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					What makes a good
 LIFE+ application
 Tom Hudson – Beta Technology

         Date 07/07/2008

                                c Beta Technology
     1.   Beta Technology
     2.   LIFE+ Implementation and Project Selection
     3.   2007 Submissions
     4.   Application Forms and Procedure
     5.   Financial Issues
     6.   Lessons Learned
     7.   How can Beta Help?

                                                       c Beta Technology
Beta Technology
Who we are?

•Project Management Consultancy in Doncaster, UK
•Bring together industry, the public sector and academia to
develop and deliver innovative projects.
•Involved in the Framework Programme for over 20 years,
National Contact Point since FP3.
•Contracted by Government (DTI, Defra, FSA) to provide NCP
services for FP7 themes.
•Appointed in 2007 by Defra as LIFE+ National Contact Point.

                                                               c Beta Technology
LIFE+ Implementation &
   Project Selection
 LIFE+ implementation
DG Environment organises annual call for proposals, selects, revises and
   monitors projects, makes payments with help of

(a) external experts used for the Evaluation of proposals
(b) external monitoring teams for monitoring of ongoing projects

Member States (National Authorities):

(a) to forward all project proposals to the Commission
(b) set national priorities and objectives (none set in UK)
(c) prepare comments on proposals (only A8 form)
LIFE+ project selection

 • Based on technical and financial quality, EU added value and consistency
   with the Regulation (see Evaluation Guide)
 • One award criteria for all strands

 • Takes account of:
       – National priorities
       – Member States‟ comments (A8 form)

 • Is in accordance with indicative national financial allocations (UK €16.5 m)
 • Respects 50% ring-fencing for nature and biodiversity
 • Endeavours to include transnational projects (for 15% of the budget)
LIFE+ project submission

 What is new ?
 •   proposals will be submitted on CD-ROM, in .pdf format only (some

 Second Chance!!
 •   where signatures, individual forms or obligatory annexes are missing,
     applicants will be given 7 working days to resubmit
Evaluation Procedure

•Eligibility Phase
     • Basic checks
•Selection Phase
     • Compliance checks
     • Fulfils basic funding criteria
•Award Phase
     • Technical quality
     • Financial quality
     • Contribution to objectives of LIFE+
     • EU added value
     • Complementing other EU funding

                                             c Beta Technology
2008 project selection: draft calendar
  2008 project selection                 Period
  Publication of the 2008 call for
                                         15 July 2008
  Workshop for potential applicants
                                         July to November 2008
  organised by the Commission
  Deadline for applicants to send
  proposals to Member States'            21 November 2008
  Deadline for Member States to send
                                         05 January 2009
  proposals to the Commission
  Eligibility, evaluation and revision   January to July 2009
  Deadline for signing grant
                                         31 December 2009
  Earliest possible starting date for
                                         01 January 2010
  2008 projects
            How soon do I get the money?

                             Call Closes (End November 2008)

     Signature of                                              Months
                                             UK Submission to EC (Jan
     grant agreement12          1            2009)
     First payment 13 months after call
                 11                      2

     has closed (1st January 2010)
Negotiation10                                  3
                                                   Eligibility Phase completed

             9                                 4

                 8                       5

                        7       6

                                    Selection and Award Phase completed

                                                                                 c Beta Technology
2008 Call - Important Dates

•Announcement of call for proposals            15 July

•Submission of A8 form to relevant authority   1 Oct (Nat/Bdv only)

•Deadline for submission to Beta               21 Nov

•Deadline for submission to Commission         Early Jan

                                                                  c Beta Technology
LIFE+ 2007 Submissions
UK Projects Submitted 2007
LIFE+ Field                     UK   Wales   DE   FR
Nat/Bdv                         8      2     16   8
Env Policy & Gov                10     0     18   16
Info & Comm                     3      0     1    6
Total                           21     2     31   25

 Success rate!
 90% were eligible
 Approx 30% to revision stage
 Approx 20% funded
                                                       c Beta Technology
LIFE+ Application Procedure
Project Planning

•What‟s the problem?

•Who should be involved in fixing it?

•Where do we want to get?

•How do we get there?

•What might stop us getting there?

•How do we know when we‟ve got there?

•How do we prove that we‟ve got there?
                                         c Beta Technology
Application Forms- Section A

•Administrative forms
    • Basic beneficiary information
    • Signatures, company stamps
    • Written support by co-financiers etc..etc…

•Can be kicked out early on, if these are not correct
•Simple forms not filled out
•Signatures, stamps must be included
•Finance parts must tally up
•Form A7 – have you checked for complementarity with other
EU funds
•Form A8 – follow procedure, no extensions this call!!!
                                                             c Beta Technology
Application Forms – Section B

•Technical summary and overall context of the project
    • Summary of objectives
    • Expected impacts
    • Location of project area (if required)
    • The issue in question
    • Best practice/demonstration/innovation
    • Efforts for reducing projects carbon footprint
    • EU added value
    • Expected constraints/risks
    • Project continuation

•Comprises main bulk of document
                                                        c Beta Technology
Application Forms – Section C

•   Detailed technical description of the proposed actions (e.g.
     • A) Preparatory actions, action plans
     • B) Purchase lease of land
     • C) Concrete conservation actions
     • D) Public awareness, dissemination
     • E) Overall project operation/monitoring

•   Under each section series of action A1….A2…
•   Must describe (what, how, where and when), explain necessity,
    beneficiary responsible, expected results
•   Timetable of deliverables and milestones
                                                                    c Beta Technology
Application Forms – Section F

•Financial Forms
•Breaks down direct costings into categories – already laid out for you
    • Personnel costs
    • T/S
    • External Assistance etc….etc

•Help with calculations is provided, some forms (FA) will automatically

•Check guidance for how you categorise direct costs

                                                                          c Beta Technology
Other Forms

•Simplified Financial Statement (n/a to Public Authorities) must
be in Excel format and attached separately

•Audited accounts attached separately

•Maps, other annexes attached separately

                                                                   c Beta Technology
Things to consider?

•Advisable length of 50 pages
•No advice on font size
•Do not modify forms
•A, B, C and F forms must be in pdf format and present in ONE
•All proposals must be black and white, except Maps (Nat/Bdv
•Please follow the „eligibility criteria‟ – Evaluation Guide.

                                                                c Beta Technology
A8 Procedure (For Nat/Bdv projects only!)

•Written support from relevant national conservation/biodiversity
•Must submit to relevant authority by 1st October before final
submission deadline
•Send a copy of the summary of your proposal (forms B1 and B2) along
with the A8 form to your correct national contact

Your contact at the Defra WHB Unit:

Wildlife Habitats and Biodiversity (WHB) Unit – Defra

•Download guidance from              c Beta Technology
c Beta Technology
Financial Issues
                             Eligible costs
•   As described in the CPs – Article 25
•   Provided for in your budget / subsequent agreement
•   Directly necessary for the project
•   Part of Reasonable / Sound financial management
•   Incurred during the lifetime of the project
    – Legal obligation to pay (the cost) has been contracted after the signature of the
      Grant Agreement
    – Execution of corresponding action starts after the project start and is completed
      before the end date
Budget Categories (CPs – Article 25)

•   Personnel
•   Travel – within EU
•   External Assistance
•   Durables
•   Lands right/purchase
•   Consumables
•   Other Costs
•   Overheads
Eligible Costs in LIFE+

Direct Costs: Directly linked to, and necessary for, carrying out
the project and Actually incurred during the lifetime of the

Personnel costs: shall be charged in respect of actual time
devoted to the project. The time, which each employee
spends working on the project, shall be recorded using
timesheets or an equivalent time registration system

Travel and subsistence: charged in accordance with internal
rules of the beneficiary.

                                                                    c Beta Technology
Eligible Costs in LIFE+
External assistance (sub-contracting costs) is work undertaken by
external companies, renting of equipment or infrastructure, etc. Can
be no more than 35% of total budget, tender rules!

Prototypes are infrastructure and/or equipment specifically created
for the implementation of the project for which 100% of the
purchase costs are eligible for co-funding.

Depreciation on durables
• Infrastructure costs: 25% eligible of the total purchase cost;
• Equipment costs: 50% eligible of the total purchase cost.

Consumable materials: shall only relate to the purchase,
manufacture, repair or use of any material, goods or equipment (not
general office consumables)                                            c Beta Technology
Eligible Costs in LIFE+

Indirect Costs (Overheads) shall be eligible for flat-rate funding
of a maximum of 7% of the total amount of eligible direct costs
actually incurred.

                                                                     c Beta Technology
                The „Public Servant‟ Rule

“Civil servants' salary costs may be funded only to the extent that they
relate to the cost of project implementation activities that the relevant
public authority would not have carried out had the project concerned
not been undertaken.

The staff in question must be specifically seconded to a project and
they must represent an additional cost with respect to existing
permanent staff. Moreover, the sum of the public authorities'
contributions (as coordinating beneficiary and/or associated
beneficiary) to the project must exceed (by at least 2 %) the sum of the
salary costs of the civil servants charged to the project.”
             The „Public Servant‟ Rule

Cost Category        Total Project   Contribution
                     Costs           (50%)

Personnel            100,000         50,000
                                                    Must be at
Other direct costs   90,700          45,350         least 2%
(equip, t/s etc)
Indirect costs       13,300          6,650
(over heads (7%)

Total                204,000         102,000

•   First Pre-financing Payment
     – 40% of EU contribution (50% for smaller/shorter projects)
     – Once the Commission have received:
         • Signed copy of Grant Agreement
         • Signed Payment Request including
•   Mid-term Pre-financing Payment
     – 30 % of the EU contribution
     – Conditions for Payment
         • Submission of a Mid-term Report when at least 150% of first payment has been spent
         • Paid within 105 days of approval of Interim Report
•   Final Payment
     – Balance of the EU contribution
     – Conditions for Payment
         • Submission of a Final Report up to three months after the technical close of the project
         • Paid within 105 days of acceptance of Final Report
              Ineligible Costs (CP Article 26)

•   R&D activity                         •   Bad debts
•   Costs to protect IPR                 •   Entertainment expenses
•   Dual funding                         •   Costs from other projects
•   Unforeseen costs                     •   Assets and services donated
•   Durable goods without logos          •   Any costs for Commission agents
•   Compensatory measures                    or MoT
•   Management plans that are not        •   Studies not directly related to the
    legally operational                      project
•   Costs exceeding budget limits        •   Investment in major infrastructure
•   Internal invoicing                   •   Fundamental scientific research
•   Exchange rate losses                 •   IPR protection
•   „Unnecessary or wasteful outlays‟    •   Land purchase and similar costs
•   Promotion of commercial activities
•   Provisions for future losses
•   Interest on debts
                        The Audit

• Necessary if EC
  contribution is greater
  than € 300,000

• Notes for audit available
  on LIFE website
LIFE+ Lessons Learnt
What did we learn?

•Understand whether LIFE+ is for you early on.
•Are there any other funding schemes available?
•Use guide for applicants and evaluation guide, understand what the EC
•Must have best practice/demonstration/innovation character
•Check your LIFE project database
•Clearly understand format guidelines.
•Ensure forms are signed, especially A8 form Nat/Bdv projects only.

                                                                         c Beta Technology
What did we learn?

•Take note of obligatory actions, dissemination e.g. LIFE logos
•Project management costs can‟t be too high, 10% is reasonable
•Answer all the questions
•Spend enough time on your finances.
•T/S costs too high – value for money
•Accounts must be audited
•2% civil servant rule can cause problems, be clear
•Start early, get in touch with Beta as early as possible. First come first

                                                                              c Beta Technology
How can Beta Technology
How Beta can help?

•Helpline open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.
•Advise applicants on the components of the programme, and
which component would „best fit‟ their proposal.
•Provide advice on EC guidance documents
•Pre-screening of proposals for eligibility and content before
21st Nov deadline.
•Collection of all UK proposals.
•Final eligibility checks after 21st Nov deadline, before sending
to Defra.

                                                                    c Beta Technology
Pre-screening Support

•Check application forms against the EC‟s full Evaluation

•Can provide feedback on technical quality, financial
coherence and quality, EU added value, complementarity with
other EU funding schemes, basic form filling and the overall
completeness of the application.

•Up to 4 hours consultancy time per proposal

•1st come 1st serve!

                                                               c Beta Technology
Eligibility of all proposals

•Check application forms against the EC‟s eligibility check
criteria before proposals get sent to Defra. (see Evaluation

•Focuses around basic form filling, files open correctly, format,
correct signatures, stamps etc

•Available to ALL UK applicants

•If there are any issues, Beta will allow 7 working days to
resubmit your proposal.

                                                                    c Beta Technology
Useful Links
•Beta Technology:

•LIFE Website:

•Natura 2000:

•LIFE+ Documentation:

•LIFE Project Database:
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 Start preparing your
   proposals now!

Tom Hudson – Beta Technology

           Tel: 01302 322633

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