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									Getting Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Getting baby to sleep through the night is something that every new parent dreams of.
But babies' habits change slowly and it is is not something that you can hope to
achieve with a newborn in a short time. Concentrate on developing a regular routine
and a secure environment so that your baby's sleep time will gradually lengthen as
nature intends.

Do remember that it is normal and natural for a newborn baby to wake often. In the
womb the supply of nutrients through the bloodstream was constant. Now they
suddenly have to deal with taking in milk and digesting it in their small stomachs. At
first they cannot take so much at a time and so they need to be fed more often. They
will wake when hungry. So it is a good idea to encourage your baby to take as much
milk at each feed as possible, although of course you do not want to try to force this
or create any anxiety around feeding. But naturally, as their stomachs are able to deal
with larger feeds, they will sleep for longer.

All parents know that there is no way to force a baby to sleep, or stay sleeping when
he or she is wakeful. Create a safe environment for your baby to sleep in. Most babies
like to be enclosed in a crib when they sleep, to resemble the womb. Of course they
need to be warm and dry and the room should be quiet. This will help them to stay
sleeping longer, and in time you will find your baby wakes less and less often until he
or she is sleeping through the night.

Some babies like to have gentle music playing as they drift off to sleep, but it is best
to turn it off immediately they are asleep so that they do not become dependent on it.
Any loud noise will disturb your baby's sleep patterns even if they seem to sleep
through it at the time. They may wake when the noise ends, or simply have a more
restless night. So when you are watching a noisy movie on TV with gunshots or loud
music, go into your baby's room for a moment to see if the sounds can be heard from
there. If you are concerned about not hearing the baby if he or she cries, get a simple
baby monitor. This is better than leaving doors open and having noise disturb the

If you are using cloth diapers and finding that your baby is waking more often that
you would like during the night, you could try switching to disposable diapers. These
take the wetness away from the skin so that the baby is not so likely to feel
uncomfortable and can continue to sleep after passing urine. With a cloth diaper, the
baby can feel the wetness and is more likely to wake.

Waking during the night more frequently than normal can of course be a sign that
your baby is uncomfortable and if you cannot see the reason for this, you should
consult your doctor. Teething, colic, wind and skin rashes can often cause this, but
there is a possibility of more serious health problems.

Do not forget to consider your own health too. If your baby's sleep patterns are
causing you anxiety, stress or exhaustion, consult your doctor or baby clinic nurse.
Warning signs that you need help include irritability, forgetfulness, clumsiness and
frequent minor accidents.
Although infancy can seem endless, try not to let your baby's sleep problems
dominate your life. Sooner or later you will be getting baby to sleep through the night
in a natural way so that all of the family can live a stress-free life!

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