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 October 3,2008

 To Whom I t May Concern:
 When I hired Kelly Roberts in 2003,l was new in the position of executive director for the Center
 for Social Concerns at Notre Dame. Among the 80 candidates for the position of director of
 communications, Kelly stood out as self-starter who had that special combination of skills, ability,
 and attitude to help us achieve our vision. It quickly became clear I had made the right choice.
 With passion and professionalism, Kelly retooled our newsletter, wrote effective and engaging
 articles conveying the Center's impact, and assumed responsibility for layout and design at a
 substantial cost savings for us. Subsequently, he rewrote and redesigned a suite of brochures,
 which I was proud to distribute to faculty, students, and funders alike. Our events and lectures,
 previously promoted with photocopied flyers, now had coordinated promotion plans, attractive
 full-color posters, and healthy attendance.
 Similarly, our Web site, outdated and cluttered, was transformed into an attractive, readable, and
 easy to navigate portal to our Center. As always, he outlined the project timeline and action steps,
 effectively worked with program directors to refresh and rewrite content, designed the basic look
 and feel, and finally administered it, again saving precious resources. Subsequently, he created our
 e-newsletter (Communique) to keep students up to date on our weekly events. Both our Web site
 and e-newsletter, which we have changed over time, still reflect Kelly's original strategy.
 Kelly collaborated effectively with University staff on other projects as well. In conjunction with
 our IT consultant, Kelly spearheaded a project to establish an on-line registration for our programs,
 saving countless hours of data entry for our staff. In partnership with our Office of News &
 Information, he scripted and produced our Center's educational video. To help manage these
 multiple projects, Kelly sought out gifted student designers and writers to assist him. They, in turn,
 learned from him, while he shaped their work through insightful critiques and plenty of
 On a personal level, he was well liked by our students and staff, good humored, and passionate in
 his work for the Center. When Kellv transferred to Notre Dame's Kellogg Institute for International
 Studies (of which I am a faculty fellow), I was saddened by the loss. ~ o t h t h s t a n d i nI~ , pleased
 to see the many interesting ways he transformed Kellogg's marketing communications as well.
 Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

 (Rev.) William M. Lies, C.S.C.
 Executive Director

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