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									Centrica – February 2008
Staff Interviews

Interview 9
Sebastian Whitton
                    Hello, I am Sebastian Whitton and I am a field sales advisor for
                    British Gas. I feel a good field sales advisor would be
                    somebody that has got a bubbly personality, is very good at
                    communication skills, a good problem solver and is hard

                    What I really enjoy about my role is the money! Compared to
                    other companies you get a basic wage and then you get a very
                    comprehensive commission structure. The harder you work,
                    the higher up the pay band you go and the more money you
                    can earn. We also get incentives for our hard work.

                    What I enjoy about my job day to day is visiting a variety of
                    people at their homes. You are out in the elements and not just
                    stuck in an office 24/7. You can have a giggle and a laugh with
                    customers, which is great. Working at British Gas, you work
                    within a team. There is good group morale and wherever you
                    are in the country, there will be a very good experienced field
                    sales manager to support you. British Gas will teach you all the
                    things you need to know before you go out in the field and
                    before you speak to your first customer.

                    What gives me a buzz about my job is when I knock on a door
                    and sign somebody up to come back to British Gas, that gives
                    me a lift. When I get my first customer signed up, I can have a
                    cup of tea and a laugh with them in their house. Then you go
                    on to the next one and it gives you a bit of a spring in your


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