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Alkoxylation Using Heterogeneous Calcium Catalysts And Products Therefrom - Patent 5104575


BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTIONTechnical FieldThis invention relates heterogeneous (organic polymer-supported) calcium-containing catalysts and the use thereof in the preparation of alkoxylation products, i.e., condensation reaction products of alkylene oxides and organic compounds having atleast one active hydrogen. In another aspect of the invention, processes are provided for preparing heterogeneous (organic polymer-supported) calcium-containing catalysts for alkoxylation using calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide as sources for thecatalytically-active calcium. In a further aspect of the invention, alkoxylation products are provided that have beneficial, narrow molecular weight ranges and are essentially neutral in pH and free from catalyst residues. These alkoxylation productscan be prepared using hetergeneous, modified calcium-containing catalysts.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONA variety of products such as surfactants, functional fluids, glycol ethers, polyols, and the like, are commercially prepared by the condensation reaction of alkylene oxides with organic compounds having at least one active hydrogen, generally,in the presence of an alkaline or acidic catalyst. The types and properties of the alkoxylation products depend on, among other things, the active hydrogen compound, the alkylene oxide, and the mole ratio of alkylene oxide to organic compound employed,as well as the catalyst. As a result of the alkoxylation, a mixture of condensation product species are obtained having a range of molecular weights.In many applications of alkoxylated products, certain of the alkoxylation species provide much greater activity than others. Consequently, alkoxylation processes are desired that are selective to the production of those alkoxylation species. Further, for many of these uses, mixtures of alkoxylation products falling within a narrow range of molecular distribution of reacted alkylene oxide are believed to be superior to alkoxylation products in which a singl

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