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					                                                                      Investment Banking Sample

Vanderbilt University
Station B 11111
Nashville, TN 37235

February 10, XXXX

Ms. Rita Jacobs
Campus Recruiter
Jacobs Investment Banking Firm
1111 Investment Lane
Chicago, IL

Dear Ms. Jacobs:

I will graduate in May XXXX with a Bachelor in Science in Economics and English from
Vanderbilt University. I am interested in applying for the Financial Analyst position at Jacobs
Investment Banking Firm.

My interest in Investment Banking was developed from a previous internship doing equity
research at UBS Financial Services. I want to actually build companies as an investment banking
analyst rather than just observe companies. I am particularly interested in Jacobs Investment
Banking Firm because of their focus on middle-market companies and the fact that all analysts
become generalists. In my experience in talking with John Doe, Jacobs Investment Banking Firm
has a collegial atmosphere that will be conducive to professional growth.

I can contribute to this position previous financial analysis experience and strong analytical
ability. At UBS, I was able to assess and value companies with DCF and comparable company
modeling. I also wrote research reports on many middle market healthcare companies.

I would enjoy speaking with you further about the possibility of a Financial Analyst position at
Jacobs Investment Banking Firm. If you need additional information, please contact me at 615-
111-8888 or Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Tatto

Tom Tatto