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									                                                                     Classification Specification
                                                                         Civic Service Union 52
                             Business Process Analyst ERP


This is specialized professional level work responsible for planning and coordinating the
implementation and maintenance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Employees in
this class are responsible for developing implementation strategies related to their area of
specialization for new releases of vendor software, for coordinating the development and
performance of integration tests to assure quality, and for maintaining the production environment to
ensure customer satisfaction and stability.

Work is also performed evaluating business process fits with ERP software and designing
functionality to augment the vendor delivered modules.

Exploration and implementation of new functionality contained in new releases of the ERP software.

Responsibility includes the development of training, transactional processing and configuration
documentation supporting the software.

An extensive amount of independence and initiative is required when developing plans and
monitoring critical path events, developing procedures and resolving complex software problems.

Supervision is exercised over seconded implementation team members including evaluating
performance while on the project and taking corrective action if necessary to ensure timelines are
met. Work is performed under general direction of the Director or overall project leader.


Evaluates new releases of vendor supplied software to determine the impact of the implementation
on the corporate processing requirements.
Develops implementation plans and schedules, for their area of specialization, ensuring coordination
with the other implementation plans.
Leads the project implementation team, assesses risks and resolves issues. Refers deviations and
irresolvable problems to the overall project coordinator.
Responds to customer suggestions and resolves customer problems in the production environment.
Advises the business community of new functionality within the current software and recommends
changes in existing business processes to fit the software.
Reviews and assesses recommended business process changes for compatibility with the
capabilities of the software. Configures software to fit the process.
Participates in the design of computerized process solutions outside of the vendor delivered
functionality where customization is required.
Sets priorities for system development within the area of specialization with a view to customer
service, process efficiency and economic gain to the City.
Directs the development and maintenance of comprehensive business process and training
documentation supporting the configuration of the ERP software in their area of specialization.
Performs related duties as required.
                                                                                Classification Specification
                                                                                    Civic Service Union 52
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Thorough knowledge of the business processes used in a large corporation, including payroll,
purchasing, inventory control, accounting, financial planning and reporting and performance
measurement systems deploying employees to tasks.
Thorough knowledge of the configuration of ERP software in the area of specialization including
points of integration.
Ability to plan, coordinate and direct a group of individuals working towards an implementation.
Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of management.
Ability to set priorities related to Customer Service Requests and to ensure implementation within
negotiated timelines.
Ability to effectively design internal control systems.
Ability to analyze and resolve complex problems where conflicts exist between the business
processes used by the corporation and the ERP software.


Job Level
Related Degree preferably accompanied by a professional designation in the area of specialization.
Six years experience in diversified business processes of a corporation including two (2) years of
ERP software experience including implementation and configuration.
                                                - or -
Related Diploma and eight years experience in diversified business processes of a corporation
including two (2) years of ERP software experience including implementation and configuration.
Opportunity Concept
Related degree or diploma, and six years experience in related business processes of a corporation.

* This is a class specification and not an individualized job description. A class specification represents and
defines the general character, scope of duties and responsibilities of all positions within a specific job
classification. It is not intended to describe nor does it necessarily list the essential job functions for a specific
position in a classification. Positions may perform some of the duties listed above but this does not necessarily
qualify for placement into this classification.

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