American Crisis

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					The American Crisis,
     Number 1

       By Thomas Paine

         American Literature
             Grade 11
     About the Author
        Thomas Paine
Born in England
Also wrote a
pamphlet called
Common Sense
decreased after war
    About the selection
 Occurred during the Revolutionary War
 George Washington was retreating from
  the British
 Winter season
 Troops needed inspiration
 First of sixteen pamphlets
 Read to troops before they won the
  Battle of Trenton in 1776
      Literary Terms
 Pamphlet
               Infidel
 Celestial
               Martial
 Esteem
               Pretence
 Impious
               Relinquish
 Tyranny
               Unlamented
 Fortitude
Literary Terms

      Define each word.
Create a paragraph or two using
       each literary term.
       Open Response
Look for techniques Paine uses to raise
 the spirits of the soldiers.
Compare this to the War on Terrorism.
Think of times you have needed
 encouragement or have encouraged
Use the rubric for self-evaluation.
      Research Writing
         Project 1
 Use the library or Internet to research a
  part of the American Revolution that
  interests you. Write a paragraph
  describing your topic. Include important
  dates, people, and events related to
  your topic.
 Use the rubric for self-evaluation.
       Research Writing
          Project 2
 With your “B” partner choose a branch of our
  Armed Forces. Research this particular
  branch, describing its content,
  responsibilities, special forces, etc.
 With your partner present the information you
  learned to the class.
 Individually create a letter persuading
  someone of the advantages of this particular
  branch of the Armed Forces.
 Use the rubric for self-evaluation.
       Creativity Project
 With a partner create a product that
  represents some aspect of this story. Use
  your imagination and creativity to produce an
  image that you have visualized as you have
  read and researched for this story.
 Give your creation a name and a purpose.
 Present your project to the class.
 Use the rubric for teamwork.
Using the rubrics, evaluate your
 partners according to their effort.
On the back of the rubric, evaluate this
 power point presentation on a scale of
 0-4, with 4 being the highest, according
 to the relevance of its content.

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