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  JUNE 17 - 20, 2010
The Nantucket Film Festival was
founded by Nantucket local, brother
and sister team Jill and Jonathan
Burkhart in 1996. From its inception,
the festival’s mission has been to
celebrate screenwriters and promote
the importance of screenwriting in the
complex world of filmmaking.

NFF has become one of the premiere
destination film festivals in the world.
Visitors come from all over to
experience the preview screenings,
signature events, and stand-out
hospitality on a magical island, rich
with history, a friendly atmosphere, and
beautiful sandy beaches.
The Nantucket Film Festival has been successfully positioning sponsors in
front of its highly-sought demographic of affluent and educated cultural
creatives, early adopters and taste makers since its inception in 1995.

The festival is presently offering a variety of custom-tailored sponsorship
packages which represent unique opportunities for client/executive
hospitality – with the backdrop of Nantucket’s stunningly picturesque
setting – and a prestigious platform with which to further consumer
awareness and loyalty.

Companies representing luxury brands and products and services of
interest to a discerning consumer, benefit greatly from these thoughtful and
strategic partnerships with the Nantucket Film Festival. Our development
team is committed to crafting specific promotional packages that
compliment the marketing and sales objectives of individual sponsors.
Custom benefits packages can include VIP seating, on-stage signage,
speaking opportunities, step-and-repeat placements, logotype in festival
print and online materials, mentions in festival press releases, etc.

Festival Impressions                  Annual Household Income
10,000 annual attendees               More than $200,000                     44.7%
                                      $150,000 - $199,000                    11.7%
Avg 5 film visits per attendee        $100,000 - $149,000                    10.6%
Avg 25,000 impressions per attendee   $50,000 - $99,000                      22.3%
                                      $25,000 - $49,000                      7.4%
                                      Less than $25,000                      3.2%
15 – 19              0.0%
20 – 29              6.4%             Advanced degree graduate               48.1%
30 – 39              10.1%            Some graduate level education          13.9%
40 – 49              20.6%            College graduate                       29.6%
                                      Some college education                 7.4%
50 – 59              28.0%
                                      High school graduate                   0.9%
60 or older          34.9%
Marital Status                        • 44% have annual incomes of $200,000 and upward
Married              67%              • 68% of ticket buyers have a second or more homes
Divorced             13%              • 70% spend more than $40,000 a year on fashion & accessories
                                      • 67% drive a luxury vehicle
Single               18%
                                      • 79% travel internationally at least once a year
                                      • 92% are professional/managerial, and have at least one college
                                      • 95% dine out at least once a week

Sponsoring a Nantucket Film
Festival Signature Program tightly
integrates a brand into the festival as
a Producing Sponsor of our
programmed content. We know that
film festival attendees appreciate
sponsors as supporters of their
positive festival experiences.
Sponsors of Signature Programs
cultivate goodwill and build positive
consumer impressions. High-profile
guests and luminary hosts both
contribute to favorable associations.
Below are opportunities currently
available at the Producing Sponsor

The NFF Screenwriters Tribute is a
celebration of a noted screenwriter who
has brought distinction to the craft of
writing for film. This red carpet event is
hosted by Brian Williams, NFF Board
member and NBC News anchor, who
shows off his flair for humor. Past
honorees include: Judd Apatow, Walter
Bernstein, Charlie Kaufman, Ring
Lardner Jr., Steve Martin, Ruth Prawer
Jhabvala, Jay Presson Allen, James
Schamus, Paul Schrader, Alexander
Payne, and Jim Taylor.

Last year our audience delighted in
meeting and honoring Harold Ramis,
the “father of modern day comedy” —
Animal House, Caddyshack, Stripes,
Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, etc.

The Nantucket High School Auditorium, was standing room only for the
All-Star Comedy Roundtable. Ben Stiller, John Hamburg, Peter Farrelly
and Harold Ramis treated the audience to hilarious insights into how
many of their movies were shaped. The afternoon was moderated with
great aplomb by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Board Member Ben Stiller
conceived of the idea and has pledged his continued support of this wildly
popular, family-friendly event.

This award was introduced at the 2008 festival to recognize the importance
of those exceptional actors whose careers have touched both audiences
and filmmakers alike, and have in fact inspired writers and directors to
create roles specifically for them. The iconic and beloved Meg Ryan was
the inaugural recipient of the Compass Rose Acting Award. Meg’s
presence on Nantucket last year was a highlight for many festival-goers.
And a significant media event!

In Their Shoes is a series of
intimate conversations facilitated
by a highly regarded host and
featuring on separated days both
our Screenwriters Tributee and
Compass Rose Acting Award

Hollywood luminaries who have
received these distinctions in the
past include Judd Apatow, Meg
Ryan, Steve Martin, Paul
Schrader and Charlie Kaufman to
name but a few.

                          The Nantucket Film Festival
                          helps keep the ancient tradition
                          of storytelling alive. Six
                          storytellers tell their tales without
                          the benefit of notes or scripts.
                          Writers, actors, filmmakers and
                          Nantucketers tell stories both
                          awe-inspiring and amusing.

                          Past storytellers include: Cheryl
                          Hines, Jim Carrey, Brian
                          Williams, Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller,
                          Tina Fey, Laird Hamilton, Joe
                          Pantoliano, Alan Cumming,
                          Olympia Dukakis, Paul Rudd,
                          Celia Weston, John Shea, Kristin
                          Johnston, Peter Farrelly, Bobby
                          Farrelly, Anne Meara, Rosie
                          Perez, and Mos Def.

The Nantucket legacy and our extremely strong festival brand build
prestige and add luster to sponsoring companies. Join us in Nantucket and
experience the magic of story-telling and the intimate connections possible
only on our tiny island thirty miles out to sea!

Please contact sponsorship@nantucketfilmfestival.org for additional
information. We look forward to working with you on the 2010 Nantucket
Film Festival, June 17-20.

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