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					                                 Letter of Recommendation Packets

Please follow the guidelines discussed below when it is time to ask teachers, counselors, or community
members for a Letter of Recommendation. This is a significant component of a college application or
scholarship opportunity and should be approached in a professional manner. Once your packet is
complete, personally approach your target individual and formally ask them to write you a letter. It is
very important to be mindful of the individuals schedule; therefore, you should give the person a
minimum of three weeks to complete the letter. The following is the procedure you should follow:

   1. Identify which schools and/ or scholarship organizations need a Letter of Recommendation.
      (Hint Cal. States and UC’s do not need letters)

   2. Identify the people that know you the best: The person should know your skills,
      attributes, successes/ failures, as well as aspirations and goals. Don’t feel that it has to be
      your current English teacher. Find the person that can truly write about you!

   3. Create a typed Resume/ Bragg Sheet that contains the following:
         a. Your complete name with a contact number and email address
         b. List of Personal Qualities, Traits, and/or Skill
         c. High School Overview – GPA, SAT, SAT II, ACT, AP Scores
             Significant Courses of Rigor, Clubs, Organizations, Extracurricular Activities
              (AVID, ASB, Sports, Band, Youth Group etc.), Honors and Awards. Be sure to
              list the years involved, the level, and any position of leadership.
         d. List Employment and Volunteer Service

   4. Create a “Typed Paragraph” that formally asks the teacher to write you a letter. Briefly
      tell why you selected them “your class changed my perspective…”, “you taught me…” and
      specifically give them the schools/ groups they are writing to and the date the letter needs to be
      completed. End the paragraph by thanking them for taking the time to write the letter.

   5. Optional, but helpful: Gather your polished Personal Statement or College Essay and
      include it in your package. Teachers will read these and see your points of emphasis and
      tailor your letter to highlighting those key points.

   6. Gather all the above information in a manila folder or envelope with your name, schools/
      organizations and due date clearly written or typed on the outside. Present this completed
      package to your teacher at least three weeks before it is due.

   7. Reminders:
        a. The more information you give the letter writer, the better your letter will be!
        b. Check-in with the teacher 1 week before the due date (Friendly Reminder)
        c. Write a brief Thank You Letter within a week of receiving your letter.