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									Program                                                            18:00                                                               Drowning in Fire at Ease? Negotiations of Creek Queerness in the
                                                                   Clemens Spahr (University of Mainz)                                 Narrative World of Craig Womack
                                                                   “We’d dream together until the sun came up”: Sherman Alexie’s       17:00
Wednesday, July 11, 2007                                           The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven as Literary          Peter Sigal (Duke University)
Arrival                                                            Intervention                                                        Erotic Performances: Ritual, Sweeping, and the Nahua History of
Oliver Scheiding / Kristina Bross: Reception and Conference                                                                            17:45
Warm-up                                                            Friday, July 13, 2007                                               Luis Fernando Restrepo (University of Arkansas)
                                                                   Native American Studies – Literary and Performative                 Memory and Justice: Muisca Communities in Present Day
                                                                   Perspectives                                                        Colombia
Thursday, July 12, 2007
                                                                   09:00                                                               18:15
Native American Studies – Approaches to Criticism,
                                                                   Keynote Address – Gordon Brotherston (Stanford University)          Peter Nabokov (UCLA)
Theory, and Method                                                                                                                     Day Break, Ed Hunt or Big Snake?: The Multiple Personalities of a
                                                                   Dream and Number in Humboldt’s America
                                                                                                                                       Culture Broker from Acoma Pueblo
09:00 Keynote Address – Arnold Krupat (Sarah Lawrence College)
Culturalism and its Discontents: Native American Fiction and the   10:15
Current Critical Moment                                            Stephanie Fitzgerald (Kansas University)
                                                                   “Chimookoman’s Tracks”: Reading Land and Law in the Fiction of      Saturday, July 14, 2007
10:15                                                              Louise Erdrich                                                      Native American Studies – Literary and Cultural
Roger CA Maaka (University of Sakatchewan)                                                                                             Translations
Native Studies: Opportunities and Challenges                       11:00
                                                                   Dieter Dörr / Mark D. Cole                                          09:00
11:00                                                              (University of Mainz / University of Luxembourg)                    Regina Harrison (University of Maryland)
Robert Warrior (University of Oklahoma)                            Indian Nations between Self-Determination and Termination           Comparative Economics: Translating European Value Systems in
Contemporary Indigenous Approaches to Criticism,                                                                                       Quechua
Theory, and Method                                                 11:45
                                                                   Bärbel Höttges (University of Mainz)                                09:45
11:45                                                              “God’s been going deaf”: The Interdependency of Religion and        Gordon Sayre (University of Oregon)
Alfred Young Man (University of Lethbridge)                        Survival in Louise Erdrich’s North Dakota Series                    John Tanner, Méti: On the Impossibilities of Cultural Translation
A Critique of Anthropology from the Native Perspective
                                                                   12:30                                                               10:30
Lunch                                                              Jeanne Perreault (University of Calgary)                            Michael Sievernich (University of Mainz)
                                                                   “Stealing Souls”: Contemporary Aboriginal Representations of Evil   Californian Hottentots
14:30                                                                                                                                  Indigenous Otherness in the Epoch of Enlightenment
Kristina Bross / Hilary E. Wyss                                    Lunch                                                               Johann Jakob Baegert’s report on Lower California 1773
(Purdue University / Auburn University)
Native Community Literacies in Colonial New England: Notes         14:15                                                               11:15
towards a Critical Archival Practice                               Wolfgang Hochbruck (University of Freiburg)                         Nicole Waller (University of Mainz)
                                                                   Theatrical Survivance in Native American and Canadian First         One Third of the Trinity? Contemporary Caribbean
15:15                                                              Nations Drama                                                       Representations of ‘Amerindians’
John Sullivan (Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas)
Nahua Scholarship and Language Revitalization                      14:45                                                               12:00
                                                                   Birgit Däwes (University of Würzburg)                               Kerstin Vogel (University of Mainz)
Coffee Break                                                       “WE ARE the Canon”: Transnationalism and Representational           “That we, as a tribe, will rule ourselves”: The Mashpees’ Indian
                                                                   Resistance in Contemporary Native American Theater                  Declaration of Independence (1833)
Catherine Julien (Western Michigan University)                     15:15                                                               13:15-14:15
What to Read and What Not to Read on the Subject of Inca           Vera Städing (Freie Universität Berlin)                             Round Table Discussion
Religion                                                           Performing Empowerment. The Emancipatory Usage of the               Chair: Ralph Bauer (New York University)
                                                                   Literary Genre of Drama in Hanay Geiogamah’s Foghorn and
                                                                   Drew Hayden Taylor’s alterNatives
Tracy Neal Leavelle (Creighton University)                         Coffee Break
“That Damp Smell of the Earth”: Indigenous Narratives of Home
and Place in the American Southwest                                16:15
                                                                                                                                                           Illustration: Navajo Medicine Man Sandpainting
                                                                   Christina Judith Hein (University of Erlangen)
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Fulbright Professor Kristina Bross, Ph.D.
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        Professor Ralph Bauer                                              Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
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   Professor Luis Fernando Restrepo
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                                                                                  July 12-14, 2007
            Anette Vollrath

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