Structure of 2010 Property Tax Rebate by giv23807


									                       Structure of 2010 Property Tax Rebate

Property Tax Payable in        New 2010 Property Tax               Final Property Tax Payable
2010 after deducting           Rebate for Owner-Occupied           in 2010
the 1994 GST Rebate            HDB Flats
$50 or less                    Actual tax payable                  $0
Above $50 to $100              $50                                 $0 - $50
Above $100 to $240             50% of PT                           $50 - $120
Above $240                     $120                                More than $120

Property Tax Changes for HDB Flat Owners

With the new property tax rebate for HDB owner-occupiers and the ongoing
1994 GST Rebate, all 1- and 2-room HDB owner-occupierswill continue to
pay zero property tax in 2010.

For average 3-room HDB owner-occupiers, the increase in property tax in 2010
after deducting the special rebates will be $72 for the year as a whole. For 4-
room HDB owner-occupiers, the average tax increase will be $97 for the year as
a whole. For 5-room HDB owner-occupiers, the average tax increase will be
$107 for the year as a whole, and for Executive HDB owner-occupiers, $103.

Combined Valuation Notice and Property Tax Bill

Owners of all HDB flats will receive their valuation notices and property tax bills
by 1 January 2010. Owners will also receive an explanatory guide on “Property
Tax on HDB Flats for 2010” - the guide explains how the property tax payable is
calculated and how payment can be made.

Property Tax for 2010 is payable by 31 January 2010

IRAS encourages HDB flat owners to join the GIRO payment scheme to enjoy up
to 12 interest-free monthly instalments. The GIRO application forms can be
downloaded from and the average processing time is two
weeks. Customers of DBS/POSB and OCBC can also apply for GIRO online via
Internet Banking. Alternatively, taxpayers are encouraged to pay via eNETS,
Internet Banking, AXS, ATM, S.A.MTM, Singapore Post, vPOST or Phone-
Banking. Cheques/Cashier’s Order may be addressed to The Comptroller of
Property Tax (55 Newton Road, Singapore 307987).

Information on payment modes and details of property tax and AV revision are available at Taxpayers with enquiries may email IRAS at or call
1800-356 8300.

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