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									Publication Sponsorship
                         Fifth Volume of

【The Best Choice of Worldwide Schools and Student Visa Process】

                          Submitted by

         International Education Fund Ltd.

                 Date:       November 2007
The Trial Volume and first four volumes of【The Best Choice of Worldwide Schools and Student
Visa Process】 have been published successively with a great success and has being greeted with great
enthusiasm by the readers. Following on from the ongoing success of the previous volumes, it is with
great pleasure that International Education Fund Ltd. (IEF) submits this proposal to the reputed
Education Institutions. IEF is confident that it has extensive network with the schools in the world and
different organizations in China, a wealth of experience and expertise and high caliber staff to publish
and promote the Fifth Volume and our invaluable sponsor schools to major provinces throughout
China. Sponsors can rest assured that IEF's boundless energy and enthusiasm combined with its vast
experience accumulated in the first two volumes will ensure the success of this project. Seeing that
Chinese market is one of the major targets and sources of international students for your esteemed
school, IEF cordially propose this publication sponsorship package to your esteemed school in
offering a prestigious way to further convey your institution image to Chinese market.


Among the students studying abroad in the past year, nearly 80% of them were processed by the study
agents. Amid the increasing number of overseas study, the market competition of the education
consultants business will become fiercer. And it is obvious that the number of complaints and disputes
arisen from the study agent is growing. The service quality of the study agents in the market is uneven
and it is really not an easy topic for the students and their parents in choosing the right agent.

With years of experience engaging in the education consultants business, IEF deeply understand the
problems that the students would have when making the choice of country, school and program and
applying for the student visa. We realized that it is necessary to have this book published to secure the
students’ foreign education successfully. This book brings wisdom of yesterday’s mistakes made by
their predecessors and share answers to successful learning path to the globe.

The previous volumes have achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market. IEF has distributed
these copies for free to the prospective students in the major educational exhibitions in China in order
to enlarge the distribution network and approach the prospective students who plan to study abroad.
The publication is very welcomed by the readers. We will have the same approach in the upcoming
educational fairs in China such as China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET) in 2008 &
2008. We sincerely hope this approach will help the participating institutes in our publication reach as
many quality Chinese students as possible.

List of Schools Participating in The Fourth Volume: -

New Zealand
      The University of Auckland
      The University of Auckland English Language Academy
      AUT University
      University of Otago
      University of Canterbury
      Massey University
      Taylors College, Auckland
IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007
      Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)
      Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
      Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)
      Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec)
      Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT)
      Unitec New Zealand
 (Private Training Establishments)
      Academy New Zealand North Shore
      Academy New Zealand
      ACE Training
      AMES Training & Resource Centre
      Edenz Colleges
      Aspect New Zealand / Design & Arts College of New Zealand
      Ellipse Institute
      GEOS New Zealand Language Centres
      Institute of Applied Learning
      International College of Linguistics
      New Zealand Language Institute
      Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS)
      Waitakere Learning College New Zealand (WLCNZ)
 (High Schools)
      Avondale College
      Avonside Girls' High School
      Manurewa High School
      Chilton Saint James School
      Wellington High School
      Orewa College
      Timaru Girls' High School
      Wellington College
      Wellington Girls' College
      Wellington East Girls’ College
      William Colenso College
      Westlake High Schools
      Tropical North Queensland TAFE
      The University of Tasmania
      Australian Hair & Beauty College
The United States
      Wright State University
      The English Language Institute at Oregon State University
      Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WESLI)
      Saint John College, University of New Brunswick (UNB) Saint John
      University of Calgary
      University of Calgary - English for Academic Purposes
      IMI - International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland
      European University
      Dublin City University·Language Services
      Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)
      University of Debrecen
      University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical and Pharmaceutical Center
The Czech Republic
IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007
      Faculty of Informatics and Management, University of Hradec Kralove
      The CTL Eurocollege


1.     Date of Publication: July - August 2008
2.     Volume of Circulation: 20,000 copies
3.     Materials: In producing all publications, we use only top quality paper and printers. We believe
       that quality of design and production is paramount.
4.     Specification: The entire publication to be printed in A5 size (140 x 216 mm) with full color
5.     Circulation:
       - Donate to the libraries, universities, secondary technical schools and high schools in China;
       - Distribute to the study agents in China;
       - Distribute for free to the students during several major educational fairs in China such as
            China Education Expo and China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET);
       - Distribute at IEF Kunming Office;
       - Display at the bookshelf at the main lobby of Beijing Foreign Enterprise Service Co., Ltd.
            (FESCO) (FESOC is the first professional service provider in China that offers a wide
            variety of human resources solutions to 6,000 foreign and domestic companies from over
            100 countries and regions as well as 100,000 Chinese staff who are working as officers,
            advisors, technology R&D staff, marketing and sales representatives, human resources
            managers, and administrators); and
       - Sell at bookstores in China.
6.     Promotional Campaign:
       - Place posters in the bookstores in China;
       - Insert advertisement in major Chinese newspapers & magazines.
7.     Sponsors will get one-year free listing on IEF website (

Circulation Chart:
Distribution Channels                                                                No. of Copies
Libraries, Universities, Secondary Technical schools & High Schools in China:            5,000
Study Agents in China:                                                                    500
Major Educational Fairs in China:                                                        2,000
IEF Kunming Office & Auckland Headquarters:                                              2,000
Display at FESCO:                                                                         500
Sell at Bookstores in China:                                                            10,000

IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007
                                                                          Libraries, Universities,
                                                                          Secondary Technical schools
                                                                          & High Schools in China:
                                                                          Study Agents in China:
                                                                          Major Educational Fairs in

               10,000                                               500   IEF Kunming Office &
                                                                          Auckland Headquarters:
                                             500      2,000               Display at FESCO:

                                                                          Sell at Bookstores in China:

Online Version:

Along with the hard copy being published, online version of publication will be launched on IEF
website ( which allows the web surfers to download it for free. It will enable the
readers to access to the publication more conveniently and quickly, from anywhere, at anytime. That
means that the online version can definitely boost your impact with your target students.

The online version which will launch for nearly a year until the publication of the next volume and
will let the participating institutes make changes large and small instantly you can add new courses
information, update contact names and telephone numbers, and highlight special courses / programs,
keeping the information fresh and informative all year long.

If you're a display advertiser in the print edition, your listing is FREE! It's a terrific way to support
advertising, increase brand recognition, and maximize your coverage.

Below please find the link for the online version of the latest publication (Third Volume) (The Fourth
Volume is being produced):


    Increase publicity and reputation in China market and network with Chinese institutions without
    making too much investment and efforts;
    Provide an opportunity for the Chinese students to have better understanding of your institutes and
    your wide range of programs;
    Provide a constant flow of qualified international students from China through extensive
    distribution and circulation channels;
IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007
    Hassle-Free Student Enrolment Process: The book will contain a student enrolment form for the
    readers. By completing this form, IEF will provide free enrolment services for prospective
    students to apply for their interesting institute and programs. A lot of work related to the student
    enrolment would be saved with the professional assistance from IEF;
    Professional Visa Service: IEF will provide professional student visa application service for
    prospective students to ensure high visa successful rate.


Advertising Rate:

       SIZE & POSITION                                  RATE (NZ$)             RATE (US$)
       Full Page Inside Front Cover (4-Color)                  NZ$1,500                US$1,000
       (Have been reserved)
       Full Page Inside Back Cover (4-Color)                   NZ$1,200                 US$800
       (Have been reserved)
       First Full Page of Each Category                        NZ$1,200                 US$800
       1/2 Page (4-Color)                                        NZ$500                 US$350
       Full Page (4-Color)                                       NZ$800                 US$550
       2 Full Pages (4-Color)                                  NZ$1,400                 US$950
    * Schools participating in the Fourth Volume will enjoy 20% discount in the Fifth Volume. *

* The maximum amount of advertising content as a percentage of the whole publication will not
exceed 10%. This ensures that the purchaser is buying a publication of worth and not something
simply crammed with advertisements. We believe that by setting the level of advertising this ensures a
high quality publication which IEF, as well as our advertisers, are proud to put their names to.

Should you be interested in reviewing the previous Volumes, please kindly inform us. We will be
pleased to arrange a copy to you for free. We would love to have your comments or suggestions on our
previous volumes. We welcome you to propose any of your sponsorship requirements. Your
invaluable ideas will definitely help us make a further remarkable success in the upcoming volume(s).

For sponsorships and advertisement please fill in the reservation form in the following page or email at

IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007
              Publication Sponsorship Reservation Form (Fifth Volume)

If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising in the publication, please kindly fill in this form.

Name of Institution (to be used in all publicity):

Main contact for this event:                                   Position:

Telephone:                                                     Fax:

Contact address:

Which advertising section you are interested in? (Please Tick)
Full Page Inside Front Cover (4-Color) (Have been reserved)                      NZ$1,500       US$1,000
Full Page Inside Back Cover (4-Color) (Have been reserved)                       NZ$1,200        US$800
First Full Page of Each Category                                                 NZ$1,200        US$800
1/2 Page (4-Color)                                                               NZ$500          US$350
Full Page (4-Color)                                                              NZ$800          US$550
2 Full Pages (4-Color)                                                           NZ$1,400        US$950

        * Schools participating in the Fourth Volume will enjoy 20% discount in the Fifth Volume *

I confirm that the above named organization does want to take part in the sponsorship in the Fifth
Volume of【The Best Choice of Worldwide Schools and Student Visa Process】.

Full Name:                                            Position in Institution:


Please return this form, by 30 April 2008 to:
Ruby Ho – International Marketing Director
International Education Fund Ltd.
Address: Level 2, Landmark House, 187 Queen Street, Auckland 1140, New Zealand
Fax:         0064-9-377 2266

1.      For cancellation, notice of withdrawal must be supplied in writing.
2.      IEF reserves the right to select institutions to take part in the publication. Applicants will be
        notified in writing of the decision.

IEF Publication (Fifth Volume) Sponsorship Proposal
November 2007

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