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Tax liability
Other services in connection with trade fair events and exhibitions are subject to sales tax in the Federal Republic of Germany. Sales tax is currently 19%;
reduced tax rate 7%.

Sales rax rebate
If foreign companies have paid sales tax in the Federal Republic of Germany, they can apply for a tax rebate from the Bundesamt für Finanzen (federal tax and
revenue office), providing that they do not have any business premises in Germany and they have not provided any services liable to tax.
The application for a tax rebate must be submitted by 30 June of the year following that in question. The application must be completed in German using a
typewriter or block capitals.
The application must be sent with an original certificate from the applicant’s resident country, confirming that he/she runs a company in that country (entre-
preneurial certificate from his/her tax office).
In relation to the rebate, please note that German sales tax can only be refunded to companies based abroad if so-called “reciprocity” exists.
Companies based in EU member states are guaranteed a rebate of sales tax paid in Germany within the framework of the compensation scheme.

The following firm of lawyers offers professional help and support for those applying for a sales tax rebate.

We engage
FGS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, Johanna-Kinkel-Str. 2 – 4, D-53175 Bonn, to apply for a sales tax rebate on our behalf. The fees for this service are
based on the scale of fees for lawyers. As a rule, they constitute no more than 10% of the refunded amount. The firm of lawyers will provide further conditions
and information about this application. If no application for a rebate is formally signed, we have no obligations.

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