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South African wellness holidays: Retreat to a magnificent South African desert for a uniquely fulfilling spiritual wellness holiday in South Africa.

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									African Desert Escapes
Embark on an unforgettable journey to one of Africa’s magical deserts, and experience
ultimate relaxation among rolling sand dunes and magnificent skies.
Here are three African desert escapes that will provide a spiritual wellness holiday not to be
The Kalahari Desert
 The immense Kalahari Desert extends across a broad area encompassing parts of Botswana,
South Africa and Namibia.

The desert’s name is derived from the Tswana word kgala, or “great thirst”. The Kalahari’s
geology makes it a semi-arid region rather than a true desert. In fact, the Kalahari is dotted
with distinctive salt pans - hollow, circular, grey holes filled with salt that allow life to flourish in
the area.

The endless expanses of red and brown sand provide a sense of openness and an opportunity
to find inner peace, and the area’s acacia trees offer superb bird-watching opportunities.
Accommodation and safari tours are offered by variety of game lodges.

Visit the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, an area of harsh extremes, and the
home of the indigenous Nama community - descendants of the Khoi-Khoi. The seamless
communion between human and environment is certain to provide enlightening insights during
your spiritual wellness vacation.

The Namib Desert
The Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world, and provides an other-worldly
holiday experience. The desert is best known
for its towering red sand dunes - some over
300 meters high – which are cast into sharp
definition by the electric-blue desert sky.

Sossusvlei is a popular destination that gives
visitors the opportunity to ascend one of these
enormous red dunes. Scaling the shifting slopes
of one of these desert giants is one of the
highlights of any spiritual wellness vacation in
the Namib Desert.

You can also leave the weight of the world
behind as you float into the desert skies on a magnificent hot air balloon ride, enjoying
spectacular views of the desert landscape from above. Alternatively you can remain earth-
bound and take a horseback tour of the desert expanses.

Accommodation in the Namib desert ranges from luxury lodges to wilderness camps.
Regardless of where you stay, the Namib Desert offers the opportunity to reconnect with
yourself in a landscape of haunting beauty, making it an ideal spiritual wellness vacation

The Karoo Desert
The Karoo Desert is spread across the southern reaches of South Africa. This semi-arid desert
is a dusty wonderland in which parched yellow scrubland is contrasted against a crisp, blue
sky. Traversing this vast, arid expanse never fails to create a sense of timelessness.

Time out of Time – Unforgettable Spiritual Wellness Holidays in South Africa
The Karoo Desert is home to a number of quaint historical towns, including Matjiesfontein and
                                      Prince Albert. The region also features stunning
                                      natural attractions, including the famous Gamaskloof
                                      Valley, and the verdant Swartberg mountains.

                                         In this remote place, where time stands still and you
                                         can feel the heartbeat of the land, it won’t take long
                                         before tranquillity and equilibrium return. As you
                                         venture back to the city across the desert expanses,
                                         you’ll find yourself plotting a return to this
                                         unforgettable spiritual wellness vacation destination.

                                         Experience Africa’s desert landscapes for

Book a spiritual wellness holiday with Time out of Time, and revel in the tranquillity of these
endless desert landscapes. For peace, relaxation and the ultimate escape, book your holistic
wellness holiday today.

Time out of Time – Unforgettable Spiritual Wellness Holidays in South Africa

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