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					Building Effective
Project Team
   Business Analysis Competency: Relationship Skills

                              November 13, 2007
So, You Want to be a Business Analyst?

Technical Skills                                                        How Your Mind Should Work
1. Analysis                                                             6.         Logical Thinking
2. Business/Domain Knowledge                                            7.         Systems Thinking
3. IT Knowledge
4. IT Architectural Skills
5. Questioning Skills                     How hard can it be?            Business Skills
                                                                             20.   Meeting Management
                                                                             21.   Presentation Skills
Behavioral Science Skills                                                    22.   Decision-making Skills
8.      Conflict Resolution                                                  23.   Facilitation Skills
9.      Relationship Skills              Leadership/Managerial Skills        24.   Communication Skills
10.     Coaching Skills                                                      25.   Negotiation Skills
11.     Cultural Awareness               13.   Long-term Goal Setting
                                         14.   Delegation Skills
12.     Escalation Skills
                                         15.   Motivational Skills
                                         16.   Appraisal Skills
                                         17.   Interviewing Skills
                                         18.   Role Definition
                                         19.   Succession Planning

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     Optimize Project Team Performance
        “Project success is about the skills possessed
        by the people on the project team and the quality
        of the relationships that they are able to form.”

        “The myth of IT is that it’s about computers and
        technology. It’s not – IT is about people.”
                                              Sue Young, CEO
                                              ANDA Consulting

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Optimize Project Team Performance
                                              55% what you look
                                              like when you speak

                                               38% how you deliver                      Judgment
     Communication                             information

                                              7% what you say

                                                                    How people feel about each other
                                                                    significantly impacts their ability to
                                                                             interact effectively.

                                                                    must build successful relationships
                                                                      with a variety of stakeholders

                                                                          Business                    IT

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Optimize Project Team Performance
How Do You Feel?
      When you feel positively about someone, you are more willing to:
                    Listen
                    Be open to new ideas
                    Be open to their point of view
                    Disagree in a constructive way
                    Admit your own mistakes
                    Change your mind

      When you feel negatively about someone, it’s just the opposite:
                    Often “listening” consists of waiting until the person stops speaking so that
                     you can disagree or give them your point of view
                    Not as open to new ideas
                    View admitting your mistakes as a weakness
                    More apt to dig in your heals than change your mind

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    Optimize Project Team Performance
The Focus is on You

   You can’t change anybody except yourself (and even
    that seems impossible sometimes!)
   You have to understand yourself before you can
    accurately understand others.
   Self-awareness is key
   It is critical to be aware of :
         the assumptions you make about others
         what you believe makes relationships effective
         what you value

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Optimize Project Team Performance
                                    Sometimes you don’t
                                    see someone’s value
                                     because you value
                                      different things.

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Optimize Project Team Performance

       What do I value in relationships?

     What characteristics, attributes, behaviors
      do I value in my project team members?

     What do you think your business
      partners value?
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Optimize Project Team Performance
Common Expectations
        Business Expects IT to…                               IT Expects the Business to…
  •   Provide accurate cost                               •    Know cost estimates will
      estimates                                               change after requirements
  •    Understand what they want
                                                          •   Know the business problem to
  •    Build what they want
                                                              be solved
  •   Build it by when they want it
                                                          •   Know their business strategy
      and within their budget
                                                              and key processes
  •    Assign qualified team                              • Refrain from dictating technical
      members to the project                                solutions
  •    Know their systems,                                • Assign qualified team members
      strategies, and key processes                         to the project

                                    When it comes to expectations,
                                    we are more alike than different.

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Optimize Project Team Performance
Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

   Building Trust                                     Mistrust
   Mastering Conflict                                 Conflict
   Achieving                                          Lack of
    Commitment                                          Commitment
   Embracing
    Accountability                                     Lack of
   Focusing on                                         Accountability
    Results                                            Self-Interest
                                Patrick Lencioni,
      Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team,
                                Death by Meeting

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Optimize Project Team Performance
   Build trust by doing what you say you are going
    to do
           Planning is key
           Be straightforward
           Do your best work
   Know what you value
   Be conscious of how you judge others and how
    those judgments effect the quality of your

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Optimize Project Team Performance

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