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									                                         Job Announcement

                University Continuing Education Association (UCEA)
                   Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
                                         (Washington, DC)

                                        (Posted: May, 2010)

The University Continuing Education Association in Washington, DC, has retained Slesinger
Management Services to recruit a dynamic, visionary, and innovative leader to serve as CEO and
Executive Director. This is an exceptional opportunity for a person with experience in higher
education and a deep interest in the burgeoning opportunities that professional and continuing
education, whether onsite or online, offers to millions of Americans and others around the world
who seek to expand their knowledge and skills.

Applications will be accepted until this position is filled.

The Organization
The University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) is a nonprofit organization whose
mission is to advance the field of professional and continuing education and represent the broad
array of university-based programs that serve non-traditional students in the United States and

Nationally, three-quarters of all undergraduate students are classified as “non-traditional,” i.e.
they are usually not enrolling in college on a full-time basis directly from high school. Instead
many are delaying college studies, opting to work, and frequently deciding to pursue
baccalaureate degrees on a part-time basis. In addition, slightly more than half of all graduate
students are pursuing their studies on a part-time basis in parallel with their work and family
responsibilities. Recent college graduates represent another growing constituency for part-time
professional certificate and master’s degree programs offered evenings, weekends, or online.
Education, business, engineering, and allied health post-baccalaureate programs tend to attract
the highest enrollments.

New programs in emerging fields such as sustainable development, biotechnology, and cyber
security also are popular with working professionals seeking to advance their careers. In
addition, many professional and continuing education units provide quality programs in the
humanities, arts, and sciences for lifelong learners who want to delve into a subject for the
pleasure of learning; ESL programs for non-English speakers; dual-credit programs for high
school students; and study abroad programs.

Member institutions that serve non-traditional students span the full spectrum of higher
education, including major public research universities, selective private universities, state
universities, small liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and for-profit institutions.

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Founded in 1915, UCEA advances the field of professional and continuing education through
professional development, research, and advocacy. UCEA has more than 400 institutional
members – primarily U.S. universities, plus several universities in Canada, Europe, Asia, and
Latin America and the Caribbean – and 2,400 individual members, most of whom are senior
administrators at member universities.

Based in Washington, DC (in the National Center for Higher Education building at 1 Dupont
Circle), UCEA has a staff of nine (six fulltime and three part-time) and an operating budget of
$1.9 million. Revenue comes primarily from member institution dues and registration fees for
conferences and other meetings.

UCEA is governed by a board of directors of 21 people who typically lead professional and
continuing education at member institutions. The current president (board chair) is Judy
Ashcroft, dean of continuing and innovative education at the University of Texas at Austin; the
president-elect is James Shaeffer, associate vice provost for outreach and engagement at James
Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. UCEA’s CEO and executive director for the past
25 years has been Kay Kohl, who has received a Fulbright scholar award to conduct research
during the 2010-2011 academic year. As a result, she will be leaving UCEA this summer.

To learn more about UCEA, please see

(Please note that the UCEA membership recently voted to change the organization’s name to
University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), reflecting the
expanding scope of the educational programs that association members offer.)

Principal Responsibilities of the CEO and Executive Director
The next CEO and executive director’s most important responsibilities include:
1. Providing leadership, vision, and strategic direction to ensure that UCEA remains a leader in
   the evolving field of professional and continuing education.
2. Developing new programs and services that meet the needs of a diverse membership, and
   will attract new members to join and support the association.
3. Assessing and strengthening the business model of the association to align with current
   economic realities.
4. Deepening collegial relationships with other organizations including other higher education
   associations and relevant federal government agencies whose actions can affect professional
   and continuing education.
5. Initiating a communication plan that clearly and regularly informs members, institutions,
   media, and others.
6. Ensuring that UCEA is fully represented and participating in formal and informal advocacy
   networks for professional and continuing education.
7. Leading the Washington, DC-based staff toward the achievement of association goals.
8. Supporting an engaged board of directors as it carries out its governance responsibilities.

 Slesinger Management Services       301-320-0680

Desired Skills, Experience, and Personal Characteristics
To be successful, the CEO and executive director should be:
1. Committed to the necessity and value of professional and continuing education, both in the
    United States and around the world.
2. A demonstrated leader with senior level experience in higher education. Experience in
    professional and continuing education is desirable, but not required.
3. A strategic, sophisticated change agent with excellent oral and written communication skills.
4. Capable of working collaboratively and collegially with scores of UCEA members who have
    demanding jobs at universities, but are committed to volunteering their time and expertise to
    advance the field of professional and continuing education.
5. Knowledgeable about association management, including best practices in financial
    management, member services, and program management for professional associations with
    large memberships, small staffs, and thin margins.
6. A creative thinker, able to develop and implement strategic plans while harnessing the skills
    and creativity of a diverse and far-flung membership.
7. Entrepreneurial, with a track record of building successful income-generating activities (in
    either a nonprofit or for-profit arena) since most of UCEA’s revenue comes from value-
    added transactions with members.
8. A strong manager who would enjoy a hands-on job in an office with a staff of nine people.
9. Knowledgeable and appreciative of the importance of incorporating new and emerging
    communication technologies, e.g. social media and webinars, to stay connected to members
    and to deliver programs and services in innovative ways.
10. An effective leader, able to motivate, inspire, and persuade members, staff, and other
    stakeholders to take action that helps UCEA carry out its mission.
11. A media spokesperson and champion for UCEA and its members’ work.
12. Able to develop a strong working relationship with the board of directors, including
    providing effective staff support to various committees, task forces, etc.
13. Well-educated. An earned doctorate is highly desirable, but not required.
14. Able to travel – mostly domestic – at least 20 to 30 percent of the time to visit members,
    meet with partners, and attend key conferences and meetings that advance UCEA’s mission.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. Compensation also includes a
generous and comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply
Please e-mail:
    1. cover letter that explains interest and qualifications,
    2. resume that conveys leadership and management accomplishments, and
    3. three-year salary history (which will be held in strict confidence)
to search consultant Larry Slesinger, Founder and CEO of Slesinger Management Services, at Please include “UCEA” in subject line; attached files
in Microsoft Word or PDF only. All applications will be acknowledged promptly.

                           UCEA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Slesinger Management Services      301-320-0680

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