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      11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
Business Continuity
Desired Outcomes
 •   Learn the meaning and purpose
     of Business Continuity Planning
     so that managers can share
     information with staff.

 •   Learn where to find additional
     Plan information so that
     managers will be aware of the
     plans in their service groups
              11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
What is the purpose of the
Business Continuity Plan?

• To assist staff in identifying
  and continuing critical
  departmental services during
  disruptive events which limit
            11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
Why do we need a BC
• Strategic Obj. 3.2 “to assure the
  Department business continuity
  during an emergency”
• Good Business Practice
• Client care
             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
What is the Plan?

1.   Identify potential threats
2.   Complete Risk assessment
3.   Set priorities
4.   Analyze process

              11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
What is the Plan?

5.   Develop response plan
6.   Define the chain of command
7.   Maintain Plan
8.   Implement plan

             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
1. Identify Potential
   a. Used Primary Care Annual
      Hazard Risk Assessment
      to identify threats
   b. Divided into three
      b.Human events
           11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
2. Complete a Risk
  a. Each hazard is rated and
     Scores are assigned for
     Probability , Risk and

  b. Scores are totaled. Highest
     values were used as top key
     hazards for program plans.
     Each plan was compared
     against the key hazard

           11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
3. Set priorities
(see grid example)
• Programs on horizontal axis
• Services on vertical axis
• MCHD was divided into 3 areas
  • Personal Based
  • Population Based
  • Internal

            11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
3. Set Priorities
   (see Grid Ex)

Each of the three areas were
 further divided into:
  • Immediately Critical

 • Short-Term Critical

 • Non-Critical Services
            11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
4. Analyze Process
   (See ex. Business Analysis plan)

        i. People
        ii. Process
        v. Internal and External
               11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
5. Develop Response

 a. Plan A limited resources for
    3 days
 b. Plan B limited resources for
    greater than 3 days

             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
6. Define the Chain
   of Command
• Identify who is going to replace
  key leaders if they are unable to
  assume their duties
  • Department Leadership Team
  • Program Managers

             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
7.Maintain Plan

• The Business Continuity
  Management Team is
  responsible for maintaining the
  • Drill next quarter
  • Reviewed annually after Primary
    Care Hazard Risk Assessment
    each October
             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
8. Implement Plan
•   The plan is to be reviewed and
    implemented when a threat occurs.
•    BC Decision making process
      a. Incident occurs
      b. Chair’s office (in consultation
         w/ Dept Heads) decides county
      c. Chairs office communicates
         County response to Dept
         Heads & the public
               11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
Implement Plan
Decision Making Process
    d.MCHD stands up Dept.
       Emergency response team
    e.ERT decides Dept. Action
       within the Chair’s framework
    f. MCHD Director stands up the
       Business Continuity
       Management Team (BC Mgmt
           11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
Implement Plan
Decision Making Process
 g. BC Mgmt Team directs plan
      i. Decides which sites are
          open, sets service level and
      ii. Monitors and adjust BC plan
          as resources change
      iii.Responsible for
          communications to program
          managers and all dept. staff.
              11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
Implement Plan
Decision Making Process
h. Program Managers are
   responsible for implementing
   their BC plans within the
   directions of the BC
   Management Team

            11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
What do Mgrs need to
• Develop and share a family plan
• Review the BC program plans in your
  service group.
• Share this BC overview with your
• Keep your call down list current
• Learn how to access and change
  your voice mail messages from

             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07
 Where can Mgrs. find
 more information?
• KaRin Johnson (503) 988-3674,

             11/30/05; Rev. 09/07

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