The Job Interview – Condensed Transcript by pvg14029


									The Job Interview – Condensed Transcript

Keep in mind:

    -     we only have this afternoon
    -     the number of different camera positions has to be limited
    -     the goal is to have A movie ready by this evening (rather a short and simple
          one, than a nicer and more complicated one, however not finished)!

-   only women will form the committee
-   only one candidate
-   in reality he is a sheep herdsman
-   position as a foreman, responsible for a group
-   mixing up situation ->followed by confusion -> until the punchline reveals the
    explanation (the last line of the dialogue)
-   however, the fact of the mistake is known by the audience from the beginning on
    (we agreed on the fact of combining the two ideas: see below – list of names and
    wrong room number)

Main Plot:

    a.    Intro
    b.    Confusion scene
    c.    Interview dialogue
    d.    Punchline
    e.    End

Realisation of scenes:

Act (a):

a form shows a number and a room, but reality is different (shown when the door
closes and/or on the papers in front of the committee)
(e.g. 886 and 688)

the numbers (e.g. 886 and 688) could be shown on a folder with a piece of paper
sticking out

the committee has a paper with names in front of them, most of them crossed out, the
last one is still open, John Muller (do a close-up) … the real person brings a paper
showing a different name (e.g. Charles Muller) … could be used together with the
number and door idea

start with a conversation in the committee,

Act (b):
person is coming, door is open, person enters without knowing what‟s going to
happen in the room, shot, door is closing and he‟s “trapped” in the room

Act (c):

we see the owners of a company X, they are looking for a person doing the „rough‟
work of being a foreman, they are not looking for a nice guy, hence forming their
questions in this respect, our “Sheppard” then is one of the nice guys (he looks over
sheep, thus possible series of Q/A:

Act (d):

one of the selection committee tells his name which moves us to the explanation of
the mistake

Act (e):

Possible Dialogues:

Act (a):

Act (b):

S: “NEXT: Mr Smith”
S: “Are you Mr Smith”, he says “YES” …
S: “please come in”

Act (c):

C: “Are you able to lead a group through difficult situations.”
A: “Yes, that‟s what I‟m doing all the day”

C: “You would feel comfortable leading even a group of 25?”
A: “I usually have 200!”

C: “How do you deal with difficult individuals?”
A: “I set the dogs on them.”

C: “It has been a difficult period. We‟ll not be able to pay you more than xxx.”
A: “Yes that‟s perfect”

A: “I am the leader of the pack”

C: “how do you feel about a dirty job”
A: “I‟ve had to kill already several times”

C: “Do you‟ve experience in leading a group?”
A: “Groups of hundreds.”
C: ”How do you deal with a difficult situation in the group you‟re responsible of?”
A: ”I usually set the dogs on them”
A: “If they really upset me, I eat them for breakfast”

C: “What do you do in a difficult season?”
A: ”Sometimes we‟ve to work hard to re-establish growth ”
A: “You always have to plan ahead for the hard times”

C: “It has been a hard season, how would you react?”
A: “Sometimes it takes hard work to see the grass under the snow”
A: “That‟s nature‟s way”

Act (d):

A: “How many sheep am I going to have:

A: “I am looking forward meeting the sheep.”

A: “How many animals do you have in the pack?”

Ideas for shots:

fictive gardener/Sheppard, coming in, people in the board await somebody
COMPLETELY different, thus it‟s also the committee being confused while posing
their questions, the „victim‟ is somehow used to it, feels confident, short doesn‟t care

committee is desperate, they didn‟t find an ideal candidate yet

the committee wants to get over it, they anyway have somehow decided on the last


stay focused on the “Shallow Grave” idea, a bit of slapstick

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