Combustible Dust Seminar by kih21112


                                           Dust Seminar
                                                             The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council is hosting an 8 Hour
                                                             Combustible Dust Seminar!
                                                             Do you have questions about combustible dust hazards and how to control
                                                             them? You may have combustible dust or particulates in your facility without
                                                             even recognizing them. Dust deflagration, other fire, and explosion hazards
                                                             in industry are covered by several OSHA standards and the general duty
                                                             clause. This 8-hour seminar will address the hazard assessment and mitigation
                                                             of combustible dust, methods and procedures for dust inspection programs,
                                                             and an in-depth discussion of NFPA 654, Standard for the Prevention of Fire
                                                             and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling of
                                                             Combustible Particulate Solids.
   July 22, 2009                            We are pleased to have Joe Howicz as our speaker for this informative seminar. Joe worked
                                            for OSHA for many years as a senior OSHA compliance officer and for most of his career as
  8:00 am - 5:00 pm                         an instructor at the OSHA National Training Institute. As Chairperson of OSHA’s PSM and
                                            Hazardous Materials courses, he primarily focused on process safety management of highly
                                            hazardous chemicals.
     Holiday Inn
 4800 Merle Hay Road                        After joining Accident Prevention Corporation (APC) in 2006, he developed and presented
                                            OSHA’s Compliance Officer training program relating to the Petroleum Refinery PSM
    Urbandale, IA                           National Emphasis Program, a comprehensive refinery inspection program. As APC’s Safety
      (Des Moines)                          and Fire Protection Expert, Joe has worked with many employers regarding PSM, hazardous
                                            chemicals, flammable liquids and gases, combustible dusts and other occupational safety
  Members: $275                             Please contact Margret Meade at 515.276.4724 (ext 221) or email if you
Non-members: $340                           have any questions.

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