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                            Direct Mobile Marketing Solution by SMS Text Messages

       By Maher Dosoqi -
       Dated: Sep 29, 2006

       Sending SMS to thousands of Mobile Phones is one click away, a powerful Direct Marketing solution offers unique and easy SMS Text Message Service for an affordable cost per text message.
       The service coverage supports more than 265 Mobile Networks Worldwide.

        With the newly launched Direct Mobile Marketing Solution, reaching new leads and customers has never
       been easier.

        Marketers can send Direct SMS to 5000 verified mobile phones in USA, Canada, UK, India, Europe and
       the Middle East.

        As a bonus offer, they also get Free Search Engine Submission and Text Advertising on the site.

        The site also offers Free SMS service for the people who signs up for the first time. There is also a great
       feature for the members which allow them to get bonus SMS credits by referring other people.

        SMS Mail is currently working on developing a new and unique feature that will be released soon for
       Webmasters. This service will allow them to Send SMS Directly from their own web sites by
       implementing a simple "Copy & Paste" code in their web pages.

        The process will be so simple, the Webmaster has to fill in a short request form, once the site is reviewed
       and approved by SMS Mail, and the Webmaster can then order SMS credits in bulk. The Webmaster will
       be given great number of options for controlling the service. Webmasters will also be able to "Market" their
       own website by allowing them to append a special message along with their site address at the end of each
       message being sent.

        SMS Mail founded in 2005 by Maher Dosoqi, the founder and developer of Web Solutions.

        For more information, please visit:

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