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There is No Rose


									             CELEBRATION!                                                    INTERVAL

                                                                        All in the April Evening
          Kwmbayah (Arr. Dinham)
                                                                    ‘I thought on the Lamb of God.’
             An African Carol
                                                             The Lark in the Clear Air - Arr Edgar Deale
              The Water of Tyne
                                                                         A traditional Irish air
          A lament from the North East
      Barbra Ellen - Arr Harrison Oxley
              A cautionary tale!
                                                                  Brightly Dawns our Wedding Day
                                                                  from Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘Mikado’
           I Know Where I’m Going
A folk song from Ireland arranged by Shena Fraser
                                                               A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
                                                             The popular song arranged by Michael Neaume
                                                                 Linden Lea - Arr Vaughan Williams
       Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen)
                                                          A quintessential evocation of the English countryside
           Umbrellas at the ready!
               Didn’t It Rain
An American Spiritual arranged for ladies’ voices
                                                                       I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’
                                                                   From Gershwin’s ‘Porgy and Bess’
           Blue Skies (Arr Woods)
      ‘Never saw the sun shining so bright!’
                                                                          Bring Him Home
                                                     A show-stopper from ‘Les Miserables’ by Jean Michel Shönberg
                   Ho La Hi
           A folk song from Germany
                                                                       The Lord is My Shepherd
                                                     Familiar words set by Howard Goodall for ‘The Vicar of Dibley’
               Waltzing Mathilda
A reminder of the far flung countries that make up
                                                                  Non Nobis Domine - Patrick Doyle
               the Commonwealth
                                                           written for the Kenneth Branagh film of ‘Henry V’
         Three Hungarian Folk Songs
                                                                    My Spirit Sang All Day - Finzi
                Matyas Seiber
                                                                       A shout of celebration!
The Marchington Singers are delighted to bring you this            The Marchington Singers
Concert tonight: a miscellany of favourite songs, with a
few readings, for your entertainment, to join with other
Marchington events celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee.

We’re presenting something of a ‘Royal Tour’ as we have              Celebration!
included songs from around the world, as well as some
which very clearly bring us back home to England.

We had a most successful tour of the Mosel region of        A concert to mark the Golden Jubilee of
Germany just after Easter, the highlight of which was          Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
singing in Cologne Cathedral. It was an experience we
shall never forget. Then in May we were fortunate to gain
two silver trophies at the Derby Arts Festival.


The singers are available for your event, whether it be a
church festival, celebration dinner, wedding or charity
concert. Please contact our Chairman, Tim Scott, on
01889 563570 for details and to discuss a date and fee to
suit you.

If you would care to come along to one of our rehearsals
you will be more than welcome; we are always looking for
new voices in all parts. We meet at St Peter’s School,
Marchington, every Wednesday in term-time at 8.00 p.m.,
and practice for about two hours, with a short break.
                                                               St Peter’s Church - 2nd June 2002
Please contact our secretary, Mary Barlow, on 01283
820441, or Musical Director, John Whiteman, on 01889              Conducted by Wendy Scott
563378.                                                           Accompanist Rhoda Castle

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