3 Things That Will Get Your PLR Noticed Above Everyone Else by PrivateLabelArticles


									3 Things That Will Get Your PLR Noticed Above Everyone Else’s

It's true there are fortunes to be made with Private Label Rights Products but only if
you do it right. It’s far simpler than you think and only requires a little creative
thinking to turn it into a lucrative income puller.

Here are 3 pointers to help you make money with PLR to get you noticed from the

   1. Don't Sell Yourself Short

To make money with Private Label Rights products don't feel the pressure by
having to undercut your competition, instead of going cheaper to compete with all
those $1 auction sales, raise your price. Doing so raises the perception that your
product is quality. People are fickle creatures, if they see your product selling for
slightly higher the will wonder why others are selling theirs for cheap. Is the product
heavily discounted due to quality?, is there something wrong with the product? So,
raise your product price and with it you'll raise the products perception of quality.

   2. Don't Be A Copycat

If you want to step out of the crowd of the masses selling the same thing you are
then don't be a crowd follower.

Depending upon the varying degree of resell rights you have you can alter your

If you have Unrestricted Private Label Rights, you basically have the keys to the
vault, this is the mac daddy of all rights and you can alter the content as much as
you want. You can re-name it so that it becomes a completely new and original
product never before seen on the market. Change the table of contents, shift
chapters around, break up chapters
and turn them into mini volumes belonging to a whole set, sell them individually or
together for a higher price.

Change your graphics, nothing gives a product a new lease of life than with a new
graphic, people tend to buy with their eyes.

You don't have to be limited to what everyone else is doing, you don't get points for
that. So be as different as you possibly can be, it only takes a little time and

3 Different Formats

In this day and age we are not restricted to the written word this is especially true
online, with the advent MP3 and video.
Why not take your content and record it as an audio recording, sell it as a product or
offer it as a bonus in addition to your main e-book.

You can even burn it CD and sell it as a physical product offline. People still
perceive physical products to be of higher value. Slip an up-sell into your packaging
for your next info product. You could also do mail-outs for future product launches
you may have in mind.

Remember those Small Business Opportunities magazines that were big in the 80's
and 90's? You would buy a report from one of their display ads for $37. Within the
report detailed how you could make money selling information where you were then
directed on to buy a home study course for $400-$500. That's where the real
fortune was made, in the up-sell, the initial teaser $37 report paid for the display ad.

There's nothing to limit you from doing that yourself. Burn all of your digital
products onto CD's and sell them as an entire package as a high end product.
Information is valuable because people can apply it to improve their own lives.

You can also record your PLR content using Camtasia and make a video. E-books
are readily abundant but video is still this new emerging media, use it to your
advantage and increase your products perceived value with it.

Earning money with PLR is not rocket science, it's simpler than you think yet so few
people ever do it properly. That little bit of extra-invested time pays big dividends in
the long run, so get to it.

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