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									Conservation Easements- The GFC Approach

                                   Buford Sanders
                                   Staff Forester
                                   Georgia Forestry
Conservation Easement and the Landowner?

Do you currently work the Land?
  For Timber
  For Wildlife
     p        your land from conversion and
A CE protects y
allows you to reap the rewards of your hard
It also protects your land and establishes a
legacy of your stewardship accomplishments
after your gone.
          GFC works with “Working
          Forest Conservation Easements”-
          What are they?
• Working Forest Conservation Easements
  (WFCE’s) do more than strip specified
  (WFCE s)
  development rights from a property.
  Traditional conservation easements remove
  landowners’ rights to engage in certain
  activities, such as mining, subdivision, and
  residential and commercial development.
  These easements may not mention forestry
  at all, or may simply allow timber harvesting
                 good practices
  according to “good practices” with no
  additional detail.
• A WFCE adds language that g
                     g g        guides forest
  management in order to protect specified
  forest values.
              Working Forest Conservation
              Easement common issues:

•   Timber management
•   Prescribed fire
•   Wildlife management
•   Road maintenance
•   Recreational activities
•   Pond management
•   Herbicide use
•   Wildlife food plots
•   Invasive species control
    I     i       i       t l
•   Timber salvage
•   Erosion control
•   Aesthetic enhancements
              Working Forest Conservation
              Easements: SNA’s

• Special Natural Areas:

  There are certain significant naturally occurring
  ecosystem features within a Property, more
  particularly identified as Special Natural Areas that
  are deserving of special consideration.
Pictures of Albamare Plantation
and SNA’s:
      Jimmy Gillis Conservation Easement (JG3 Holdings
      LLLP)- Treutlen/Laurens Counties, Ga. Known as
      Anderson Tract.

1453 Acres; 1349 Acres in
Treutlen; 104 Acres in Laurens.
97% Forested; 820 Acres Old-
Growth Natural Pine
Pine Plantations planted in
1972, 1983, 1986. Total Select
Thinned. Slash Pine.
Anderson Pond- 50 Ac.
Wetland. Great Waterfowl
Gopher Tortoises Present.
Many Wildlife Food
Plots/Prescribed Burning
Program Ongoing.
Conservation Value Benefits
Conservation Values

                      These conservation
                      values benefit more
                      than just the
                      Conservation values
                      benefit the
                      community, county
                                y,     y
                      and the state.
    Keys to Avoiding Enforcement Issues

            g               good relationship
• Maintaining an active and g               p
between the easement holder and the property
owner and subsequent owners

• Having an excellent easement document with
clear, enforceable restrictions

• Establishing a program of regular, systematic
and well-documented monitoring
              So Why is the GFC involved?

• Intact forestlands supply timber products, wildlife
  habitat, soil and watershed protection, aesthetics,
  and recreational opportunities.
• However, as these areas are fragmented and
  disappear so do the irreplaceable benefits they
• The question becomes how to prevent the loss of
  these benefits. While the state does hold land, public
  acquisition is simply too expensive. Not to mention
  maintaining these lands in private ownership is
  critical to cost-effective long-term stewardship and
  management. The donated conservation easement,
  then,                                         long
  then is the most logical legal tool to secure long-
  term conservation in Georgia.
A Tool for the Future -- for the Land

                  p           property
A CE is a tool to protect the p p y
The GFC model is a perfect example of a true
public-private p
p      p                 p
Your CE holder should encourage, promote
and be a source of information for good
stewardship management of the land.
A management p                      p plan will
                plan – a Stewardship p
be written for your property to help you
accomplish your objective.
The End

             Buford Sanders
             Staff Forester
             Georgia Forestry

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