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					                                                  Uniting Church in Australia- Queensland Synod

                                                      Presbytery of South Moreton
                                                    2010 Presbytery Ministers and
                                                          Leaders‟ Retreat
                                                           Monday 26th – 29th April 2010

                                                      “Witness the Glory of God”
                                                Presbytery Ministers and Leaders Retreat is an
                                                opportunity to be recharged, to have time out, to
                                                reflect and refresh, to network with others in ministry
                                                and to be fed spiritually. All those in ministry and
                                                leadership within our presbytery are urged to attend
                                                the retreat.

                                                James Byrne Retreat, Education and Conference
                                                Centre, Byrne Road Highfields. This Catholic Centre
                                                provides an ideal retreat environment. It is 10 km on
                                                the Crows Nest Road from Toowoomba.
                                                Accommodation is in single rooms or twin share for
                                                couples. The Phone No. is 4630 8339.
Uniting Church in Australia- Queensland Synod
                                                Retreat commences on Monday with worship at
                                                5.00pm. However, afternoon tea will be available for
  Presbytery of South Moreton                   anyone who wishes to come earlier.
                                                Retreat concludes after lunch on Thursday.
Cost     $250                                                   Retreat Program
There is an expectation that this cost will be met by the
                                                                                MONDAY          TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY
congregation or agency.                                                           26

You only need to bring personal effects plus bed linen.                                           Morning          Morning              Morning
Blankets & Pillows are provided                                    7.00am                         Prayers          Prayers              Prayers
                                                                                               in the chapel    in the chapel        in the chapel
Hire of Bed Linen is $6.60/person and must be booked in
                                                                    6.30 –
advance                                                                                          Breakfast         Breakfast           Breakfast
                                                                                                SESSION            SESSION             SESSION
                                           th                      9.00am                       In the One      In the life of the   In the midst of
   Full payment is due by Friday 16 April with                                                 who was sent        community          our suffering

            completed Registration Form.                          10.30am                      Morning Tea       Morning Tea         Morning Tea
                                                                                                 SESSION                             Summation,
                                                                                               In the worship                        sharing and
                                                                  11.00am                                       Reflected in our
Retreat Leader                                                                                   of the faith
                                                                                                 community                            Worship &
Leadership of the Retreat will be facilitated by Rev Dr David                                                                         Eucharist
Pitman. David will be no stranger to us as past Moderator
                                                                  12.30pm                         Lunch              Lunch              Lunch
and Principal and Lecturer at Trinity Theological College.
David is passionate about enabling and encouraging people                                       Free Time          Free Time
in ministry. During the retreat David will lead us in daily                     Afternoon
                                                                   3.30pm                      Afternoon Tea    Afternoon Tea
Eucharist and sessions.                                                            Tea
The theme of the retreat is “witness the glory of God”. David    5pmMonday
                                                                                 5.00pm          4.30pm            4.30pm
                                                                                Worship &       Worship &         Worship &
writes:                                                           Other days
                                                                                Eucharist       Eucharist         Eucharist
Perhaps the easiest way to describe the glory of God is to
say that it is God's nature, God's holiness and power, God's       6.00pm         Dinner          Dinner             Dinner
love and grace, God's goodness and faithfulness, revealed to                       Getting
us through some action, person, experience or spoken word.                        together
                                                                                                 Thinking           Sharing
When we witness God's glory and see God in that glory our          7.00pm
                                                                                                 together/         Together/
                                                                                the theme:
perspective on life is changed. Day by day, experience by                      „Witness the
                                                                                                   Movie             Movie
experience, encounter by encounter, the glory of God we                        Glory of God‟
have witnessed takes hold of us, of the person we are. It
begins to shape and mould us and progressively influence        The program provides plenty of free time for you to relax,
the way we think and live and act! During our Retreat we will   network with colleagues, go to some of the beautiful places
reflect individually, and together, on the various ways and     near by, or coffee shops or even craft centres.
different contexts in which this transformation takes place.    There will also be free time in the evenings, so movies or
                                                                games will be available, or bring your own.
Registration Form                                           Authorisation & Indemnity
Name: ___________________________________________           Emergency contact
                                                            Phone Nos._______________________________________
___________________ _____ Post Code: _____________
                                                            I, the undersigned, am willing to participate in the Presbytery
                                                            Ministers and Leaders Retreat to be held from 26 – 29 April
Phone: ________________ Mobile: ___________________

                                                            I hereby authorise the leaders in charge of the Retreat or the
Email: ___________________________________________
                                                            particular activity in which I am involved to consent, where it
                                                            is impracticable to communicate with me, to receiving such
Home Congregation/ Sponsoring Congregation:
                                                            medical or surgical treatment as the leaders and a qualified
                                                            medical practitioner may deem necessary at any time during
                                                            the camp. I further authorise the use of Ambulance and/or
                                                            anesthetic by a qualified medical practitioner if in his/her
Please note I have the following dietary requirements:
                                                            judgment it is necessary. I accept responsibility for payment
                                                            of all expenses with such treatment.

                                                            ~ I understand that every effort will be made by the leaders
                                                            firstly to contact me in the event of any illness or accident.

[ ] I wish to register and enclose the full fee of $250     ~ I agree to indemnify and hold indemnified the Uniting
(including GST) due by 16th April 2010                      Church in Australia Property Trust (Q) trading as Presbytery
 [ ] I require bed linen and enclose the $6.00 (including   of South Moreton, its agents employees, servants and
GST) for linen hire.                                        voluntary workers against all claims and losses of every kind
Amount enclosed: $ ________________________________         arising out of or in connection with my participation in 2010
                                                            Presbytery Ministers and Leaders‟ Retreat organized by the
Receipt to be made out to:___________________________       Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q) trading as
                                                            Presbytery of South Moreton, its agents, employees, servants
   Please send this completed Form with a cheque made       and voluntary workers except where negligence is proven.
      payable to “UCA Presbytery of South Moreton”
South Moreton Presbytery, PO Box 125 Beenleigh Qld 4207     Signature: _____________________         Date: ____________