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					Leaders & Leadership:
A Political Power Structure
From Washington to West KY
Integrated Social Studies I
9th Grade Level
Instructor: Matthew G. Dobson
Leaders & Leadership:
A Political Power Structure
National Politics:
National Politics:
Political Leaders
Executive Branch
   President of the United States: George W. Bush
   Vice-President of the United States: Dick Cheney
   Cabinet Level Positions
    •   Secretary of State: Colin Powell
    •   Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld
    •   Attorney General: John Ashcroft
    •   Secretary of Labor: Elaine Chao
    •   Secretary of Energy: Spencer Abraham
    •   Secretary of Housing & Urban Development: Mel Martinez
    •   Secretary of Interior: Gale Norton
    •   Secretary of Homeland Security: Tom Ridge
    •   Secretary of Treasury: John Snow
    •   Secretary of Commerce: Don Evans
    •   Secretary of Transportation: Norman Mineta
    •   Secretary of Education: Rod Paige
    •   Secretary of Health & Human Services: Tommy Thompson
National Politics:
Political Leaders (Cont.)
   Judicial Branch
      Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: William Rehnquist
      Associate Justices:
       •   Antonin Scalia
       •   John Paul Stevens
       •   Sandra Day O’Connor
       •   David Souter
       •   Stephen Breyer
       •   Clarence Thomas
       •   Anthony Kennedy
       •   Ruth Bader Ginsburg
National Politics:
Political Leaders (Cont.)
   Legislative Branch: Senate
      President of the Senate: Dick Cheney (R)
      President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Ted Stephens (R)
      Senate Majority Leader: Bill Frist (R)
      Senate Minority Leader: Thomas Daschle (D)
      Senate Majority Whip: Mitch McConnell (R)
      Senate Minority Whip: Harry Reid (D)
      Kentucky’s Representation in the Senate:
       • Mitch McConnell (R)
       • Jim Bunning (R)
National Politics:
Political Leaders (Cont.)
   Legislative Branch: House of Representatives:
      Speaker of the House: Dennis Hastert (R)
      House Majority Leader: Tom DeLay (R)
      House Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi (D)
      House Majority Whip: Roy Blunt (R)
      House Minority Whip: Steny Hoyer (D)
      Kentucky Representation in the House of Representatives:
       •   Ed Whitfield (R)
       •   Ron Lewis (R)
       •   Anne Northup (R)
       •   Ken Lucas (D)
       •   Harold Rogers (R)
       •   Ernest Lee Fletcher (R)
State Politics
State Politics
   Governor: Paul Patton (D)
   Lieutenant Governor: Steve Henry (D)
   State Supreme Court:
      Chief Justice: Joseph E. Lambert
       •   John W. “Bill” Graves
       •   William Cooper
       •   Martin Johnstone
       •   James Keller
       •   Donald C. Wintersheimer
       •   Janet Stumbo
   Local Representation in the Kentucky State Senate:
      Bob Jackson (D)
   Local Representation in the Kentucky General Assembly:
      Fred Nesler (D)
Local Political Structure &
Political Structure & Governance:
City of Mayfield
   Mayor: Arthur Byrn   City Attorney: Boyd Neely
   City Council         City Clerk: Mike Curry
      Spencer Brown     Fire Chief: Mike Jones
      Chris Graham      Police Chief: Joel Natividad
      Johnny Jackson
      Charles Johnson
      Barry Macdonald
      Kathy O’Nan
      Johanna Turner
      Mark Waggoner
      Tommy Waldrop
      Chuck Whitnell
Political Structure & Governance:
Graves County
 Circuit Judge: John Daughaday     County Clerk:
 Circuit Court Clerk: Nedra Nall   Barry Kennemore
 Commonwealth Attorney:            County Coroner:
 David Hargrove                     Phillip McLain
 County Attorney: Gayle Robbins    Jailer: Randy Haley
 District Judge: Debrah Crook      PVA: Howell Carr
 Judge Executive: Tony Smith       Sheriff: John Davis
 County Commissioners:
     Romey Holmes
     Jeff Howard
     Charles Reeves

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