Why did you decide to choose a career within

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					Why did you decide to choose a career within investment
banking? Why in particular did you select the business area you
have applied to?

Investment banking is a growth area and traditionally a great innovator in the field of
IT provision within business. I applied for the IT section because I like the challenge
posed by trying to provide IT services that must be both high performance and high
availability. It is clear that Drkw is a on the cutting edge of large computer systems
work, mainly the grid and large database work, and I would like to take part in this. I
would also like some real world experience of large systems to complement my

Describe a situation when you've had to motivate yourself to
complete a difficult project or a demanding task?

I recently did a talk on procmail, a UNIX utility, for the local computing society. I’m
not the best public speaker, but I was motivated by people’s questions about the utility
to put together a 20 minute talk on how to use it.

Describe a situation when you have demonstrated initiative?

As part of the second year course, students have to undertake a group project in
Software engineering, in which they write requirements and design documentation
and implement the system. At the start of the year, my group was unwilling to
actually start writing. I took the first step in writing a section of the document, and
this got everyone in the group writing and discussing the work. As a result of this, we
avoided the normal rush before the end of term deadline.

Describe a situation where you have disagreed with a team
member, how did you resolve this?

During my time as a walk leader for the University Hill walking society, members of
my group have disagreed with me over my reading of the map and my chosen way to
go. I have normally stopped the group, listened to their reasoning and checked by
own. Then I and the questioner have tried to reach agreement on the right way to go.
This has both prevented accidents and helped teach and improve map reading in the