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 NEWSLETTER                       O F M AC Q UA R I E U N I V E R S I T Y - D I V I S I O N O F L AW
 VOLUME 8                                                                                                                DECEMBER 2006

FROM THE DEAN                                  funding levels to provide the kind of legal
                                               education that we set as our ideal, while
As of 30 November 2006 I have completed        at the same time maintaining a strongly
seven years as Dean of Macquarie Law. I        nurturing environment for staff. That we
can’t believe how quickly that time has        have succeeded to the level we have in
flown! We have achieved so much in that        2006 is a real testimony to the quality
time – and there is so much to be proud of.    and commitment of Macquarie Law staff,
On 29 November a survey was published          and, in turn, a measure of the respect we
in the Higher Education supplement of          have earned in the legal community. Law
The Australian, rating major disciplines in    schools desperately need the support and
Australian Universities. Conducted by the      commitment of the profession we serve,
Melbourne Institute, it reported a survey      and particularly that of our own alumni.
of disciplines based on qualitative rankings   An example of our partnerships with
and ratings of disciplines by leading          the profession and wider communities
scholars in the fields in both Australia and   is respresented by the Public Forum on          Professor Rosalind Croucher
overseas. Macquarie Law was the top law        Minors’ Consent to Medical Treatment
                                                                                               of our students. As Dean this was one
school of Australian universities not in the   held in November in collaboration with
                                                                                               of the saddest moments of the year for
‘Group of Eight’, as they are known. This      the NSW Law Reform Commission, which
                                                                                               me. Rami Razavian’s parents extended
is a real endorsement of the strategies        is featured in this issue. The Forum
                                                                                               to me the great honour of speaking at
we have been pursuing to improve our           provided an opportunity, amongst other
                                                                                               his funeral, along with his family, friends
standing both within the legal profession      things, to showcase some of our own
                                                                                               and Dr Julie Fitness from the Psychology
and the wider academic community.              exceptional talent – George Tomossy, one
                                                                                               Department. Rami was so determined to
                                               of our newest members of staff, was the
What you will find in this edition of                                                          study Law. He came in through our later
                                               masterful instigator of the idea and the
Macquarie Law Notes are examples of                                                            year pathway for Macquarie students and
                                               key driver of the project; the Hon Richard
the continuing high levels of achievement                                                      topped his first Law subject with another
                                               Chisholm, one of our Visiting Professors,
both of our students and our staff. What                                                       student. And then he died. Far too soon.
                                               led the session before lunch; and Associate
is particularly spectacular has been our                                                       The outpouring of love and grief at his
                                               Professor Cameron Stewart presented the
success this year in teaching awards. Not                                                      funeral was overwhelming. No parent
                                               final stirring keynote speech of the day.
only did one of our staff, David Spencer,                                                      should have to bury their child. Rami
win our first national teaching award, four    As an example of a new model of end             made such an impression on those who
individuals and one team have also won         stage law reform, building in a high level      knew and loved him. He will be dearly
university awards. As a small Division,        of public and professional involvement and      remembered and mourned.
this level of success makes us relatively      the seeding of ongoing research projects
                                                                                               So it has been a year of joy and pride;
the best performer on campus in the            with key stakeholders, this is an example
                                                                                               and a year of sadness. In this December
outstanding teacher award department.          of the kind of academic and professional
                                                                                               edition of the Notes, let me pay tribute to
                                               impact of Macquarie Law reflected in the
Notwithstanding all the wonderful                                                              everyone in the Division and to wish all of
                                               Melbourne Institute ranking.
achievements of my staff, the challenges                                                       you the very best for the festive season.
to legal education continue in the level of    An end of year review includes many high
funding accorded to law schools. While         points, but also necessarily includes some
our LLB students pay the top band of HECS,     sad ones. In our last issue we told of the
the universities receive bottom band           sad passing of our colleague Dr Alex Low.
funding. It is a constant struggle to ensure   In this issue we report on the loss of one

    Environmental theme throughout 2006
                                               During November the Division                  on the topic Removing Market
                                               of Law hosted its fifth annual                Distortions: A Pre-requisite for
                                               Macquarie Lecture, which each                 Sustainable Development. The
                                               year features a different theme.              focus of the paper was on the
                                               This year’s eminent presenter                 complex and multi-dimensional
                                               was Dr Jean-Philippe Barde, the               implications for development
                                               former head of the National                   which can “meet the needs of the
                                               Policies Division of the OECD                 present without compromising
                                               Environment Directorate in Paris.             the ability of future generations
                                               Dr Barde presented an inspiring               to meet their own needs.”
                                               and thought-provoking paper                                    Continued overleaf ...

          For information about Law Notes contact the editor:
Environmental theme throughout 2006
                                                                                             question time at the conclusion of
                                                                                             the lecture.
                                                                                             Law’s Associate Professor Hope
                                                                                             Ashiabor, who worked closely with
                                                                                             Dr Barde on issues of environmental
                                                                                             taxation in the OECD Environment
                                                                                             Directorate whilst on Outside
                                                                                             Studies Program leave in 2005,
                                                                                             closed the function with some very
                                                                                             thoughtful comments.
                                                                                             This special event was a great
                                                                                             occasion and a fitting end to this
                                                                                             year’s high profile and successful
                                                                                             series of seminars within the
                                                                                             Another outstanding feature of this
                                                                                             year’s Seminar Series was a well
                                                                                             attended evening presentation
                                                                                             in August – a change from the
From left: Law Seminar Series convenors Ms Juliette Overland,                                traditional lunchtime format. The
                                                                                             special program featured three
Dr Shawkat Alam and Dr Natalie Klein
                                                                                             distinguished speakers who all
                                                                                             pursued the environmental theme
... continued from page 1                     Dr Barde travelled to Australia as a
                                                                                             of the series.
                                              Visiting Professor with the Division,
A sizeable crowd was in attendance            in connection with this year’s                 Next year’s Seminar Series details
for the occasion, which took place            Law Seminar Series convened by                 can be found early in 2007 at:
                                              Dr Natalie Klein, Dr Shawkat Alam    
in the Dixson Room at the State
Library of NSW.       Guests from             and Ms Juliette Overland. The                  A copy of the paper presented by
various disciplines of academia,              theme selected for the 2006 series             Dr Barde at the Macquarie Lecture
the legal profession and the wider            was Globalisation and the Quest for            will appear in the special 2007
                                              Social and Environmental Justice:              issue of the Macquarie Law Journal,
community attended this special
                                              The Relevance of International                 which will be based on the theme
event. Dr Barde’s presentation
                                              Law in an Evolving World Order.                of this year’s Seminar Series.
was very well received, with
active participation from many                Ms Juliette Overland welcomed                  Juliett Overland
of those in attendance during                 Dr Barde and opened the Macquarie              Department of Business Law
question time.                                Lecture, and later chaired

August evening seminar speakers:

Professor Ross Buckley from Bond University   Professor Mona L. Hymel, from the Univer-      Associate Professor Hope Ashiabor, from the
opened the evening with his presentation:     sity of Arizona, spoke about: Globalisation,   Department of Business Law at Macquarie
How to Make Good Use of Our Loans to Poor     Environmental Justice, and Sustainable         gave a talk on: The Impact of Regulatory
Countries: Debt for Environment and           Development:The Case of Oil                    and Fiscal Policy in Developing a Market
Development Swaps                                                                            for Green Energy in Australia

                      BIO ETHICS COLLABORATION
In late November, the Division of Law                                                            involving young persons. The Forum
convened a Public Forum on Minors’                                                               also exposed the corresponding
Consent to Medical Treatment in                                                                  need for carefully considered policy
collaboration with the NSW Law                                                                   development in reforming law and
Reform Commission. The Forum                                                                     professional practice in this area. A
represents the first major outcome of                                                            courageous personal reflection by a
a research project involving members                                                             young person at the Forum, on her
of the Division in collaboration with                                                            experience with the health care
a range of government and industry         From left: Peter Hennessy, Executive Director, NSW    system in NSW, underscored the
                                           Law Reform Commission; George Tomossy, Law,           importance of that mission.
partners, including the NSW Law            Macquarie University; Assoc. Prof. Cameron Stewart,
Reform Commission, NSW Health,             Law, Macquarie University; The Hon. James Wood,       All in all, the Forum was an enormous
the NSW Office for Science and             QC, Chair, NSW Law Reform Commission; and Prof.       success, marking the beginning of
Medical Research, United Medical           Michael Tilbury, Commissioner, NSW Law Reform         what is hoped will be a productive
Protection, the Australian and New         Commission
                                                                                                 process of expert engagement over
Zealand Association for Psychiatry,                                                              the coming year with some of the
                                           the NSW Law Reform Commission,
Psychology and Law, and the Royal                                                                most difficult issues in the law on
                                           and by our Dean, Professor Rosalind
Australian College of General                                                                    health care involving children and
                                           Croucher, in closing the Forum.
Practitioners.                                                                                   adolescents. This Forum represents
                                           Papers and responses were delivered
An important aim of this project is                                                              the first of several projects to build
                                           by a range of legal experts,
to develop a model for enhanced                                                                  on excellent research already being
                                           health care practitioners and
                                                                                                 carried out by members of the
involvement of university academics        government policy officers. These
                                                                                                 Division in the area of Health Law
in law reform processes. A spirit of       were uniformly of high quality and
                                                                                                 and Bioethics.
collaboration was enthusiastically         conveyed through their passionate
conveyed in the opening address by         appeals the poignant nature of                        George Tomossy
the Hon. James Wood, QC, Chair of          issues relating to health care                        Division of Law

                        Dr Lincoln celebrates 90

From left: Dr Judith Dickson, Dr Brian Spencer, His Honour Dr John Lincoln, and Dean of Law, Professor Rosalind Croucher

In early August, the Division held a       gathering in W3A, hosted by the Dean                  University, which he chaired from
morning tea to celebrate the 90th          of Law, Professor Rosalind Croucher.                  958-64. Dr Lincoln’s late wife,
birthday of His Honour Dr John             Dr Lincoln, a former NSW District                     Joan, typed the submission he wrote
Lincoln, a long time supporter of          Court Judge, was Deputy Chancellor                    in 958 proposing that Sydney’s
Macquarie Law. The former VC,              of the University from 976 until                     third university be established in
Emeritus Professor Di Yerbury;             2000. Dr Lincoln has made a long                      the north of the city. He remains
Registrar, Dr Brian Spencer; and Dr        and outstanding contribution to                       a member of the University Council
Judith Dickson, recently retired           Macquarie, dating back to the                         and has also been granted the title
Dean of Students, also attended the        committee that established the                        of Emeritus Deputy Chancellor.

Global Leadership Program opens doors
For Alison Chang, being part of             The program improves cross-cultural
Macquarie’s     Global     Leadership       experiences in teamwork, leadership
Program (GLP) was one of the best           and communication, and demonstrates
things she’s done during her time at        proactive capabilities to prospective
Macquarie University. It gave her the       employers.
opportunity to travel to places she
                                            Alison also had the opportunity to
would never have dreamed of going,
                                            take part in the International Youth
such as Prague and Beijing. The
                                            Leadership Conference in Prague. She
program has also helped her to meet
                                            has also been part of the Macquarie
amazing people and she has developed
                                            University team at the Harvard
new friendships with people not only
                                            University Model United Nations in
overseas but also within Macquarie
                                            Beijing, as well as being a delegate for
                                            the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations
The GLP also improved her eligibility       held in Sydney.
as a candidate for both graduate
and summer internship employment.           Alison Chang, Law Student

     Farewell to Rami                                                                  Rami’s beautiful and caring soul
                                                                                       in life manifest itself through his
     Rami Razavian was a twenty-two                                                    death; the vast number of people
     year old Macquarie University                                                     who were shattered by this
     student studying Psychology.                                                      accident shows that he touched
     However, his dream was to study                                                   the lives of so many, in such a
     Law and at the beginning of 2006                                                  short life-time.
     Rami enrolled in Jurisprudence,
     which he subsequently topped                                                      Next year at Prizegiving, Rami
     with another student, Gella Rips.                                                 will be posthumously awarded
                                                                                       the joint prize for the 2006
     Unfortunately, the dream was cut                                                  Trevor Martin Memorial Prize for
     short when, in the mid-semester                                                   Jurisprudence.
     break, Rami went on a three week        car accident on the mountainous
     holiday and sadly lost his life in a    roads of the Iranian countryside.         Helen Doukas

Law Students for a Just Community - do they exist?
                                            students who were either already             raised, some with the assistance of
                                            active, or curious about, causes             Macquarie Law graduates Pouyan
                                            and issues posing threats to social          Mazandaran, Gisele Kapterian and
                                            justice, both domestically and               Anneka Ferguson.
                                            overseas.                                    The conference ended with a
                                            The conference attempted the                 challenge - for the students
                                            impossible - to tackle or touch on           in attendance to question the
                                            many social justice issues in which          substance of the Law and to consider
                                            Law students can have a say.                 how the Law can be used as a tool
                                            The opening plenary session                  for bringing about positive social
                                            began by questioning how just our            change, ensuring it is not merely
                                            community really is; then came               used as a means of oppression.
                                            some analysis of indigenous rights           The Conference re-iterated a
                                            as well as those of the homeless.            fundamental tenet of Law, too often
                                            Senator Bob Brown spoke about                dismissed or shunned as irrelevant
Kate Cornford and Senator Bob Brown         environmental issues, especially             at Law School - that Law students
Based on attendance at the last             those in Tasmania and West Papua,            have not only an opportunity but
Conference by the same name,                and attendees also learned about             also a responsibility to use the Law
hosted by ANU College of Law in             the domestic human rights issues             and to work within its boundaries to
September, the answer would seem            tackled by Father Frank Brennan              create a just community.
to be an overwhelming “yes”. The            and Julian Burnside QC. Finally a
Conference brought together 50             plethora of international issues were        Kate Cornford, Law Student

                  Teaching Awards
                                                         Nicole Graham,
                                                         left and Alex Reilly,
                                                         right (Department
                                                         of Law) received
                                                         Teaching Awards

                                                         McNamara, left and
                                                         Penelope Watson
                                                         right (Department        David Spencer, Senior Lecturer,
                                                         of Law) have             Department of Law
                                                         received Citation
                                                                                  Carrick Awards
                                                                                  The Carrick Awards for Australian
                                                                                  University Teaching were established
                                                                                  by the Australian Government to
                                                                                  celebrate and reward excellence
                                                                                  in university teaching. Each year,
                                                                                  outstanding teaching is recognised
                                                                                  and the achievement celebrated
                                                                                  through these awards. 2006 was the
                                                                                  inaugural year for these awards.
                                                                                  David Spencer, a Senior Lecturer
                                                                                  in the Department of Law, was
                                                                                  awarded a 2006 Carrick Institute
                                                                                  Award.    His citation reads: ‘For
                                                                                  enthusing students to love learning
                                                                                  the law and for motivating them
The team of Patricia Blazey, left, Hope Ashiabor, centre, and Penelope Janu,      to maximise their potential by
right, (Department of Business Law) have received Citation Awards                 providing a framework for learning

SENIOR MOOTING                           The MULS Senior Mooting Competition
                                         grand final was held mid-year in the
                                                                                  of workplace relations legislation
                                                                                  very similar to the ‘Work Choices’
  GRAND FINAL                            Sydney Registry of the High Court
                                         of Australia. The presiding judges
                                                                                  legislation enacted by the Coalition
                                                                                  government in 2005.
                                         for the moot were the Honourable
                                         Justice William Gummow of the High       The competition on the night
                                         Court of Australia, Emeritus Professor   was strongly contested with all
                                         Tony Blackshield from Macquarie          mooters delivering excellent oral
                                         University, and Mr Richard Kenzie        presentations. After deliberation,
                                         QC as well as Mr Darrell Barnett and     the judges awarded the moot to
                                         Mr Ben Kremer from the competition’s     Sebastian Hartford Davis, Stephanie
                                         sponsor firm, Freehills.                 Huts, Matthew Sparkes, Louise Dargan
                                                                                  and Sebastian Paulin. Tom O’Brien,
                                         The grand final question was             from the opposing Macquarie team,
                                         once again kindly contributed by         was awarded ‘Best Advocate’ on the
From left, Stephanie Huts, Sebastian     Dr Margaret Kelly from the Division      night of the moot.
Paulin, Matthew Sparkes, Louise Dargan   of Law and required the mooters to
and Sebastian Hartford Davis             examine the constitutional validity      Danielle See, VP (Competitions)

                                                     SHINE MOOT VICTORY
                        Professor Rafiqul Islam
                        from the Division of
                         Law has had a new
                          book released this
                          year, International
                           Trade Law of the          In early August the Division of Law
                            WTO, published by
                            Oxford University
                                                     sent a team of four students to
                             Press.                  compete in the annual Shine Torts
                              International          Moot hosted by the Queensland
                   trade    has   become    a        University of Technology. James
      critical tool of economic expansion and        Douglas, Emily Barrell, Tova Gordon
development for many countries, particularly
since the Second World War. Our international
                                                     and Eli Ball did exceptionally well,
trading system relies on a body of agreements        taking out nearly all the major
containing rules, principles, and practices          awards. After defeating UTS as                        From left to right: Tova Gordon, Eli Ball,
that countries have agreed to follow in
order to make their trading relationship
                                                     appellants in the semi-finals they                    James Douglas and Emily Barrell.
non-discriminatory, fair, predictable, and           then went on to win as respondents
transparent.                                         against the University of Queensland                 was awarded the prize for the best
The book examines the new World Trade                in the Grand Finals.                                 speaker in the Final.
Organisation trading system and, following
                                                     Presided over by the Hon. Justice                    The team would like to express
over a decade of its operation (995-2005),
the fairness and equity of the WTO system            Byrnes of the Supreme Court, the                     their appreciation to the many
is evaluated in terms of its positive and
                                                     Hon Justice Spender of the Federal                   fellow students and members of
negative impacts on diverse stakeholders                                                                  staff who assisted them in their
with markedly dissimilar socio-economic              Court and Mr Richard Jones of
imperatives.                                         the Land and Environment Court,
International Trade Law of the WTO                   both teams were praised for their                    Particular thanks go to Penelope
provides a comprehensive study of GATT               mooting style and strong grasp of                    Watson and Nicola McGarrity for
1994 understandings and protocol; all WTO
                                                     the complex subject matter. It was                   judging a number of practice moots
agreements on trade in goods, services, and                                                               and providing great feedback to the
TRIPs; the dispute settlement understanding;         extremely close, but Macquarie
the trade policy review mechanism;                   University took out the prize on the                 team.
plurilateral   trade    agreements;   major          day. The team was also awarded
ministerial decisions and declarations; and
                                                                                                          Tova Gordon
their administering body - the WTO.                  Best Memorials and Tova Gordon                       Team Member

                                           Paving the way

Among other staff and students, Professor Michael Jeffery is pictured between Professor Wang Shuyi, Director of RIEL, and the Vice-President of Wuhan,
Professor Hu Dekun (centre of photo). Next to Professor Donna Craig are Mr. Hubin of Wuhan’s International Office with Associate Professor Luo Ji of RIEL.
At far right of photo is Professor Du Qun of RIEL.

Associate Professor Tou Xiaodong of                  postgrad coursework masters students                  the terms of the MOU, RIEL agreed
Wuhan University’s Research Institute                on a number of recent developments in                 to encourage their students wishing
of Environmental Law, (RIEL) PRC will                China. Professors Michael Jeffery and                 to undertake their PhD studies in
be spending most of 2007 with the                    Donna Craig represented Macquarie                     Australia to consider applying for
Centre for Environmental Law (CEL) as                University at a formal signing ceremony               admission at Macquarie.        One of
its first postdoctoral fellow.                       of a Memorandum of Understanding                      RIEL’s oustanding Master’s graduates
Associate Professor Tou’s field of                   (MOU) between Macquarie and RIEL                      has recently applied for admission to
interest lies in the area of environmental           this year.                                            our PhD program in 2007 under the
law and policy and he will be assisting              The President of Wuhan University also                supervision of Professor Jeffery.
members of CEL with a number of                      paid a reciprocal visit to Macquarie
research projects. He will also be                   University, at which time the Chinese                 Professor Michael Jeffery
available to give guest lectures to                  version of the MOU was signed. Under                  Centre for Environmental Law
              Law Student before ICJ in The Hague
   Law Student Patrick Ambrose is                                                   team. This includes engaging two
   in his second semester studying                                                  Copenhagen lawyers for the sole
   Law on exchange at Copenhagen                                                    purpose of coaching the team
   University.    He was recently                                                   throughout the six months of
   thrilled to be offered the chance                                                preparation, and regular access
   to compete in the prestigious                                                    to intensive rhetoric training.
   European mooting competition,                                                    Patrick and other team members
   the Telders International Law                                                    are currently working on written
   Moot.                                                                            pleadings as they must be
                                                                                    submitted in early January.
   In April 2007 one team from
   each European country will go                                                    Patrick is delighted to be studying
   to The Hague, Holland, and                                                       Law for one year at the University
   argue a hypothetical case in the                                                 of Copenhagen, but the chance to
   International Court of Justice.                                                  stand before real judges and argue
   Seasoned judges who normally                                                     a case in the International Court
   preside over the ICJ will participate                                            of Justice in The Hague is an even
   in the competition, questioning                                                  bigger thrill for him.
   participants     throughout       the   students, with at least half of any
                                           one team coming from the respective      He encourages all Macquarie Law
                                           participating country - a rule that      students to look into our mooting
   All participants will personally        has enabled Patrick to be a member       programs, given the invaluable
   argue up to to one and a half           of “Team Denmark”.                       benefits they have to offer.
   hours over the three days of the
   competition in April. Each team         Copenhagen University has been           Patrick Ambrose
   consists of no more than four           generous in its support of their         Law student

            1st National Indigenous Legal Conference
                                           and negative interactions with the       ex-Chief Justice Brennan), legal
                                           Law were covered. Lachlan found the      practitioners, community workers,
                                           experience to be an extremely useful     court officers, academics and
                                           one. As an Indigenous arts student       community members.
                                           undertaking a major in Indigenous
                                                                                    All of these attendees provided
                                           Studies and an Indigenous Law
                                                                                    current Indigenous Law students with
                                           student with a different perspective
                                                                                    fierce encouragement to complete
                                           and interest to the vast majority
                                                                                    their degrees and use them to
                                           of his classmates, he enjoyed the
                                                                                    address Indigenous participation and
                                           conference as an experience that         the Law. Consequently, Lachlan has
                                           amalgamated his two degrees and          been offered paralegal work with the
                                           interests.                               Crown Solicitor’s Office by another
Lachlan McDaniel, an indigenous            Before the conference Lachlan            Conference attendee and has also
student finishing his second year of a                                              decided to take his legal studies
                                           knew he wanted to use his tertiary
BA/LLB, attended the first National                                                 abroad next year. In an attempt to
                                           education to legally assist Indigenous
Indigenous Legal Conference, hosted                                                 strengthen his interest in indigenous
                                           communities. However, like many
by the NSW Bar Association with the                                                 peoples and the Law he is planning
                                           students in their second year, he was
support of the Indigenous Barristers                                                to travel and study Indigenous
                                           unsure what avenues were available
                                                                                    participation and the Law in Canada
Trust (The Mum Shirl Fund). The            to approach his legal interests.
                                                                                    during 2007.
conference ran for one and a half days     Over the course of the conference
and a variety of subjects regarding        Lachlan met many Indigenous and          Lachlan McDaniel
Indigenous people and their positive       non-Indigenous judges (including         Law student

                New York Bar Review Program
                                      During October, Macquarie’s Career                      study support, career assistance and
                                      Development Office and the Division                     initial employment planning.
                                      hosted a seminar for the New York
                                      Bar Review Program, attended by                         The program has increased success
                                      40 Macquarie Law students. The                          in passing the New York Bar Exam
                                      seminar focused on opportunities for                    significantly for attendees, with a
                                      students to work as attorneys in New                    98% pass rate for 2006. The program
                                      York or California after graduation.                    offers a select number of scholarships
                                                                                              and, for further information, students
                                      The New York Bar Review program                         can visit or email
The presenter, Rodrigo
                                      supports Australian Law students              
Santelices, travelled to New
                                      and graduates in preparing for their                    Caroline Spurway
York after studying for his
Law degree in Adelaide.
                                      bar examination including lectures,                     Career Development Office

    Macquarie University
    Law Society News

This year’s Law Revue cast threw themselves into
rehearsals for another sellout season with A Mid-
Semester’s Wet Dream at the Lighthouse Theatre in

                                                                             From left, Emma Buxton and Laura Steele were dancing nurses in a
                                                                             number about bird flu - a cover of the classic song, ‘Fever.’

                                                                             Commem Dinner 2006
                                                                             MULS’ annual Commemorative Dinner held in
                                                                             November celebrated a very special birthday
                                                                             this year - the 50th Anniversary of the 956
                                                                             Boilermakers’ Case.       Keynote speaker, the
                                                                             Honourable Justice Michael Kirby of the High
                                                                             Court of Australia, and Macquarie’s own Emeritus
                                                                             Professor Tony Blackshield, greatly entertained
                                                                             all guests on the night as they dined on fine food
From left are MULS Treasurer Eli Ball, VP (Careers) Patrick Mahony,          with spectacular Harbour views.
President Tom O’Brien, the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, VP
(Education) Suzanna Dabski, Emeritus Professor Tony Blackshield and VP       Suzanna Dabski
(Competitions) Danielle See.                                                 VP (Education)


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