FFEL Business Process and Data Standardization

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					FFEL Business Process and
  Data Standardization

        April 28, 2008

    •Panelist Introductions
    •Project Mission
    •FFEL Data Standards Phased Approach
    •Phase I – Internal Analysis
    •Phase II – External Analysis

    Panelist Introductions

    •   Pam Eliadis – Federal Student Aid
    •   Kristi Blabaum - GLHEC
    •   Justin Draeger - NASFAA
    •   Mark Putman - NCHELP


    Provide an overview of the FFEL Data Standardization
      and Business Process Improvement Project
    • What it is
    • What’s been done
    • Where we are today
    • Next steps

    Project Mission

    Develop FFEL process improvement
    recommendations and define data standards that
    will be exchanged between Federal Student Aid
    and its partners throughout the financial aid
    lifecycle for FFEL Program loans.

    Proposed Business Process Improvements

    • Streamline FFEL business processes for Federal
      Student Aid and the FFEL Community
    • Eliminate current process weaknesses across the
      financial aid lifecycle
    • Incorporate target state initiatives and concepts into
      FFEL business processes
    • Resolve information/data deficiencies

    Proposed Data Standards

    • Eliminate duplicative reporting through collection of
      the right data from the right data provider at the right
    • Collect data based on business needs
    • Establish in the XML Registry and Repository (XML
      R&R) a common definition for data attributes that
      Federal Student Aid and the FFEL Community

    Benefits to Federal Student Aid and Partners

    • Improved accuracy and consistency of information
    • Reduced redundancy of information and processes
    • Improved timeliness of information
    • Improved completeness and accessibility of
    • Improved ability to synthesize, report on and analyze
    • Streamlined data collection and integrated end-to-end

    Benefits to Students and Parents

    • Single integrated view of student information
    • Improved default prevention by predictive modeling
      to identify at-risk borrowers and early intervention to
      assist those borrowers
    • Reduced data entry burden through pre-population of
      information (e.g., consolidation application)
    • Improved security of individual information through
      reduced reliance on the Social Security Number
    • Information quality

     FFEL Data Standards Phased Approach

     The FFEL Data Standards project consists of 3
     • Phase I - Internal Analysis with Federal Student Aid and
       Department of Education Business Owners
     • Phase II – External Analysis with the FFEL Community of
     • Phase III – Modify/Add Data Standards through
       Postsecondary Education Standards Council (PESC) Change
       Control Board      Phase        Phas
                            1:          e 2:
                          Intern       Exter
                             al         nal
                          Analy        Analy          Phas
      Data Requirements     sis         sis            e 3:
          Gathering        with        with           PESC
                          Busin        FFEL           CCB
                           ess         Com
                          Owne         munit
                            rs           y

          Phase I: Internal Analysis Approach
                                       Internal Analysis with Business Owners Process
                                                                                 Use feedback
                                    Meet with
                                                                                 from Federal
                                                                                 Student Aid
                                    owners to
                                                                                 owners to
                                    baseline data
                                                                      2          evaluate draft    Obtain approval
                                                                                                                     Student Aid
Baseline Data                                          1                         data standards    from Federal      Draft Data
Requirements                                                                                                         Requirements
                                                                                                   Student Aid

                                                             4            3
                                 Submit updated                                   Develop updated
     Analyzed Federal Student
     Aid Interfaces:
                                 requirements to                                  requirements and to-
     •DMCS                       business owners for                              be business processes
     •NSLDS                      approval of draft
                                                    Phase                     Phas
                                                      1:                       e 2:
                                                    Intern                    Exter
                                                       al                      nal
                                                    Analy                     Analy                         Phas
             Data Requirements                        sis                      sis                           e 3:
                 Gathering                           with                     with                          PESC
                                                    Busin                     FFEL                          CCB
                                                     ess                      Com
                                                    Owne                      munit
                                                      rs                        y

     Phase I: Internal Analysis Outcomes

     FFEL Data Flows Requirements Document (V2
       – Business Unit Lead Validated)
     • Draft “To-be” FFEL lifecycle business process
     • Draft FFEL data standard requirements
                         Phase    Phas
                           1:      e 2:
                         Intern   Exter
                            al     nal
                         Analy    Analy    Phas
     Data Requirements     sis     sis      e 3:
         Gathering        with    with     PESC
                         Busin    FFEL     CCB
                          ess     Com
                         Owne     munit
                           rs       y

        Phase II: External Analysis Approach
       FFEL Data Standards Working Group
       with key stakeholder representatives:
                                                             External Analysis with FFEL Community
       •Guaranty Agencies
       •Schools                                          Review
       •Servicers                                                                              Use FFEL
                                                         Federal                              feedback to
       •Standards Councils
       •Federal Student Aid Representatives              Student Aid                          evaluate draft
                                                         draft data                           data standards
                                                         requirements                 2
                                                         with FFEL       1

     Federal Student                                                                                                   Final Data
     Aid draft Data                                                                                                    Requirements
                                                                         4                3
                                               Receive Federal Student                         Update data
                                               Aid and Community                               requirements
                                               approval for updated
                                               requirements Phase
                                                                                       e 2:
                                                            Intern                    Exter
                                                               al                      nal
                                                            Analy                     Analy                    Phas
           Data Requirements                                  sis                      sis                      e 3:
               Gathering                                     with                     with                     PESC
                                                            Busin                     FFEL                     CCB
                                                             ess                      Com
                                                            Owne                      munit
                                                              rs                        y

     Phase II: FFEL Community Representatives

     • 6 Federal Student Aid representatives
     • 21 FFEL Community representatives
           – Experience needed for workgroup
     Loan Assignments               NSLDS Reporting              CommonLine Common Record
     GA Financial Reporting         Lender Financial Reporting   Common Account Maintenance (CAM)
     Collection Support Processes   Consolidation                LVC Processing
     (i.e., TOP, NDNH, etc)
     Cohort Default Rates           Claims Processing            Discharge/forgiveness Processing
     Perkins                        Direct Loans                 Federal Grants

     Phase II: Federal Student Aid Representatives
     Federal Student Aid        Areas of the Federal Student Aid business representing
     Ron Bennett                •NSLDS                                    •Portfolio Risk Management
     Ron.Bennett@ed.gov         •Financial Partners Systems               •Program Operations
                                •Financial Partners Services
     Holly Hyland               •Enterprise Data Management               •XML Registry and Repository
     Holly.Hyland@ed.gov        •CIO
     Lisa Elliott
     Adele Gabrielli            •Borrower Services – Default Resolution   •Borrower Services – Processing Group
     Adele.Gabrielli@ed.gov     •Borrower Services – Systems              •Borrower Services – Non-Default Group

     Angela Roca-Baker          •Federal Student Aid CFO                  •GA Financial Reporting
     Angela.Roca-Baker@ed.gov   •Lender Financial Reporting               •Budget Service

     Zachary Vroman             •Financial Partners Eligibility and       •Enterprise Performance Management
     Zachary.Vroman@ed.gov      Oversight
                                •School Eligibility Channel

     Phase II: Meetings

     • Kickoff meeting: November 29, 2007 in San Diego
       Federal Student Aid Conference
     • Weekly external workgroup meetings
     • In-person external workgroup meeting: March 10,
     • Phase II results meeting with internal stakeholders

     Phase II: External Workgroup Activities

     The external workgroup reviews data elements previously vetted
       with internal stakeholders during Phase I to support the FFEL
       financial aid lifecycle.
     • The external workgroup specifically analyzes:
        – Data element names
        – Data element definitions
        – Data element usage, field length and type
     • The external workgroup members are given a week to accept
       or reject the proposed data elements.
     • The external workgroup members determine whether some
       elements are duplicative or unnecessary
     Phase II: Subgroups

     From the external workgroup, 2 subgroups were formed
       to discuss:
       – Payment/Collection History: the subgroup will discuss
         the needs of Federal Student Aid to obtain borrower
         payment history to support loan assignment, financial
         reporting and program management.
       – Lender financial reporting (ED Form 799): the subgroup
         will discuss ways to reduce the burden of lender financial
         reporting through the collection of aid-level data elements.

     Phase II: Communications Plan to the FFEL

     A Communication Sub-Committee is responsible for developing
       and approving a monthly update to the FFEL community.
     • Updates on project progress are provided through a link on the
       Financial Partners Portal
     • NCHELP, NASFAA and COHEAO provide the monthly
       communication to their respective listservs.
     • A dedicated email address (DataStrategy@ed.gov) has been
       established for community comments and questions.

     Phase II: Communications Plan to the FFEL

     Communication Sub-Committee Members:
     • Ron Bennett (Federal Student Aid)
     • Mike Balogh (NCHELP)
     • Justin Draeger (NASFAA)
     • Mark Putman (NCHELP)

     Target State Context of FFEL Data Standards

     Data standards will lead to schema development for specific
       Target State Vision (TSV) implementations:
     • Student Aid History Management (SAHM)
     • Information Framework (IF)/Operational Data Store (ODS)
     • Debt Management Collection System (DMCS)/Conditional
       Disability Discharge Tracking System (CDDTS) reengineering
     • Loan Consolidation enhancements
     • Financial Management System (FMS) enhancements

                        Federal Student Aid Target State Vision

                               Aid Awareness & Application                                               Aid Delivery                                  Institution Participation                                                 Servicing

                           Aid Education              Submission               Eligibility                                                                                                        Repayment                Consolidation            Collections

                                                  General Public                                                                           Applicants                                                                      Borrowers

                                            Aid Awareness and Application                                          Origination & Disbursement
                                              Aid           Establish Person        Determine Aid             Award and Disbursement           School Aid Payments and
                                           Awareness            Record                Eligibility                   Processing                Funding Level Management                                                     Borrower Services
                                             Application           Application Reporting                                O&D Customer          O&D Reporting and                                                 Service          Consolidate       Recovery and
                                           Customer Service           and Analytics                                       Service                 Analytics                                                      Debts             Loans            Resolution

                       Program Guidance & Information
                       Training for        Outreach for         Create and                           Apply for Funding             CB Award Processing              Campus Based                                               Service Cancellations
                        Partners            Partners          Publish Materials
 Federal Student Aid

                                                                                       Partner Eligibility and Enrollment                  Integrated Partner Management                       Partner Oversight

                                                                                               Lender Payment and           State Agency                                                                                   Guaranty Agency Payment and
                                                                                             Reporting Administration         Funding         Partner Payment and Reporting Management                                       Reporting Administration

                                                                                               Receivables Management          Payables Management            Financial Management                      Funds Management               Financial Reporting

                                                                                                                                                                      Default Rate              Calculations and
                                Monitor Aid Eligibility                 Manage IF Data                  Student Aid History Management                                 Processes                   Reporting

                                                                                 Person Record                                                                     Organizational Record           Integrated View
                                                                               Management Service                Enterprise Shared Services                        Management Service              Retrieval Service

                                                              Produce Enterprise Reports and
                                                                         Queries                           Enterprise Analytics and Reporting                            Predictive Modeling

                                                      Manage Identity                      Control Access to                                                                         Monitor Security      Manage Security
                                                       Community                        Systems and Resources           Identity and Access Management                                Environment           Environment

                         App and Participation Mgmt                               Funding and Allocation       Origination and Disbursement                               Fee Payment                          Servicing                          Reporting

                       Department of Education                       State Agencies                               Schools                                   Lenders                            Guaranty Agencies                     Other External Partners

     Target State Architecture
                 FFEL Data Flows Initiative To-Be Application Architecture

                   Borrowers,       Schools/Servicers               Lenders/Servicers

 Technical                                             Security Architecture
 Architecture                                          Enterprise Service Bus
                                                         Security Architecture

 Applications/                                                                 DMCS/    IF/ODS         FMS
                         CPS    PRMS            DLCS            DLSS
 Services                                                                      CDDTS
                                         Customers &

 Integrated                                            Security Architecture
 Technical                                             Enterprise Service Bus
 Architecture                                          Security Architecture

             Frequently Asked Questions

     Question: When does the FFEL Community have to begin
       reporting the approved data standards?

               Frequently Asked Questions

     Answer: The data standards will be implemented as Federal
       Student Aid reengineers or enhances its legacy systems (i.e.,
       NSLDS, Debt Management Collection System [DMCS],
       Financial Management System [FMS]) with planned target
       state vision solutions. Federal Student Aid will not implement
       all target state solutions at once. Federal Student Aid will use
       a phased implementation approach over a multi-year

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Question: Why do you have Perkins and Direct Loan
       representatives on a FFEL Data Standards workgroup?

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Answer: Federal Student Aid wants to ensure that common data
       reported across aid programs are consistently defined and
       create information parity for Title IV programs.

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Question: How can non workgroup participants provide feedback
       and input to the process?

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Answer: An email address has been established to provide
       feedback and input, DataStrategy@ed.gov.

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Question: Is this effort leveraging work already done for CAM,
       CommonLine Common Record, etc.?

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Answer: Yes. During Phase 1 of this project Federal Student Aid
       mapped data that is currently collected with data elements in
       the XML R&R to see where previous work could be
       leveraged. Additionally, during workgroup discussions the
       workgroup references data elements and definitions already
       defined in CAM and CommonLine. Additionally, there are
       members of our workgroup with detailed knowledge and
       experience with previous data standardization efforts.

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Question: How will the implementation of these standards impact

              Frequently Asked Questions

     Answer: FFEL schools will still provide data to lenders and
       guaranty agencies using the CommonLine standard. Federal
       Student Aid will conduct a similar project for Perkins schools
       at a later date.

     We appreciate your feedback and comments

     Community Inquiries:
     Email: DataStrategy@ed.gov