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									CRE Professional Services, LLC.
       Business Solutions for Security

           o Experienced
           o Responsive
           o Flexible
     CRE Professional Services, LLC.
         Experienced, Responsive, Flexible

CRE Professional Services offers security
solutions focused on quality, efficiency and
fundamental financial responsibility!

The CRE Professional Services
Satisfaction Promise and Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied
or do not experience quality, cost
efficiencies and benefits from our
recommendations, we promise to fix
the problem immediately or refund
your money!

CRE Professional Services, LLC.
 Control and reduce costs
 Aggressively monitor and enforce
 contract compliance
 Reduce your liability exposure and
 insurance costs
 More time for you to focus on your
 primary business responsibilities

  CRE Professional Services, LLC.
           Benefits (Cont’d)
Responsive security expertise and
emergency assistance provided 24/7
Access to a worldwide network of security
Focused, ongoing security risk analysis
and review

   CRE Professional Services, LLC.
Building Business
  Solutions for
     Security                     Vendor &     Proactive
                                              Reporting &
                                 Management   Compliance

             Development           Vendor      360 Degree
                of the            Selection   Evaluation of
                 RFP                             Process

 Security    Development          Vendors &     Prompt
 Survey &     of Security          Follow      Business
Assessment   Requirements            RFP       Solutions

 CRE Professional Services, LLC.
Succeeds by:
  Understanding the need for practical, business-
  minded solutions.
  Working with you to develop, implement and
  manage cost-effective security programs that
  integrate into your corporate culture and
  business objectives.
  Functioning as a true partner by baring some
  burden and risk for contract compliance.
  Developing programs to mitigate your risks and
  reduce liability.
   CRE Professional Services, LLC.

Reporting Capabilities

 Same Day Web-Based Reporting System

 Interactive, Proactive Verification &
 Reporting Compliance

 Immediate Notification

 CRE Professional Services, LLC.
How Does CRE Get It Done?
Employs a business design that uses a single
point of contact for national security services.
Operates a trusted, pre-screened nationwide
supplier network.
Improved resources accessible via access to
multiple suppliers.
Incorporates a “One Stop Shopping”
Philosophy. CRE interviews and screens to
identify only the best services to develop and
provide you with a single security package that

   CRE Professional Services, LLC.
      3-Step Quality Process
Step 1: Distributes post orders with
        each assignment.
         Includes terms and
         Specifics such as location,
            length and rounds are
         Defines limits.

    CRE Professional Services, LLC.
       3-Step Quality Process
Step 2: Requires certificate of insurance for
        each vendor.
           Providers must be ready to
            handle a crisis if one should arise.
           Certificate acts as a stopgap

    CRE Professional Services, LLC.
        3-Step Quality Process
Step 3: Evaluates service via significant
        follow-up with Customers and
          Communicates with the client to
           ensure they’re getting what they
          Being flexible and willing to
           make changes where needed in
           order to create the “right fit” for
           each client.

“…truly indispensable, and
never…did we have to worry
whether our security needs were
taken care of. ”
                                 Kyle Lewis
                                 Sunoco Welcome America

For more information on CRE Professional
Services security solutions visit our web site at or call for a
free initial assessment at 877-273-7321.

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