; The US EPA Office Carbon Footprint Calculator
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The US EPA Office Carbon Footprint Calculator


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									The US EPA Office
 Carbon Footprint

    Sara Hartwell
     U.S. EPA
    March 6, 2008
The Office Carbon Footprint Calculator
 The Calculator is modeled after WARM. It will be:
    Available on the Internet
    Accessible without fee
    User Friendly
      •   Excel spreadsheet
      •   Fill in the blank format
      •   User-defined inputs
      •   Provides defaults based on national averages whenever possible

 Methodologies and scope will applicable to a variety of office sizes,
 locations, and types

 The Calculator will provide suggestions for positive actions

 We envision that it will be used for benchmarking and driving
 performance improvements
World Resources Institute World Business Council for
Sustainable Development's (WRI-WBCSD) Corporate
Protocol for GHG Accounting outlines 3 scopes used in
GHG accounting and reporting purposes.

                                        CO2, CH4,                   CO2, CH4,
                    CO2, CH4,           N2O                         N2O, HFC,
                    N2O                                             PFC’s, SF6

                            Scope 2      Scope 1          Scope 3

                                                                                 Waste Disposal,
     Purchased                                                                   Transportation,
     Electricity,                                                                Purchased
     Heat, and/or                                                                Materials, and
     Steam                                                                       Contractor
                                Produced Electricity, Heat or
                                Steam, Company-owned
                                Transport, and Refrigeration &
                                Air Conditioning Units
                Scope 1
Direct GHG emissions occurring from
sources that are owned or controlled by
the business. Includes:
  electricity, heat, and/or steam produced on-
  company-owned transport (company cars,
  private jets, and trucks transporting company
  refrigeration and air conditioning units
               Scope 2
GHG emissions resulting from the
generation of purchased electricity, heat,
and/or steamed used in the office.
                      Scope 3
Indirect emissions from waste disposal, employee
transportation, production of purchased materials, and
contractor vehicles
  Waste disposal includes the amount of waste the office
  generates as well as which materials are recycled versus
  disposed of.
  Employee transportation includes modes and distances
  employees commute to and from work along with any travel
  associated with work, such as travel to conferences.
  The production of purchased materials, such as computers,
  paper, and pens, is included in scope 3 estimates.
  Emissions from contractor vehicles include travel while working,
  as well as commute to and from to the company's facilities
  and/or an off-site facility.

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