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									 ROI Communication
 Capabilities Presentation

August 2007
   As old as for to
   Increasingly                                             ―Ask a group of employees
   is… we are
   important interact                                       about communication at
                                                            work… You will soon
   business                                                 discover that communication
                                                            is like the air they breathe.
   success                                                  It’s the climate they work in
                                                            and the process by which
                                                            work gets done.‖

                                                                           Roger D’Aprix
                                                                         Author and Internal
                                                                     Communications Pioneer

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                                      2
   Communication Matters

   And we are passionate
   about it

   We are
   ROI Communication

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007   3
    About ROI Communication

   We are an internal communication consulting firm focused
   on helping large organizations adapt and succeed in times
   of change.

   We work with our clients to design and execute proactive
   communication strategies that engage employees,
   enhance leadership credibility, and improve business
   • The ROI team is composed of more than 60
     professionals with experience at the highest levels of
     business, government and the media
   • We are a dynamic company committed to excellence
     and integrity in everything we do

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    Our Tools and Capabilities

    Audience Segmentation                           Intranets          Pulse Surveys

                   Blogs                         Journey Maps            RSS Feeds

     Communication Audits                       Manager Toolkits      Social Networking

  Communication Coaching                       Meeting Facilitation    Speechwriting

           Event Planning                     Message Development         Surveys

            Focus Groups                         Print Collateral         Webcasts

       Instructional Design                         Podcasts              Webinars

           Interim Staffing                   Project Management           Wikis

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation        August 2007                            5
    What We Do
          Change                                         Internal                   Communication
          communication                                  branding                   strategy and


                    business strategy
                                                                                   Leader and
    Communication                                                                    manager
    governance                                                                  communication

                                              Interim                   Communication
                                              staffing                  measurement

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation              August 2007                                6
    Change Communication

          Our work with you               Outcome
        • Articulate leadership’s vision
       Are you surfing the wave ofunderstands the
                                          An organization where
        • Tell the story with honesty and
       organizational change? and is ready to get
          clarity                         change
        • Align messaging                 on board
          • Create communication and
            engagement strategies that
            move employees from
            awareness through behavior
          • Guide managers to lead the
          • Gather metrics that illustrate
            and track business results

                                          June 2007
ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation           August 2007   7
    Communication Strategy and Planning

          Our work with you                              Outcome
                                                       Are you planting the
          • Engage teams in an interactive
            process to capture current state and
                                                         A strategy develop an
                                                       seeds to and plan to achieve
                                                         measurable communications
            create the future state vision             integratedemployees and
                                                         that engage
          • Perform a communication audit and
            stakeholder analysis                       communication
                                                         strengthen the business
          • Create strategic project plan to           strategy?
            orchestrate the process with clear
            definition of dates, vehicles and
          • Draft messages and action plans
            that drive understanding and
            behavior change
          • Define leaders’ and managers’
            communication roles
          • Set and measure success targets

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation      August 2007                          8
    Employee Engagement

          Our work with you                             Outcome
          • Assess current employee                     Employees actively give their
            engagement through quantitative             all at work
            and qualitative methods
          • Identify employee engagement
          • Develop engagement plan that
                 Are you looking for ways to encourage
            supports business goals
          • Deliver communications that
                   employees to spread their wings?
            intrigue, inform and excite
          • Design workshops to educate
            leaders and managers on their
            role in employee engagement

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                               9
    Communicating Business Strategy

          Our work with you                                  Outcome
          • Assess current understanding and                 Leaders, managers and
            support of the business strategy
                                                             employees all follow a
          • Define measurable communication                  coordinated path to business
          • Create a compelling story that
                 Are you helping your employees keep
            brings the business strategy to life
          •   Ensure that the story addresses
                               their eyes
              the reasons for the strategy from a on the prize?
              marketplace perspective
          • Identify the appropriate
            communication approaches to tell
            the story
          • Design tools to help leaders and
            managers connect the business
            strategy to each employee’s work

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation        August 2007                              10
    Leader and Manager Communication

          Our work with you                             Outcome
          • Develop a framework that clearly            Aligned leaders and
            defines leaders’ and managers’              managers who effectively
            communication roles
                                                        communicate with one
          • Design and facilitate leadership            another and their employees
          • Develop plans and tools to help           Are your leaders,
            leaders and managers                      managers and employees
            communicate effectively with and
            get input from employees                  singing from the same
          • Create custom approaches to               song sheet?
            improve leader and manager
            communication skills
          • Write dynamic speeches and
            presentations for leaders

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                             11
    Internal Branding

          Our work with you                    Outcome
                                       Do      employees champion
          • Create alignment of external, your Employees live the brand
            internal and recruiting brands
                                       your company’s spot in the
          • Draft internal brand messages
                                               internally so customers
                                               experience it externally
          • Develop inspired design and
            creative direction
          • Design and deliver brand training
            and workshops
          • Create tools, vehicles and
            programs to promote brand-right
          • Extend the internal brand to
            processes such as recruiting,
            onboarding and performance

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                 12
    Communication Measurement

          Our work with you                                Outcome
          • Identify communication success                 Measure and demonstrate the
            factors and measure effectiveness
                                                           impact of the organization’s
          • Assess communication tools,                    investment in communication
            events and activities
          • Conduct organizational surveys,
            communication audits, pulse
            surveys, interviews and focus
          • Design and conduct benchmarking
                                  Are you hitting
          • Perform in-depth analysis, focusing
            on communication objectives and
            audience segmentation your numbers?
          • Create targeted recommendations
            for action, resulting in strategic and
            measurable outcomes
ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation      August 2007                              13
    Communication Governance

           Are you eager to blaze
          Our work with you                                 Outcome
          •the trail?
            Establish a communication                       Employees receive and
            philosophy and set of guidelines to
             manage how communication takes                 exchange information when
             place within your organization                 and how they need it
          • Audit and map all communication
            flows by business, function and
          • Define communication roles and
            responsibilities across the
          • Create a process to ensure
            alignment of organization-wide
          • Design and facilitate a cross-
            business internal communication
            governance team
ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                               14
    Interim Staffing

          Our work with you                                   Outcome
          • Seamlessly supplement your                        You Do you need help
                                                                  always have the talent
            communication team as needed,                     you need, when you need it
            including:                                            filling someone’s
               – Transitioning the communication
                 function to meet new business
               – Delivering complimentary skills
                 and capabilities not presently
                 available in-house
               – Providing short-term support while
                 permanent roles are being filled
               – Staffing up for a major initiative or
                 busy period
               – Filling a position for a team
                 member on temporary leave

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation         August 2007                            15
    Experience with Large Clients

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007   16
    What is Unique about ROI Communication?
    • We specialize exclusively in internal communication within large
    • We have extensive experience managing large projects in complex
      situations where we partner with many stakeholders
    • We are flexible and develop customized solutions to fit the dynamics
      of your business
    • We take complexity and turn it into understandable information,
      systems and processes
    • We are committed to telling clients what they need to hear, not just
      what they want to hear
    • We collaborate closely to meet client needs; the work is about your
      organization, not about us

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation   August 2007                    17
    The ROI Communication Philosophy

                         PARTNER. ENGAGE. EMPOWER.                                TM

                         When you work with ROI, you get a true partner.
                         Someone who listens closely, jumps right in, and works
                         with you side by side.

                         We help you develop plans and tactics to engage and
                         mobilize your workforce, providing both strategic counsel
                         and hands-on support.

                         We help you empower your employees to accomplish
                         your business objectives—and we empower you to
                         make an even greater impact on your organization.

ROI Communication Capabilities Presentation      August 2007                           18
  Thank You!
   Contact Information:
    ROI Communication
      5274 Scotts Valley Drive
      Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Barbara Fagan-Smith:

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