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									Getting Great Equestrian Books

Becoming an equestrian takes more hands-on learning than book reading.
However, getting great equestrian books would definitely help you on your
way. Books, after all, are time-tested ways to pass on knowledge from
those who have it to those who need it. Today, there are a lot of
different books floating around. How exactly do you choose which book to

1) Look for expertise – a great equestrian book should be written by a
great equestrian. It is said that you cannot judge a book by its cover.
However, you might want to check the back cover of a book for the name of
the author before you buy it. If you want knowledge on how to become a
great equestrian, you might want to check out if the source of that
knowledge is reliable.

Expertise is pretty hard to judge. There are certain "greats" in the
world of horse riding but who would not be able to pass the knowledge on
to other people. Because of this, you should still be the one to tell
whether or not the author has the ability to show you how to become a
great equestrian.

2) Judge your own knowledge – looking for the "best" equestrian book
requires that you first examine yourself. How much do you actually know?
What do you think you still need to know? It is impossible for a book to
cover everything about a subject in full detail. You need to examine
yourself and find out what you truly need.

The main purpose of buying a book is to gain knowledge. What knowledge
would you gain from a book if it contains nothing that you do not know

3) Check your budget – of course, books can be quite pricey. Because of
this, you might want to check your budget before buying a book. The
Internet today provides a lot of information regarding every subject and
you can use this as an alternative. However, if you truly want to make
sure of the knowledge you gain, a book is your best chance. You might
want to start saving up your money, then.

4) Research – before buying a book, you might want to make sure that it
actually contains something you can use. You could try borrowing a copy.
This will allow you to skim through the book and get the information you
need. If this is not possible, you might just want to research on the
Internet regarding what the book is all about. You can read reviews,
check out ratings and recommendations in order to see if the book is
really worth the investment.

Research plays a key role in making great buys. Just make sure that you
have an idea of what a book is all about before buying it. George
Orwell's "Animal Farm", for example will not be able to help you in
raising horses.

5) Read – a book is useless if you do not read it. Just buying an
equestrian book does not make you more knowledgeable in matters
pertaining to horses. You need to actually utilize the resource. A lot of
people make the assumption that if they have the book, they will be able
to consult it any time they need a bit of knowledge. This is wrong. You
need to learn as much as you can from the book.

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