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Nebraska Psychiatrists


									                            Nebraska Psychiatrists
                                                                       4th Quarter 2007

Letter from the NPS President
In sitting down to write this first column as            WHO Burden of Disease studies and                       While such developments are not, strictly
President of NPS, it occurred to me how                  Surgeon General Reports, and the simple                 speaking, to do with NPS, inevitably if our ‘clan’
fortunate we are to be practitioners of psy-             fact that we can and do everyday relieve                is to remain healthy it needs new blood. For
chiatry in the present ‘Golden Age’. It is true          suffering and save lives. In Nebraska, we are           this, we need to ‘grow our own’ even as we also
that many economic, scope of practice, bu-               on the verge of a major advance in training             make the message heard more broadly that
reaucratic and other wolves are at the door.             and, ultimately, retention of new colleagues            Nebraska is a great place to be a psychiatrist.
But ours is a house not built of straw! Instead          across the state. Behavioral health reform              Furthermore, a statewide training system can
we have a robust and growing foundation in               progresses and despite some predictable                 directly assist NPS in that it will build real rela-
medical science, strong bricks of expertise              difficulties, the prospect of a network of train-       tionships between professional colleagues,
and collegiality, and unsurpassed links                  ing reaching all over Nebraska is gathering             including much more substantive telelinks—for
across the arts and humanities that furnish              strength. Our academic medical centers with             education, consultation and professional liai-
us with extraordinary riches. In my year as              other universities as well as state officials           son—across Nebraska. Nearly all the elements
President I intend to review how some of                 and regional leaders see an opportunity to              are coming into alignment for these much
these elements are cause for optimism here               add psychiatric (as well as true multi-                 needed developments that, if successful, will
in the Heartland even as the Society will                disciplinary) training in a statewide system.           greatly facilitate the work of NPS and all its
work hard to keep any wolves baying from                 Necessarily, this initiative has many roots in          members.
afar (if at all)!                                        Omaha but aims to branch out far and wide.                                Daniel Wilson, MD, President

Of course, human beings naturally relate via             Next April, the Lasting Hope Recovery Center
social groups. Presumably such bonds were                will open in Omaha. This complex but steadfast
originally familial and served the preservation of       partnership of benefactors, government, hospi-
                                                                                                                     NPS Quarterly
the clan. Later, forces of cohesion became               tals and universities will initially focus on gaps in     Membership Meeting
more complex and diverse. For us the common              care in and about eastern Nebraska. But it is
property of being a psychiatrist and working in          meant to be a base soon from which training in                      Monday, October 8th
this absolutely unique field is a source of cohe-        psychiatry as well as other mental health pro-                       Spezia Restaurant
sion. This cohesion is expressed—sometimes               fessions will expand across sites all over Ne-                   3125 S. 72nd St • Omaha, NE
fitfully but usually with considerable effective-        braska. That is, our students and residents in
ness—in organizations such as the Nebraska               Omaha will finally have a means to experience                         6:00pm – Cash Bar
Psychiatric Society. Still, it is difficult to sustain   training in sites across the state and, thereby                   6:30pm – Business Meeting
great momentum in a volunteer membership                 not only learn more about the ‘real world’ but                         7:00pm – Dinner
entity, particularly one so far-flung as ours            also begin to see that longer range professional
which spans from near the Rockies to the                 opportunities abound in the wonderful state.
                                                                                                                        Thomas Svolos, M.D.
banks of the Missouri. Moreover, our Society                                                                            “Psychiatry in Nebraska,
like many others, strives to maintain broad              Meanwhile, the Creighton-Nebraska Psychiatry                     Today & Tomorrow”
engagement even as ‘productivity’ demands                Residency continues to grow in scope and                  (Learn More about Dr. Svolos on page 3)
draw members’ time and attention with increas-           scale. This, the only training program in the
ing ferocity. Fortunately, we have new quite             state, is a critical source for future colleagues.           RSVP to Andrea at 393-1415 x14 or
effective administrative support via the Metro-          Joining as it does the best of two fine universi-    
politan Omaha Medical Society and, of course             ties and bolstered by a very wide range of clini-                     By October 2nd.
retain excellent ties to the Nebraska Medical            cal partners, the program is thriving. Not only                       Meal Selections:
Association among other key advocacy groups.             have we filled all available post-graduate posi-            Mediterranean Double Chicken Breast
NPS, for its part, has an excellent executive            tions with excellent candidates, applications                    Salmon Oscar (with shrimp)
committee including diligent and expert persons          continue to rise, including doubling in the past                Hunters Roasted Top Sirloin
keeping on a multitude of tasks.                         year alone. Word is getting out about not only
                                                         this program but also the quality of life in the             Served with mashed potatoes, fresh
Yet again there is much to celebrate in the              state overall. With this success, there is every            asparagus, house salad, and tiramisu.
field generally and here in Nebraska.                    reason to think the program can continue to               We look forward to seeing you there!
                                                         expand not only in numbers, but in statewide              Please consider inviting a colleague
General themes include the amazing rise of               venues as well.                                                     to come as well.
neuroscience and genomics, the impact of
Insurance Chair Report                                                                                 Treasurer/Secretary
This summer I learned that bills to achieve     changed to less frequent, more brief and                     Report
psychiatric parity in Medicare have been        usually medication focused visits; we need to               As of September 1, 2007, NPS
making progress in Congress (HR3162             let Congress know that outpatient psychiatric                has a balance of $16,354.00.
Children’s Health and Medicare Protection       care has become much more like the rest of
Act and S-558 the Mental Health Parity Act).    medicine. They need to know that the effi-             All members of the executive committee
According to information received from the      cacy of our medications is now comparable                   are diligent and careful with our
APA, the bills would, among other things,       to most medications used in other medical                           membership fund.
increase payment for outpatient Medicare        specialties and that the original reasons for
visits from 50 percent to 80 percent. The       the higher deductible no longer apply. They           If any of our members have any suggestions
House bill thus far has the approval of the     should be made aware that the current 50                 for ways to improve our bottom line or to
Health Committee and the Ways and Means         percent co-pay is discriminatory and in some         increase our fund, please feel free to contact
Committee, but has not been brought to a        cases may discourage patients from obtain-              me or any executive committee member.
full vote of the House of Representatives.      ing necessary care.                                         Thank you very much for your help.
If passed, their bill would still need to be
reconciled with the Senate bill and signed by            John Y. Donaldson, M.D., Chair              Timothy Tse, MD, MBA, Secretary/Treasurer
the President. I would encourage all of you
to write to your Congressman and to our
Senators, Nelson and Hagel to urge their
support of Mental Health Parity.
                                                     Senate Passes Mental Health Parity Bill*
                                                    The Senate passed legislation Tuesday night that would require equal health insurance
The original 50 percent Medicare co-                 coverage for mental and physical illnesses when policies cover both. The bill, which
payment dates back over 40 years to a time           passed by unanimous consent, moves advocates one step closer in their years-long
when weekly, hour long psychotherapy was                     quest for a concept known as mental health parity. Read more at:
a common practice in our specialty. Now (Then type “Health Parity Bill” in the “Search” box)
that the psychiatric standard of practice has                                     *Associated Press, September 18
Senior NPS Representative Report                                                                    NPS Quarterly
                                                                                                  Membership Meeting
                         My name is Andy
                         Mattai and I will act        New & Transferred                           KEYNOTE SPEAKER
                         as Senior NPS
                         Representative                   Resident
                         for the upcoming                                                                           Thomas
                         academic year.                  Members                                                    Svolos, M.D.
                         I am excited about
                         his new position and                   Jeana Benton, MD                                    Adjunct Associate
hope to serve the residency program well in                       Johns Hopkins                                     Professor: Division
efforts involving advocacy and education.                                                                           Psychoanalysis
                                                               Durga Bestha, MD                                     Director
The psychiatric practice environment is con-                 Osmania Medical College
stantly evolving such that it is important for                                                    Education
all residents to be attentive of changes that                Diana Domnitei, MD
                                                                                                  Dr. Svolos received a BA in History,
impact the policy and practice of psychiatry.          Oregon Health & Science University
                                                                                                  summa cum laude, from Duke
My goal is to be a bridge between the resi-
                                                         Shamala Jeevarakshagan, MD               University and an MD from the
dency program and NPS as to further the
society’s mission. I also would like to take             American University of Caribbean         University of California, San Francisco.
the opportunity to introduce our new class of                                                     He has post-graduate medical training in
residents. Eight new residents joined this                     Thomas Joseph, MD                  Family Practice (at UCSF--Community
year along with one resident who transferred                    Creighton University              Hospital) and Psychiatry, completing
into a second year position. Each with an                                                         the Creighton-Nebraska Psychiatry
impressive array of credentials well suited for            Shannon Kinnan, MD                     Residency Training Program.
the practice of psychiatry.                             UNMC (transfer from Loma Linda)
                                                                                                  Professional Experience
Donna Domnitei was elected Junior NPS                         Rashmi Ojha, MD                     Dr. Svolos is a psychoanalyst and
Representative in a recent election. Con-              Aznar Memorial College of Medicine         psychiatrist. He is a Member of the
gratulations Diana!                                                                               New Lacanian School and the World
                                                            Ramakanth Vemuluri, MD                Association of Psychoanalysis.
Please also be aware our new residency                      Rangaraya Medical College             Dr.Svolos is Clinical Director of the
website (listed in the box to the right). You                                                     Creighton Psychiatry Clinic. He also
can learn more the new faculty, residents,                   Kerry-Ann Williams, MD               maintains a private practice in
and the general structure of our program                       Creighton University               psychoanalysis and psychiatry and
through the website. Individual descriptions                                                      practices Consultation-Liason
of most residents are included.                                                                   Psychiatry at Bergan Mercy Medical
                                                                                                  Center. Dr. Svolos is Vice-Chairman for
                          New Residency Website:                                                  Education for the Creighton Psychiatry
                                        Department and Associate Training
                                                                                                  Director of the Creighton-Nebraska
                                                                                                  Psychiatry Residency Training Program,
                                                                                                  where he oversees all aspects of
                       NPS CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                     resident training in psychotherapy.
   October 8       Quarterly Meeting                                 Spezia—3125 S. 72nd Street   Dr. Svolos was the Founding Director
   November 7      Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS—7906 Davenport          of the Center for Psychotherapy and
   December 5      Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS—7906 Davenport          Psychoanalysis and continues on the
                                                                                                  Executive Committee of the Center. He
   January 2       Monthly Executive Meeting/Nominations Announced   MOMS—7906 Davenport          is also a Member of the Circle for the
   January 9       Quarterly Meeting                                 Spezia—3125 S. 72nd Street
                                                                                                  Lacanian Orientation in Omaha.
   February 6      Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS—7906 Davenport
   April 2         Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS—7906 Davenport
                                                                                                  Dr. Svolos' writings on psychoanalysis
   April 22        Annual Meeting                                    TBD                          and related subjects have appeared in
   May 7           Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS — 7906 Davenport        numerous journals in English, French,
   May             APA—Annual Meeting                                TBD                          Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.
   June 4          Monthly Executive Meeting                         MOMS — 7906 Davenport

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