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Masters of Ceremonies:   Keelia Willison
                         Christian Zamundu

Location:        DSW Bonita Youth Training Centre in Lubowa

8:15AM           Testimony: ‘Being Internally Displaced and Living in an Urban Slum’
                 Niyonzima Emmanuel and Odongkra Emmanuel
                 Location: Main Hall

8:45 AM          Keynote: ‘Researching Conservation and Conflict:
                 The Case of National Parks in the Kivus’
                 Helga Rainer
                 Location: Main Hall

9:30 AM          Workshops Session IV: Global Topics

                         Saving Gorillas Through Improving the Health of People
                         Presenter: Dr. Gladys Kalema, CTPH
                         Location: Main Hall

                         Experiences from Managing Chimpanzees at Ngamba Island
                         Presenter: Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust-Ngamba
                         Location: Dining Room (Off Main Hall)

                         I Have a Dream: Hope For Children with Special Needs
                         Presenter: Alexandra Buecker, Sonja Hagedorn, Mukisa Foundation
                         Location: Computer Room Lower

                         Reach Out Mbuya HIV/AIDS Initiative
                         Presenter: Joseph Ntale and Caroline Ogutu, Reach Out Mbuya
                         Location: Computer Room Upper

                         Preventing Violence in Schools
                         Presenter: Willington Ssekadde, Raising Voices
                         Location: Library

                         Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)
                         Presenter: James Olum, UWEC
                         Green Ventures for a Green Future
                         Presenter: Christine Nantongo, Environment Alert
                         Location: Hut #2

                    Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
                    Presenters: Kiwanuka Alex Craig, Reproductive Health Uganda
                    Location: Hut #1

10:30 AM   Tea

10:45 AM   Workshop Session V: Global Topics

                    Climate Change
                    Presenter: Jasmin Fraatz, GTZ PREEP
                    Your Carbon Footprint is Your Responsibility
                    Presenter: Jenny Farmer, Uganda Carbon Board
                    Location: Dining Room (Off Main Hall)

                    Changing Social Gender Roles: Africa Transformations
                    Presenter: Basil Tushabe, Communication for Development Foundation Uganda
                    Location: Computer Room Upper

                    What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
                    Presenter: Joweriah Matovu, Toyota Uganda
                    Location: Library

                    Family, the Best Place for Child Development
                    Presenter: Irene Karamagi, SOS Children’s Villages Uganda
                    Location: Computer Room Lower

                    AIESEC in Uganda
                    Presenter: Ram Abu-Bakar and Kelvin Joun Mwangi, AIESEC
                    Location: Hut #1

                    Stove Industry in Uganda
                    Presenter: Muhammadi Kawere, UGASTOVE
                    Location: Outdoor Hut

                    Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS
                    Presenters: Paddy Masembe and Princess Nuriat Kisitu, UNYPA
                    Location: Hut #2

11:45 AM   Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots
           Presenter: Alinaitwe Jacqueline, Jane Goodall Institute
           Location: Main Hall

12:05 PM   Lunch from Mamba Point Pizzeria
           Confirm your Saturday Activity with Liaison Officers

12:45 PM   Depart DSW Bonita

1:15 PM    View Exhibit and Tour Sharing Youth Centre
           Location: Sharing Youth Centre

2:15 PM    Depart Sharing Youth Centre

3:15 PM    Workshop Session VI: Global Topics

                 Wildlife Clubs Uganda
                 Presenters: Joel Musasizi and groups from Amuru and Kisoro, Wildlife Clubs
                 Location: Main Hall

                 The Parliament of Uganda: Formal and Informal Ways to
                 Influence Decision-making in Uganda
                 Presenters: Eva Mulema, Linkages USAID Democracy Project
                 Location: Computer Lower

                 Friends of Rotary
                 Presenter: Michelle Ell, Rotary Club
                 Location: Library

                 Nature Uganda
                 Presenter: Caroline Aguti, Nature Uganda
                 Location: Hut #2

                 Working with Wetlands
                 Presenter: Lucy Lyango, Uganda Wetlands Inspection Division
                 Location: Outdoor Hut

                 Alternative Gifts Markets
                 Alternative Gifts International and Wichita High School East
                 Presenters: Lea McLoud, Eric Salcedo and Sahdia Khan
                 Location: Hut #1

                 Why multiple sexual relationships play an important role in
                 transmitting HIV among African communities
                 Presenter: Eric Paul Matovu, Youth Leader, Young Empowered And Healthy
                 Location: Computer Upper

                 The Importance of Community Service in Counteracting
                 Flaws in Capitalism
                 Presenters: Cornelius Winther-Schmidt and Freddie Bowerman
                 The International School of Uganda
                 Location: Dining Hall (Off Main Hall)

4:15 PM    Workshop Session VII: Student Special Topics

                 St. Noah School Project/Habitat For Humanity
                 Presenter: Kutasha Nina, Daniel Bugembe, and Anisha Doshi
                 Aga Khan School, Kampala
                 Location: Hut #1

                 Work With What You’ve Got
                 American Christian Academy
                 Location: Hut #2

                 Students Against Prejudice
                 American British Academy
                 Location: Computer Room Lower

                 Giving Back
                 Brookhouse International Schools
                 Location: Computer Room Upper

                 Fight For the Cause
                 Presenter: Karsten Tadie, International School of Uganda
                 Location: Library

                 Give a Little, Gain a Lot
                 Presenters: Fatima Sisay and Brit Halachmi, Harare International School
                 Location: Dining Hall (off Main Hall)

                 Education and Its Importance in Slum Areas
                 Kampala International Schools, Uganda
                 Location: Library

                 DHA, Let’s All Get Mad and Make it Prompt
                 International School of Tanganyika
                 Location: Outdoor Hut

5:15 PM    Tea Break

5:30 PM-   Q&A Student Panel Discussion (mediated by Jane Goodall)
6:15 PM         Topic: What are students doing to affect positive change?
                Where do we go from here?

6:30 PM    Transport to ISU

7:00 PM    Keynote Address to Summit participants, ISU community members
           and selected guests
           Dr. Jane Goodall