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					                                                                                           ASDA’S CARBON FOOTPRINT 2008

Asda’s Carbon
Footprint 2008
Following on from our 2007 carbon footprint we have
updated the numbers to reflect our emissions for 2008.

It is our intention to update and compare this footprint
every calendar year.
Our current carbon footprint is 1.26 million tonnes (CO2) which represents a 2% absolute
reduction from the previous year. This has been calculated using Defra’s October 2009
emission factors (the current recommended good practice):

                                            2008 EMISSIONS            2007 EMISSIONS             Change since 2007

 Carbon intensity                           74.72 tCO2e/£m            83.09 tCO2e/£m                           -10.1%

 Total Direct Carbon Footprint                1.258 mtCO2e               1.284 mtCO2e                          -2.0%

Carbon intensity is measured in tonnes CO2 equivalent per million pounds sales or tCO2e/£m
mtCO2e = million tonnes CO2 equivalent

In 2008 we had a particular focus on those key areas
which would reduce our carbon emissions most
effectively, namely energy efficiency, refrigerant gas
leak reductions and diverting waste from landfill. We
have achieved very real reductions and the figures can
be seen in the table below:

                         2008 emissions        2007 emissions          Change since
                               (tCO2e)               (tCO2e)                  2007

 Refrigerants                    192, 623              227,162                -15.2%

 Electricity                    778, 230              785, 875                 -1.0%

 Waste to landfill                 30, 175              32, 772                 -7.9%

tCO2e = tonnes CO2 equivalent
                                                                                       ASDA’S CARBON FOOTPRINT 2008

87% of our emissions are from our energy usage (mainly
electricity) and refrigerant gas usage:
tCO2eq by activity

  Site energy and        Transport of         Employee
      activity              goods           business travel

     87%                  12%                    1%
This year we have experienced an increase in the emissions from home deliveries.
These increases can be partly explained by improvements in the accuracy of the
data provided compared with 2007, however this does also represent a significant
increase in the number of home deliveries we make.

As each van delivers to multiple homes this increase in home deliveries actually
represents a lowering of overall UK emissions as each delivery takes customer cars
off the roads. We are also continuing to maximise this beneficial impact by increasing
the fill of these vans.