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     Childcare Job Vacancies

                                               May 2010
Some tips on looking for work
Job hunting

    1. Find out which organisations in your local area provide the information.
    2. Contact your local council and Job centres

    3. Use the internet to search local authorities’ job and vacancies webpage.
        In Brent the web address is

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application
Get the job you've always dreamed of by sending the perfect resume and cover letter. Your skills and
experiences are impressive, so let your potential employers know by highlighting them in your job
applications with perfect English writing. Achieve the highest level of English grammar, spelling, and
punctuation in your cover letter for a job application

First Paragraph - Why You Are Writing
If someone you know referred you to a potential employer, be sure to mention it! Your reader will be
encouraged to keep reading when s/he sees a name she recognizes.

If you are writing in response to a job posting. Specify where you learned of the position and the title
of the position. More importantly express your enthusiasm and the likely match between your
credentials and position’s qualifications, for example, please accept my application for post of (Enter
position applying for), I am confident that my background and experience with (.......) will prove to be a
suitable match for your needs.

If you are writing to inquire about a potential job opening or a prospecting letter, it is essential to write
a strong paragraph that will capture your reader's attention. You must also be specific about what type
of job you are seeking.

Middle Paragraph(s) - What You Have to Offer
The middle paragraphs are your place to shine. Here you should include 1-3 focused paragraphs that
highlight why you are a good candidate for a job. Illustrate how your particular abilities match specific
qualifications listed in the job posting; tell about your potential for fulfilling the employer's needs in a
prospecting letter. In both cases, refer to particular skills you possess and details about the
organization to show you've done your research. Describe your strengths, interest, achievements,
and motivation. Also, refer your reader to your resume, but do not repeat word for word what's
written there. Instead, add more details that highlight your experience.

Closing Paragraph - How You Will Follow Up
After you have interested your potential employer with the first paragraphs of your cover letter for a
job application, indicate how you will be in contact. Be direct in expressing your interest in a job, and
indicate that you will follow up with a phone call to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient
time. Then make the call within the time frame! In some cases phone calls are prohibited or not
welcome, but you should at least check that your materials were received.

The final and crucial last step in writing a cover letter for a job application is proofreading. Even with
the most impressive skills set and experience, a cover letter with errors in spelling or English grammar
will get you nowhere. An employer will doubt your intelligence and abilities if s/he reads a cover letter
with mistakes.
Writing a CV
A curriculum vitae (CV) can be used when replying to adverts which say send full details or ask for a
CV and when an organisation does not have an application form.

Not all employers accept CVs but if you produce one, use the following tips.

    1. Use good quality A4 paper.

    2. Limit your CV to 2 pages.

    3. Stick to the same format throughout.

    4. It is optional to mention marital status, date of birth or nationality.
    5. Highlight important information on the first page – this could be under skills or personal

    6. Present your employment history starting with your most recent job.

    7. When describing your duties use action words such as achieved, organised, succeeded,
       managed, participated etc.

    8.    Do not leave any gaps – even if you have had a long time out of employment. You can
         include voluntary work and you can say you have been looking after your own children.
    9. Do not fold the finished document.

    10. Keep a copy and amend for each application as necessary.

Application Forms

Completing the application form is the first step of the selection process. The information you give will
help the employer to decide whether to shortlist you for an interview.

    1. Take a photocopy or print out the form to practise on.

    2. Read through all sections of the form, particularly any instructions. If completing a paper form
       use black ink.

    3. Read the job description – this outlines the main duties of the job. Think of what interests you
       in the job and why.

    4. Read the person specification if there is one. This will tell you what qualifications, skills and
       abilities you need to do the job.

    5. Write rough draft before you start filling in the form.
    6. Make a list of things you are doing in your current job or have done which match these skills.
       Remember to add all relevant work experience including part time work in the Employment
       History section.

    7. Use the list you have made to complete the supporting information

    8. Finish with a brief summary of why you think you are suitable for this job.

    9. Finally check your form for spelling and grammar.

    10. Keep a copy of your completed form.

    11. You will need to change your application to suit each job.
                              Jobs in Childcare
Title:                   Nursery Officers ( Baby Room – 6 Months to 18 Months)
                               (Toddler Room – 18 Months to 30 Months)
Organisation:   Living Spring Montessori
Location:       Living Spring Montessori Nursery, St Michaels Church Hall, St Michaels
                Road, NW2 6XG
Details:        Reports to the Head of Room

                Main Purpose:
                   To assist with the smooth running of the room by planning and
                   implementing policies and procedures already set by the nursery.
                   Work as an effective member of the team and ensure the health and
                   safety of the children at all times. Create an atmosphere of fun, and
                   happiness for the children.

                   1. To plan activities daily and weekly in the room and present work
                      and play to children in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage
                   2. To give support to other Officers and Assistants to provide high
                      standards of care and education to the children.
                   3. To ensure all the Health and Safety policies and nursery policies
                      and procedures are correctly implemented.

                Main Duties:
                  To provide and maintain high quality care to the children in the room.
                  To maintain high levels of hygiene in the room.
                  To support and promote the emotional well being of the children at all
                  To create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to the
                  To meet the basic needs of the children including feeding & and
                  changing nappies.
                  To keep observation records of children and give parents feedback
                  To plan weekly activities for the children and be responsible for
                  implementing aspects of the planning.
                  To share information with other team members on the progress of
                  children in the room.
                  To update the files of key children and liaise with their parents
                  regularly, keeping them informed of their child’s progress.
                  To contribute positive ideas to the work of the team and review and
                  reflect on own practice regularly with the aim of improving the work we
                  do with the children.
                  To work as part of a team and co-operate with others in running a
                  smooth and effective environment.
                  To participate in daily walks and trips to the parks, local shops and
                  other venues of fun and interest – no matter the weather.
                  To participate in the sharing of duties such as preparing snacks for the
                  children, tidying up lunch, breakfast and tea, tidying up the room to
                  name a few.
                  To participate and contribute to the weekly staff meeting in the room.
                  To continuously develop yourself through ongoing learning and studies
                  and bringing new ideas to the team.
                  To work within the agreed code of practice within the nursery at all

                General conduct:
                  To be punctual at all times.
                  To be polite and use positive phrasing when within the school or
                  around the children and other members of staff.
                  To be neat tidy and appropriately dressed at all times.
                  To switch off mobile phones during work time and not to use them in
                  the classroom.
                  To respect and maintain the school grounds inside and outside as a no
                  smoking area.
                  To remember to be a positive role model to the children at all times.
                  To be a warm and genuinely pleasant person.

                Qualification and Experience Required:

                NVQ Level 3 minimum or Early Childhood Education Diploma or Degree.
                Minimum 2 years experience working in a childcare setting.

                Applicants must have good communication skills verbal and written.
                Flexibility and Warmth are both very important so is team spirit.

                Hours: 45 Hours a Week from 8am to 5pm or 8.30am to 5.30pm 9am to
                6pm with one hour lunch break.
Cost/Salary     Salary will be dependent on ability, experience and qualification.
Contact:        Sade Biobaku-Odusanya on Tel: 0208 830 7331

Title:          Early Years Educator
Organisation:   Hopscotch Under Fives Ltd
Location:       215 Chevening Road, NW6 6DT
Details:        We are seeking for maternity cover vacancy for an Early Years Educator
                (6 months minimum possible a year) the ideal candidate needs to have
                an NVQ Level 3, NNEB or equivalent childcare qualification the position
                will be available from August 2010 the duties include key worker
                responsibility the applicants need to be fully aware of the Early Years
                Foundation Stage document, have good planning & profile writing skills
                as well as excellent childcare practitioner skills. The ideal candidate
                should have minimum 18 months previous experience of working in a
                childcare setting.

                We are an established OFSTED registered outstanding nursery based in
                Queens Park NW London with 23 years experience, we have a large
                team of excellent committed staff and the ideal candidate needs to be
                able to work as part of a highly motivated innovative team.
                All applications should be made by CV and covering letter to
       the closing date for applications is 1st July
Cost/Salary     £17,000.00 per annum 37.5 hours per week with 5 weeks paid holidays
                (pro rata)
Contact:        Vivien Moxam on Tel: 020 8969 9792
Title:          Manager
Organisation:   The Ascension pre-school
Location:       Church of the Ascension, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 9QL
Details:        Requires an Experienced Manager from September 2010

                Hours: 9am-12.30pm Term Time only

                Must be at least NVQ 3 and with prior experience

                Email CV and cover letter to :
Cost/Salary     Salary: £10,000.00-£12,000.00 per annum
Contact:        Laura on 07813599493

Title:          Nursery Practitioner
Organisation:   All Saints Pre-School
Location:       Waltham Drive, Queensbury, Edgware, HA8 5PQ
Details:        We are seeking a reliable, enthusiastic, dynamic and committed person
                to work as early years practitioner,

                        To work with age group – 2-5 years old.

                       Opening hours (term time only): 8.30am – 1.00pm

                       Knowledge and understanding of the Early Years Foundation

                       Must have experience of weekly and long term planning

                       To record the progress of individual children.

                The ideal candidate will hold a qualification in NVQ 2 or 3 in Childcare
                and at least one year experiences.
Cost/Salary     Hourly rate £6.00 (dependent upon experience and qualifications)
Contact:        Anula Goonawardana
                07958 473 475 / 07985 284 498 / 020 8952 1365

Contact:        Nursery Manager
Organisation:   Bright Beginnings Baby Unit
Location:       66 Craven Park Road, The White House Challenge Close, London,
                NW10 4AE
Details:        Required to manage the day to day duties within the nursery.

                Qualifications required Early Years Diploma.

                Hours of work: full time
Cost/Salary     Depending on experience and qualification
Contact:        Mr C Nurse (Tel: 07795490763) or
Title:          Stay and Play Worker
Organisation:   Hopscotch Under Fives Ltd
Location:       215 Chevening Road, NW6 6DT
Details:        Part time 9am to 2pm (25 hours per week). 5 weeks holiday plus bank

                Ideal candidate must be friendly out going approachable with relevant

                Qualification NNEB or NVQ Level 2. Must have the ability to work under
                their own initiative. Be able to manage their time and communicate
                effectively with both parents and children using the drop in centre.
Cost/Salary     Salary £9,360.00p.a £180 per week
Contact:        Email C.V to Tel: 020 8969 9792

Title:          Deputy Manager
Organisation:   Kidz Xtra Ltd
Location:       Brent
Details:        One post NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3

                Qualified at NVQ level 2 must have experience of working with 4 to 11
                years old. Qualified at NVQ level 3 must have leadership skills and
                experience of working with 4 to 11 years old.

                The successful applicants will work as part of a term to deliver a high
                quality, caring and stimulating play environment for children within the

                These posts are subject to CRB checks
Cost/Salary     Depending on experience and qualification
Contact:        Samantha Lewin on 07545904574

Title:          Nursery Practitioner
Organisation:   A Perfect Start Nursery
Location:       Stanley Avenue, Wembley, HA0 4JB
Details:        Required to opening and setting up the nursery everyday 51 weeks per

                Qualification required NVQ Level 2 or NVQ level 3. Must be confident
                with Early Years Foundation Stage.

                7:30am start to 1:00pm Monday to Friday

                The successful candidate will be planning day to day activities for children
                age 18 months to 5 years old.

Cost/Salary     £6.00 per hour
Contact:        Mrs Lee- Simon on 07966 182606
Title:              Nursery Nurse
Organisation:       Happy Stars Nursery.
Location:           St Andrews Parish Centre, St Andrews Road, NW10 2QS
Details:            We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated member of
                    staff to join our well established team, already with the daily duties of the
                    running of the nursery.
                    The applicant must have at least N.V.Q level 2 or 3 and one year’s
                    experience with age group of 1 year and 2 years old.

                    The applicant must also have a full understanding of the Early Years
                    Foundation Stage and be able to do observations, profiles and planning
                    with support and have experience with being a key worker.

                    Full job description available at interview
Cost/Salary         Negotiable depending on experience
Contact:            Joan 0208 459 1754 or 07900 266558

Contact:            Nursery Assistant
Organisation:       Nursery Assistant (six months - 5 years) Full Time
Location:           Little Acorn Nursery
Details:            1st Floor, Press House, Press Road, Neasden, NW10 0DW
Cost/Salary         Ofsted Report July 2009 rating “Good with Outstanding Features”.
                    Required to look after babies and children and assist with the general day
                    to day activities. Gain invaluable experience working with babies, under
                    2’s and pre-school children.
                    Qualifications required: NVQ2, DCE or BTEC. This post would also be
                    suitable for gaining experience prior to NVQ 2/3 college course.

                    Suitable candidates must be able to demonstrate a willingness to learn,
                    and enjoy working with children, training will be given.
                    Hours of work: 08:00am – 6:00pm (discuss rotas with the manager, long
                    days can be accommodated
Contact:            Dependant on experience (above minimum wage)

If you are looking for training in childcare, please contact Brent Children & Families
Information Service on 020 8937 3001 or at and ask for the
childcare courses list.

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