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					Equestrians: More than Just Horse Riders

Horses have played a vital role in the history of mankind. They have
served several purposes from transportation to heavy cavalry. Nowadays
due to the development of technology horses are no longer used anymore.
They can be mostly found working for humans in ranches, farms, circuses
and driving carriages for amusement rides. Although horses are not as
vital as they were back in the days the tradition of riding them did not
falter. Equestrians were regarded as nobles in Rome who are members of
the cavalry. Nowadays they are riders who participate in a number of
equestrian sports.

Equestrians in this day and age are more known for equestrianism. It
refers to the ability to ride and drive horses. This definition does not
just include the use of horses for recreational activities and sports but
also for working and practical uses. Contrary what most people would
think the term refers to other skills not just riding them for equestrian

Equestrians before

Horses were used in variety of purposes. They were both used in war and
peaceful pursuits. They were used from transportation, agriculture and
warfare. In Rome Equestrians were regarded as elite. Horses were
expensive at that time so owning one meant that you were rich and does
not need to do manual labor. They were members of a social upper class in
Rome. This class was most often referred to as knights. They were both a
military and a political group because horsemen received financial
compensation from the government.

As Rome expanded it relied on its allies for cavalry. There were no use
from equestrians and they lost their military functions. They did not
engage in war anymore but their titles still remain and indicate
nobility. The equestrians were rich and governed the provinces. At that
time senators were equal to equestrians.

The senators dominated the magistrate offices but were forbidden to
operate business and gain commercial income. The equestrians on the other
hand continued to invest in marketing and tax farming companies.
Conflicts arose between the two of them. Equestrians made as much money
as they can while senators notice rebellions due to overtaxing. During
civil wars the two elite collaborated and their orders were defined as
reforms were done.

Equestrians today

There are popularly known for participating in equestrian sports during
Olympics. Like before horse back riding is reserved for the rich. Even
today horses are still expensive and prized.

Equestrian events include dressage, show jumping and eventing.
Equestrians should be able to make the horse carry out natural movements
on request while running loose during competitive dressage. It is also
referred to as "Horse Ballet". Its goal is to develop a horses' athletic
ability and its initiative to perform to maximize its potential.
Show jumping is a timed even where equestrians are required to jump over
a series of obstacles with the fewest mistakes. Riders and their horses
should be able to go through the obstacle with the least knocked over
portions of obstacles.

Eventing is the combination of dressage and show jumping. The horse and
the rider have to go through a series of fixed obstacles such as stone
walls, water, logs banks, ditches with the fastest time possible.

Although the role of equestrians has changed through the centuries it
still holds that aura of nobility that it once enjoyed in medieval times.

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