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					                     Sponsorship Proposal for the Launch of

                                      The Purple Tick


The Purple Tick is an initiative of The Chamber of Women in Business (CWB). The CWB was
created as a local not for profit organisation dedicated to the representation of women in
business. The objectives of the Purple tick are to help women to shop with confidence and
certainty, by providing them with the knowledge of where to shop.

Women make or influence over 80% of all consumer purchase decisions, they shop for
themselves, their families and more and more often for their business. The female demographic
can no longer be ignored - women are BIG business.

Purple Tick is a symbol that represents businesses that provide the kind of service that women

Purple Tick gives women confidence and certainty when shopping for goods and services.

Purple Tick businesses are those that have met the criteria to be recommended by women.

Why Purple Tick?
When we asked women from all ages and backgrounds –

•   64% could recall having a “bad shopping experience” because they were a woman.
•   74% said they shy away from businesses that are ‘unsupportive’
•   77% say they would shop with a business is recognised as 'women-friendly'.

They said they wanted:

•   To be acknowledged and treated with honesty, patience and respect.
•   Clean, comfortable places to shop.
•   To be given the information they need to make the right purchasing decisions.

                                                                     Purple Tick launch sponsorship proposal
                                                         What Purple Tick will undertake

The Purple Tick will be officially launched on 22nd September 2009, by MLA Katy Gallagher. The
launch will coincide with Business in Focus Month and will be promoted through the ACT
government, local business organisations, and the media, as well as directly through our own
members and contacts. There will be approximately 100 business owners in attendance at the

Launch Sponsorship____________                                                            Cost $1500
          ♦ Logo on the 500 printed invitations

          ♦ Logo and listing on the Purple Tick register/website

          ♦ Opportunity to invite your clients, staff and contacts to the launch

          ♦ Promotional material to be included in mail out for sponsored event if requested

          ♦ Banner displayed at the official launch

          ♦ Promotional items placed in the 100 show bags to be handed out at the launch

          ♦ Opportunity to speak at the launch about your business and why you wanted to
              sponsor the Purple Tick

                                                                    What is required by you

Any business that undertakes sponsorship of the Purple Tick must adhere to, or propose to
adhere to the criteria of the Purple Tick, please see attached document Purple Tick Assessment
Criteria. We also ask that you help us to promote the purple tick these could include however are
not limited to any of the following:

          ♦     Placing the purple tick logo on your website

          ♦     Promoting Purple Tick through your shopfront

          ♦     Sending out event invitations to your contacts/customers list

                                                                                Other Sponsors

                                                                        Purple Tick launch sponsorship proposal
The Purple Tick currently enjoys sponsorship from the following:
       ♦     IMB


Although we have offered some ideas for the sponsorship we are happy for you to tailor it
according to what the sponsor has to offer the launch. Our goal is to meet your objectives while
promoting and running a successful event.

For further information please contact:

Carolyn Queale
Phone: 0400 411 179
Email: Carolyn@spyseebiz.com.au

                                                                   Purple Tick launch sponsorship proposal