Local Business Advertising Rates by nbv20251


									                                                                                                                            Local Business
                                                                                                                          Advertising Rates
                                                                                                                                                        Effective 1/1/10

        Rates                                                                                 Closing Times
        Locally Owned Business Rates                                                          Publishes every Friday.
                                                            Per Inch                          Black and White Advertising
        Open Rate                                            $19.51                                 Space reservations                            Camera-ready materials
        4-7 Insertions                                        15.87                                   Friday, 11 am,                                      Monday,
        8-12 Insertions                                       15.08                            one week prior to publication                     5 days prior to publication
        13-25 Insertions                                      14.03
        26-51 Insertions                                      13.31                           Color Advertising
                                                                                              Regular deadlines apply to Excélsior spot-color advertisements. Process
        Color Rates                                                                           color space reservations and pub-set copy due 7 working days prior to
                                                                                              publication. Process color camera-ready art (Spanish-language), 2 days
                                                             Rate                             prior to publication.
        1 additional color                                  $149.10
                                                                                              Preprint Closing Times
        2 additional colors                                  276.15
        Process color                                        404.25                                 Space reservations                           Camera-ready materials
                                                                                                         Friday,                                          Friday,
                                                                                               one week prior to publication                    one week prior to publication
        Preprint Rates
        For orders above 30,000 deduct 10% from these rates
                                                                                              Other Information
                                                             Rate                             Camera-ready deadline also applies to art supplied on disk or
        Single sheet / free standing card                    $29.71                           electronically transmitted.
        2-STD or 4-TAB                                        31.21                           No cancellations accepted after space reservation deadline.
        4-STD or 8-TAB                                        32.77                           Holidays–Earlier deadlines apply to New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,
        6-STD or 12-TAB                                       33.71                           July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Contact your
        Each add’l 2-STD or 4-TAB                              1.69                           representative.
        Minimum insertion is 15,000

        Specifications                                                                        Contact Information
        Broadsheet page size                                                                                      Phone                                      Fax
                                                            Per Inch                          Excélsior       714-796-4315                              714-796-4316
        1 column                                             1.64"
        2 columns                                            3.39"                            Visit our interactive media kit at www.freedomorangecounty.com
        3 columns                                            5.14"
        4 columns                                            6.88"
        5 columns                                            8.63"
        6 columns                                           10.38"
        Send electronic ads to: excelsiorads@ocregister.com

        Full Page                            Junior Page               Half Page Horizontal   3 col. x 10.5
        6 col. x 21.5"                       5 col. x 18"              6 col. x 10.50"
        Sizes shown are examples, other sizes available.

13789                                                                                                                          625 N. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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