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					Baby Swimwear

When summer is on the way, it is time to pick out some baby swimwear and have fun
with your little one in the pool! Even a new baby just 5 weeks old can enjoy playing
with you in the water. Health professionals used to advise waiting until babies had
had their 2 month immunizations but that is no longer the case in most areas. Ask
your health care specialist but you will probably find they will be very encouraging
about your plans to take your baby into the water.

Pool diapers

The first thing you will want for a baby going into the pool is a swim diaper. These
can be worn alone or under other swimwear. They have a synthetic waterproof outer
coating (usually colored with a cute pattern) and cloth inside, and they are machine
washable. While you need not worry too much about urine in the water because the
pool chlorination will deal with that, a pool diaper will probably make you more
comfortable taking your baby into a public pool and will relieve any concern you may
have about how to deal with solid waste accidents while your baby is swimming in
your own pool.


Baby swimsuits are usually styled in a similar way to older children's swimwear, with
full body tanks or trunks for boys and one-piece or bikini styles for girls. They may
come with a matching sun hat. There are many different designs and some of them are
very cute. Shop around for one that you like, but do not expect to find much available
for babies under 3 months. Most of the ranges start at that age.

Baby wetsuits will keep baby warmer in the water so you can both stay in for a longer
time, and are designed for swimming comfort. They look very professional and are
designed to fit over swim diapers for your future athlete!

Baby flotation devices

There are many kinds of flotation devices available, from inflatable swimsuits through
water wings, rubber rings and inflatable boats. However, most of these are designed
for children of 12 months or older. Little babies in the pool should never be left alone
and they will learn to swim better if you do not encourage them to rely on inflatable
rings and other such devices.


Do not forget to use a good waterproof sunscreen formulated for babies and toddlers
any time that your baby is in an outdoor pool to protect his or her sensitive skin from
the rays that can attack even through a hazy sky. Remember that water reflects the
sunlight, making it even more dangerous. You will want to cover your baby's head
too. Your little one will probably not be very happy about having to wear a hat in the
water and the hat is likely to get very wet very quickly if you insist, but you can at
least have it there ready for when you climb out of the pool.

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