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									          Tying It All Together:
  How Integrated Systems Can Improve
Guest Experiences and Museum Operations

              Steve Jacobson
              President & CEO
    Jacobson Consulting Applications, Inc.
        First – A Few Definitions
   CRM
     Constituent Relationship Management
     Software that manages things you need to
     know about people and organizations
   Data Warehouse
     A place where you merge data from different
     software for reporting and analysis
   Middleware
     Software that glues together two larger
     pieces of software.
          Silos of Data

  Class                    Scheduling
   Three Integration Strategies

1 Unified system
2 Integrated systems
3 Integrated systems with a warehouse
   Unified Systems

Fundraising in the
Ticketing Database
              Unified Systems
   Pros
     Common data in one system
     One application and one set of tools to learn
     Lower cost of ownership (maybe!)
   Cons
     May sacrifice functionality for convenience
     Can be an all or nothing proposition
     Getting everyone onboard
          Integrated Systems

Fundraising                Ticketing
 Database                  Database
            Integrated Systems
   Pros
     Best of breed approach keeps departments
     Flexibility in establishing and maintaining
      business rules
   Cons
     Need to develop and maintain interface
     Data may not be exchanged in real time
     One or more systems may get cluttered
                Data Warehouse
                   Data In

                                    Ticket Sales
                                    (SQL Server)
Development /
  (Oracle)         Data Warehouse
                                     Retail POS
                       Data Warehouse
                         Data Out

                                           Data Comparisons

                          Data Warehouse

Scheduled Reports
(Crystal Enterprise)                           Data Mining
                                            (Crystal Analysis)
    Integrated Systems -- Warehouse
   Pros
     Advantages of integrated systems without
     More efficient OLTP (transactions) vs.
      OLAP (analysis)
     Increased analytical capabilities
   Cons
     Need to understand data structures and
     Greater capabilities but who will manage?
  Tying It All Together

  It’s Not All About

It’s Also About People,
Policies and Procedures
      Making Integration Work
• Policies
  • Institutional directive
  • Benefits and priorities defined
• People
  • Contributing to the greater good
• Procedures
  • Minimizing the pain
  • Automate when it makes sense
  • Clearly defined and documented
Here Comes the Tech Stuff…

Well, a little bit anyway…
                                                Data Integration
                               Middleware                       Middleware            Ticketing

                                                     Dev./    Names and Address
    ·    Pre-populated
                                                     Mem.                             ·   Free Admission
                            Membership Information                                    ·   Purchase/Renew
         Member IDs
    ·    10% Discount                                                                     Membership
                                                             Membership Information

Retail POS                  Membership Information

·       Pre-populated
        Member IDs                                                                   Ticketing
·       10% Discount Sale
         Point of                                             Online Ticket        Group Tours
                                 Online                          Sales          Resource Scheduling
    So, How Can This Benefit You?
   Enhanced guest service
    • Recognize high-level members everywhere
    • Renew and/or upgrade members
    • Change an address anywhere
    • Get a total 360 degree view of each guest
   Back-office efficiency
    • Eliminate duplicate data entry
    • Reduce errors and uncertainty
    • Reduce mailing and renewal costs
    Get a Handle on Your Members
   Membership Analysis
    • Members who have not visited
    • Members who should be upgraded 
    • Member visitation by zip code 
    • Cost of member benefits vs. membership
    • Total support vs. visitation
    • Overall member involvement
       Taking It to the Next Level
   Visitation Analysis
    • Visitation by member level
    • Member visitation by season, day or time 
    • Visitation by geographic breakdowns 
    • Visitation frequency and latency

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