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									AGENCY:                Next Step Counseling, LLC
ADDRESS:              1332 River St, Missoula
CONTACT:              Mathew Hopkins
PHONE:                728-4535

 Next Step Housing is a transitional recovery home for men who have completed
substance abuse treatment and find themselves homeless or have no safe haven in which
to return upon completion of their treatment program. The facility can house up to eight
men who must be employed, pay their own rent, buy their own food, and work a strong
recovery program. We work closely with the WATCh Program, which is a treatment
program for felony DUY offenders, and other referral agencies who work in the
substance abuse treatment field.

Next Step is affiliated with Next Step Housing and is an onsite substance abuse treatment
program which specializes in continuing care (aftercare) treatment. Many of the client’s
served are court mandated for their continuing care treatment and have a strong
understanding of the treatment process.

The client population consists mainly of men who have amassed four (or more) DUI
convictions and have completed six months of inpatient substance abuse counseling at the
WATCh Program. Some of the residents have come out of other treatment programs and
do not have felony DUI convictions. It should be noted that the population fluctuates and
that some of the residents may b diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.

Next Step Housing; to facilitate residents in job search activities, helping with forms for
such programs as Food Stamps, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and other resources
which enhance recovery from substance abuse disorders. The student will also learn how
to provide intake of residents, use interviewing skills, and help provide life skills for
those who are in need of such services.

Next Step Counseling, LLC; The student will learn how to facilitate group counseling
sessions, conduct assessments, learn the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria, and become
proficient at keeping notes and records of individual group sessions.

To have an interest in substance abuse counseling and a desire to become license eligible
as an addictions counselor. The student must be on time for all group sessions and have
an understanding of group counseling techniques. The students will also conduct case
management services for residents of Next Step Housing and be willing to seek out new
resources which increases the outcome of this populations.

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