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									USA Dance 2010
    National DanceSport
 Event Sponsorship Proposal

Submitted to:
Company X
     How Popular is
   Ballroom Dancing?
  There are Ballroom Dance competitions in over 50 countries
   around the world.
  There are over 60 ballroom dance competitions in colleges and
   universities around the country.
  There are 30 countries that show a variation of one of the most
   popular TV shows in America – “Dancing With The Stars”.
  In China the program is transmitted by Hunan TV via satellite and
   broadcasted on the overseas channel of TVB in Asia including the
   Taiwan region, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. With a potential
   audience of over 800 million.
  The show “So You Think You Can Dance” or its variations, which
   has ballroom dancing as one of the dances, is seen all over Europe,
   in Malaysia, and Australia
            Quick Facts
    What: USA Dance 2010 National DanceSport

    Why: To select from the top US athletes, our world team

    Where: JW Marriott-LA LIVE, Los Angeles C.A.

    When: April 9-11, 2010

    Who: Over 500 top notch couples from across America,
     competing in over 360 events
    USA Dance is a nationwide not-for-profit organization with
     thousands of volunteers.
    We are an affiliate member of the United States Olympic
     Committee (USOC) and are recognized by the USOC, and the
     United States Congress as the National Governing Body of
     DanceSport in the United States.
    The organization holds regional and local competitions across
     the nation for adults, young adults, and pre-teen amateur
     ballroom competitors.
    The 2010 DanceSport Nationals is the 30th annual competition.
     USA Dance will host over 2,000 competitors, friends, and family
     in Los Angeles, CA.
    Sponsorship opportunities are being offered for all World
     Team Events including our Junior II (aged 12-15) Youth
     (aged 16-18), Adult (aged 18+), Senior I (aged 35-45), and
     Senior II (aged 45-55).
     Dance Championship
   500+ couples comprised of amateur adult, senior,
     youth, and junior athletes

Volunteers and Spectators:
   100 volunteers from the dance community ranging
    in age from 16-80 years old.
   2,000 spectators over the course of the weekend
    comprised of families, friends of contestants, and
    ballroom enthusiasts.

            (Source, Daphna Locker, Event Organizer)
 Your Contribution

$10,000.00 to support our World Team.

     This amount will help send our
    World Team representatives to the
     IDSF World Championships in
 China, Spain, Korea, Austria & Maldavia.
Benefits of Sponsorship
Title Rights:
     Company X will be incorporated into the title of an IDSF
      World Championship event, such as “2010 Company X Latin
      Adult Championships”

 Pre – Event Exposure:
          Company X name and/or logo featured:
             “American Dancer Magazine’s” Sponsorship Recognition
              page in every issue distributed in 2010 (the magazine that goes out
              to over 25,000 households with approximately 85,000 readers.)
             Press Releases mailed before and after the event to local, and
              national newspapers, television and radio stations. All press
              releases will mention Company X’s sponsorship.
             Promotional Flyers distributed and displayed at local and regional
              competitions prior to Nationals (currently there are 10 Regional
              events scheduled for 2010 across the country with more being
              added on a regular basis.)
             Banner Ad on USA Dance web-site
     with a link to Company X
         Event Benefits
On – Site Exposure:
        Company X logo on sleeve of the event winners’ team
        Two (2) 7.5’ x 3’ (2.5m x 1m) Perimeter Advertising
        Two (2) full-page Color advertisements in the Event
        Four (4) VIP All Access Tickets for three (3) days of
         competition. Six (6) general admission tickets
        Opportunity for a Company X representative to present
         the awards to event national champions
        On going public address announcements recognizing
         Company X as the sponsor of Event X
        Company X name and/or logo included on:
             Competition Shirts sold at event
             Award Trophies
Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits:
     First Right of Refusal Option for the 2011
     Named an Official Event Vendor

  In exchange for the above listed benefits,
 the fee for one (1) year title sponsorship is
USA Dance Competitive Member
USA Dance Membership Summary
                                                Membership Breakdown by Category
    Nearly 25,000 members in 168 Chapters
                                                     Category of        % of Membership
     across the Nation
Membership Breakdown by Age                       DanceSport Athletes        24%

        Age            Total                       Youth Categories          13.6%

        1- 12          4.07 %

        13-25         13.80 %

       26- 40          8.31 %

        41-65          51.7 %

        66+            22.1 %

        Total           100%

                                             Gerald Bonmer; Membership Director)
       Contact Us
Thank you for your interest in our
sponsorship program. For additional
information or to sponsor an event
please contact:

Daphna Locker, Chair
2010 National Organizing Committee

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