Alternative Assessment Letter of Recommendation

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                       Alternative Assessment Letter of Recommendation

        The information you complete on this form will help the TSPC Commissioners decide whether to
        waive a content area licensure exam for the following educator applicant. If you wish to submit
        your recommendation on an alternative form, please attach this paper, signed and dated to the

       Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

       Subject Matter Endorsement Seeking: _______________________________________________

       References or information must be only from people who can directly vouch for the applicant’s
       depth of content knowledge in the subject matter or the examination for which waiver is being

        1.    Your name and title: _____________________________________________________

        2.    What is your professional relationship to the applicant and what direct interaction have you
              had with the applicant that qualifies you to make this recommendation?

        3.    What evidence did you use to determine whether the applicant has knowledge of the
              content area listed above? (e.g. Dates of observation or other methods you used to
              become directly acquainted with the applicant’s content knowledge.)

       ________________________________________________                               ___________________
       Reference Signature                                                            Date

(TSPC.0057 – 04/01/2009)