
      "   Seamless integration with iSeries application software
      "   Ability to merge variable iSeries spoolfile data with electronic
          forms overlays at time of print to produce documents which
          can be:
            ! Printed
            ! Faxed
            ! Emailed

   • When integrated with a document imaging package,
     electronic forms can be exported as PDF files for
     automatic archival and indexing
! Typical Requirement:
   • Dynamically manage access by users or departments
     (groups) to imaging applications, folders, documents, and
     even data on the documents

! Security Levels:
   •   iSeries – via application
   •   Image System User
   •   Application Level
   •   Folder Subject
   •   Document Type
   •   Field Level (thru redaction)

! HIPPA compliancy
! Audit trails
Characteristics of a good iSeries DM Solution
! Utilizes your investment in the IBM iSeries i5
    • Runs on your existing iSeries i5 server without requiring a processor upgrade
    • Minimal investment in new hardware – store documents on iSeries DASD
      initially and backup to tape, then grow into external storage devices

! Allows you to begin departmentally, but then is able to grow into an
   “Enterprise” solution

! Feature-rich in the base, yet flexible and scalable
    • UNLIMITED scanning / editing / indexing / printing / viewing
    • Multiple client support: 5250, PC, Thin, and Web
    • COLD report processing, with overlays
    • Affordable licensing of additional users / modules

! Single-vendor solution with excellent support
Characteristics of a good iSeries DM Solution
! Easy to Implement
    • Rapid implementation times – one to two weeks for initial department
    • Simple integration with iSeries ‘green screen’ and WebFaced applications, as
      well as MS Windows and Web-based applications
    • Can also be run as a stand-alone MS Windows-based imaging system

! Easy to Manage
    • Take it easy on your IT staff!
    • Minimize re-training and number of servers you have to manage

! Flexible and seamless integration with:
    • iSeries-based electronic forms solutions
    • Email and groupware packages

! Security to the Field level within a document
An iSeries-based Document Management System

 Network Attached               PC View Station with Client
 Printers                       software

                    PC View Station with                      IBM iSeries i5 Server with
                    Client software                           OPTIONAL IBM 3996 Optical Library
                    File Export (module) and CD/DVD           – Document Management Software
                    Writer                                    – Electronic Forms Software

                                                                                    PC Server
                                                                                NAS Storage Device
                                                                             Other Mass Storage Device
Departmental Scan
Station PCs with
Client Software
and scanner                                                           Remote PCs accessing
                                                                      system through Browser
Implementation Methodology

!   Select a Pilot Department / Application

!   Planning Phase
     • Interview users to determine flow of work
     • Understand software applications to be integrated
     • Determine unique document characteristics
     • Determine indexing method(s) / keys
     • Determine scanning method(s)
     • Determine scanning strategy for existing documents
     • Architect filing structure (app areas, folder subjects, document types)
      Example Document Management Structure

                                     City of Wausau                                  Marathon County

Application Areas                City Clerk           Finance                      Reg Deeds            Finance

                                 Utilities           Payroll/HR                            Clerk Cts                Others


                            WASTE        WELPROJ                AP                    Real             Birth Cert            Death
Folder Subjects              WASTE
                            WATER         WELPROJ                AP                     Real
                                                                                     Estate             Birth Cert             Death
                             WATER           DOC#          CHECK#                      Estate           File ID                 Cert
                            DOC#              DOC#          CHECK#                       Doc#             File ID            File ID
                             DOC#                                                         Doc#                                 File ID

                     JOB               REPORTS                    INVOICES        SURV                  BIRTH                 DEATH
Document Types      ENTRY                                                         MAPS                  CERT                   CERT
                                         PICTURES                    CHECKS
                     SUPPORT                CHECKS                     INVOICES     PLAT
                      DOCS                    INVOICES                              MAPS
                        PCFILES                                                      LETTER

     Example Document Management Structure
Application Area                  ROD        Register of Deeds

Folder    Folder                  Document   Document                Key          Key
Subject   Description             Type       Description                          Length

RE        Real Estate             CSM        Certified Survey Map    Document #   9 (L)
                                  ICONV      Image Conversion
                                  LEGAL      8 ½ x 14 Single Sided
                                  LEGALD     8 ½ x 14 Double Sided
                                  LETTER     8 ½ x 11 Single Sided
                                  LETTERD    8 ½ x 11 Double Sided
                                  PLAT       Plat Maps
BC        Birth Certificate       BC         Birth Certificate       File ID      16 (L)
BCC       Birth (Confidential)    BCC        Birth (Confidential)    File ID      16 (L)
DC        Death Certificates      DC         Death Certificates      File ID      16 (L)
DCC       Death (Confidential)    DCC        Death (Confidential)    File ID      16 (L)

MC        Marriage Certificates   MC         Marriage Certificates   File ID      16 (L)

MD        Military Discharge      MD         Military Discharge      Document #   9 (L)
Implementation Methodology

!   Implementation Phase
     • Hardware/Software Installation
     • Set-Up and Configuration
     • Application Integration
     • User Training
     • Technical Training

!   Parallel Processing or Complete Cutover

!   Post Implementation Review

!   Ongoing Support Plan
Things to Remember
! Start small, but think big
    • Forms
    • Imaging
    • Doc Mgmt
    • Other elements of ECM

! Keys:
    • Upper management support
    • User acceptance
    • Minimize impact on IT staff
Contact Info

  Todd Johnson – Berbee Appleton   920-996-3176

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