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Best Practices in Business Process Management by qws18475


									                  Best Practices in
            Business Process Management
Andy Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 The Abstraction of BPM
                                                    A lot of people I meet from “the real world”—at cocktail parties, kids’ sports
                                                    events, community activities—have a really hard time grasping the abstraction of
                                                    information management from that of what they do on a day-to-day basis . . . .
Laura Mooney, Metastorm . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 BPM—A Whole New World of Opportunity
                                                    In the fast moving world in which we operate, there are many sources of frustration.
                                                    How many times have you had a great idea, only to be beat out by your competition
                                                    before you could bring it to fruition? Or worse, watched your competitors take
                                                    advantage of an opportunity that you did not even know existed . . . .
Ben Cody, Global 360 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 BPM Proliferation Drives the Need for Process Intelligence
                                                    Many business process management suite (BPMS) solutions are falling short of their
                                                    promise to give organizations an end-to-end view of business processes. In most
                                                    organizations, processes live in a variety of business systems within the enterprise.
                                                    Thus, organizations will inevitably have to contend with the challenge . . . .
Scott Byrnes, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 True Dynamic Process Management
HandySoft Global Corporation                                      The traditional world of business process management (BPM) is changing
                                                    dramatically. BPM has already progressed from a niche solution automating
                                                    administrative processes to a strategic business tool being used to standardize
                                                    mission-critical operations. With the maturation of BPM suites, we are seeing
                                                    a change . . . .
Brett Stineman, EMC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Expanding Your View of Business Process Management
                                                    Automation, automation, automation. Like the old maxim concerning real estate
                                                    (“Location, location, location …”) it sometimes seems that business process
                                                    management (BPM) software vendors tout the virtues of process automation to the
                                                    exclusion of all else. Yes, process automation is a significant BPM benefit . . . .
Philip Larson, Appian Corporation . . . . . 12 Speak Softly and Carry a Big BPM Suite
                                                    Businesses run on large, complex networks of underlying processes. Settling billing
                                                    disputes, introducing new products, procuring goods and services, issuing loans,
                                                    managing inventory—the quality and efficiency of these processes drive sustainable
                                                    competitive advantages for the business . . . .
Sanjay Kumar, Interwoven and . . . . . . . . 14 Bridging the Gap: People and Process with Content in Context
Amita Abraham, Fujitsu Computer Systems           “How can I approve this customer’s commercial loan application? I can’t even find all
                                                    the documents and email communications related to the initial request…” This scenario
                                                    is increasingly common and stems from the fact that organizations deploying business
                                                    process management (BPM) solutions . . . .
Daryl Orts, Noetix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Dashboard Design and Implementation
                                                    A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization.
                                                    From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators
                                                    (KPIs)—actionable information that can be used to effectively guide and track
                                                    business performance . . . .
Rashid Khan, Ultimus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Empowering Business Teams with Interactive BPM
                                                    Interactive BPM is a powerful and flexible capability that enables business professionals
                                                    to view real-time performance metrics and to make changes to business processes
                                                    dynamically. The first component of interactive BPM is business activity monitoring
                                                    (BAM) which provides visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs). However,
                                                    providing a “warning” when KPIs fall outside targeted levels is not enough . . . .

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                                                                                                                           KMWorld January 2007
The Abstraction of BPM                                                                                                          Andy Moore is a
                                                                                                                                25-year publishing
                                                                                                                                professional, editor
                                                                                                                                and writer who
                                                                                                                                concentrates on
                                                                                                                                business process
Maybe It’s Not That Difficult After All                                                                                         improvement through
                                                                                                                                document and
                                                                                                                                content management.
                                                                                                                                As a publication
                 By Andy Moore, Editorial Director, KMWorld Specialty Publishing Group                                          editor, Moore
                                                                                                            Andy Moore          most recently was
                                                                                                                                editor-in-chief and
                                                                                                       co-publisher of KMWorld Magazine. He is now
A     lot of people I meet from “the real
world”—at cocktail parties, kids’ sports
                                                    largest of the Fortune 25. That, my friends,
                                                    is a skill worth having.
                                                                                                       publisher of KMWorld Magazine and its related
                                                                                                       online publications.
events, community activities—have a really              Business process management (BPM)              Moore acts as chair for the “KMWorld Best
hard time grasping the abstraction of infor-        has progressed from a little-considered            Practices White Papers,” overseeing editorial
mation management from that of what they            backwater, related somewhat to the former-         content, conducting market research and writing
do on a day-to-day basis. “Information” and         ly sexier (and ultimately failed) discipline       the opening essays for each of the white papers
“process” are words they can define, but not                                                           in the series.
                                                    called “business process reengineering.”
necessarily apply to their own work lives.          As anyone will tell you, the reengineering         He has been fortunate enough to cover emerging
Except for one. I have one friend who is a          fad came and went because there was way            areas of applied technology for much of his
tradesman—a house painter, to be spe-               too much emphasis focused on hardwiring            career, ranging from telecom and networking
cific—who gets it. When he looks at a job,          rigid workflows and “procedures” (as they          through to information management. In this role,
he immediately sets his “process-centric”           are rightly distinct from “processes”) into        he has been pleased to witness first-hand the
                                                                                                       decade’s most significant business and
mind to work. Before he even contemplates           certain human workflows that could have            organizational revolution: the drive to leverage
which tools he’ll need, or how much paint           benefited from a little more fluidity and          organizational knowledge assets (documents,
to buy, or how many hands to hire, he is            option.                                            records, information and object repositories) to
thinking about the business process. “We’ll             But business process management                improve performance and improve lives.
need to do this before we do that...” “If we        (BPM) has matured, and with it has
started here, in three weeks we’d be unable                                                            Moore is based in Camden, Maine, and can be
                                                    matured the marketplace on both the ven-
                                                                                                       reached at
to move to there, so we need to think about         dor and the customer sides, as I learned in
starting over here...” “If we do this part first,   a series of phone calls last week.
we’ll save ourselves enormous time later be-            “A couple years ago, each vendor was
cause of that...”                                   concentrating on its specialty area, its
    It’s an impressive skill, and very much         niche. Now, vendors are trying to bring        departments and functions. Now we’re
(I tell him all the time) how all businesses        together complete BPM solutions,” stated       beginning to see million-dollar enterprise
perform, from stock brokerages to hospi-            Michael Beckley, vice president of product     commitments to standardize on BPM
tals, from wireless telephony providers to          strategy for Appian. “We’re finally getting    process platforms.”
oil-exploration organizations.                      real business success from production              Before we drill down to what exactly
    He, as an individual, is one of the few         deployments of BPM, enterprisewide. In         that means—“BPM process platforms”—
people from the “outside” who can grasp             the traditional technology adoption fash-      let’s get a few other opening thoughts from
the abstraction that links his little house-        ion, companies have engaged with multiple      our group of experts (see “Cast of
painting operation, in spirit at least, to the      BPM vendors, deploying in different            Characters,” below).

                                                     Cast of Characters
                     Michael Beckley                                  Scott Byrnes                                       Ben Cody
                     Vice President                                   VP Marketing and                                   VP Product
                     Product Strategy                                 Product Management                                 Management
                     Appian                                           HandySoft Global                                   Global 360

                    Sanjay Kumar                                      Laura Mooney                                      Brett Stineman
                    Director, CDM—                                    Senior Director,                                  Senior Product
                    Strategy & Application                            Corporate and                                     Marketing Manager
                                                                      Product Marketing
                    Interwoven                                                                                          EMC Documentum
                                                                      Metastorm                                         Process Suite

S2       KMWorld January 2007
     “We’re now seeing actual customer suc-        are enabling technologies that improve            the way Dell has done. These are process-
cesses,” said Laura Mooney, senior director        their processes. This is where IT comes in;       based businesses. And everyone wants to
of corporate and product marketing for             they need to be aware that the business side      bring this kind of process focus to the tra-
Metastorm. “Three years ago, we spent a            is leveraging the technology infrastructure.      ditional enterprise structure of ‘depart-
lot of time explaining what BPM was, talk-             “The higher up you get into an organi-        ments.’ To do that means creating a new set
ing about the concept and how it was dif-          zation, the more they care about visibility.      of responsibilities along which business
ferent. Now we’re promoting the successes.         The definition changes: the person in             and IT must be in alignment. That requires
People are understanding what BPM is,              charge of A/P worries about A/P; the              new tools; ones that create good fences
and they’re sharing results and successes,”        finance officer worries about quote-to-           to create good neighbors and allow
said Mooney.                                       cash,” said Cody.                                 process ownership at the business level and
     Scott Byrnes, VP marketing and product                                                          process enablement at the IT level.
management at HandySoft Global                                                                       Business process management software
Corporation, said that BPM has already
                                                   The Role of IT                                    just allows businesses to do what they
become part of the dialog of business.                 This subject—IT’s role in a predomi-          already want to do.”
“Large companies are realizing how                 nantly business-oriented activity—came up             Metastorm’s Mooney agreed: “There
central BPM is to the vision of enterprise         a lot in our little chats. “New tools, such as    are a lot of people within IT organizations
software. It touches everything. All the           analysis tools, are actually empowering           that aren’t necessarily technology-oriented.
acquisitions are evidence of that; people          business owners to have more control and          They have titles like ‘business analyst,’ and
realize that BPM is so central. BPM suites         be more involved in defining the process,”        they act as liaison between business and the
will likely be the ‘business context back-         said EMC’s Stineman. “But at the end of           technical developers. These are the people
bone’ for all other complementary applica-         the day, IT has to be there because they’re       who become the champions of BPM. But
tions,” he said.                                   responsible for the infrastructure and the        that’s not to take anything away from busi-
     “Based on our our customers’ experience       implementation.”                                  ness leaders. The businesspeople who
so far, we believe the increasing complexity                                                         touch a BPM solution very quickly see its
of organizational processes demands that a                                                           potential. They become savvy very quickly,”
collaborative work environment provide the                                                           she added.
foundational support for the BPM strategy,”                                                              “At no other time has there been a
said Sanjay Kumar, director of CDM strate-              “Organizations can                           greater opportunity for IT and business to
gy and application at Interwoven, Inc. “With                                                         collaborate,” declared Scott Byrnes. “The
a virtual collaborative workspace providing                                                          business person looks at what can be
contextual information for every step in a          improve responsiveness                           accomplished; the IT person says ‘I can lay
business process, users can make informed                                                            it out for you.’ The businessperson then
decisions faster. Organizations can improve                                                          asks, ‘Wow...what else can you do for
responsiveness to customers—both internal-              to customers—both                            me?’” That’s how the cycle starts.
ly and externally—while increasing efficien-                                                             Beckley added: “IT buyers also recog-
cies across all projects. By bringing                                                                nize that if they don’t align IT with busi-
BPM, ECM with collaborative document                         internally and                          ness, they will get outsourced. IT has
management (CDM) together, enterprises                                                               competition like it’s never had competi-
lay the foundation for a highly collaborative,                                                       tion before. And if they don’t respond to
process-oriented environment in which the                 externally—while                           the demands from the business side, then
management of the project or product lifecy-                                                         someone else will. And that someone else
cle provides greater transparency in cus-                                                            will be offshore. There’s tremendous
tomer interactions.”                                 increasing efficiencies                         incentive for IT to be more responsive
     Brett Stineman, senior product marketing                                                        than it has been in the past. That requires
manager of the EMC Documentum Process                                                                new tools.”
Suite, agreed that an emerging sense of unity           across all projects.”                            Beckley continued: “Companies aren’t
is taking over the zeitgeist of business process                                                     changing their process once every three
in general: “Processes are sometimes held in                                                         years, or even eight times a year. They’re
the mind of people—‘So-and-so knows how                                                              rolling out new products and new processes
it works.’ But BPM allows those processes to           “It would a mistake to imagine that           every month, every quarter. That means a
be defined, in the sense of making them            BPM vendors have concocted this software          new level of responsiveness from IT is
explicit. BPM brings the process into a repos-     as a way to fulfill our own fantasies about       required that’s impossible for them to take
itory that can be used among different             how powerful IT should be,” noted                 on all on their own; it has to be a shared
process owners and users.”                         Appian’s Beckley. “There’s a direct need to       burden between process owners on the
     Sounds great, but it also sounds a lit-       reconcile the conflict that inevitably exists     business side, and IT.”
tle...uh...wishful. “’s actually hap-       between IT and business when organiza-                Brett Stineman added that, “The lines
pening,” insisted Stineman, “because busi-         tions that wish to be competitive try to reori-   (between business and IT) have become
ness units and IT have the same mandate            ent their performance around processes.           blurred as technology has become perva-
coming from the top. This pressure is felt         These products came about because of the          sive in everyone’s life. Business is willing
by both sides of the organization, and they        reengineering efforts around processes, and       to get involved to figure out how to achieve
are starting to work together better in order      because of the recognition that the leading       objectives, but they don’t want to worry
to achieve the same objectives, that is to         companies in the world were the ones that         about the nuts and bolts. BPM makes
work smarter, better and faster,” he said.         were process-driven. It happened because          things a lot easier for IT. By building in
     “Businesspeople think about processes,        companies like WalMart and Amazon have            process controls upfront, there’s less work
for sure,” added Ben Cody. Cody is the VP          changed the supply-chain equation by              they need to do when new versions of the
of product management at Global 360. “I            pushing the risk out to suppliers; or they
don’t know if they’re all aware that there         have developed just-in-time manufacturing,        THE ABSTRACTION OF BPM continues on page 18

                                                                                                                 KMWorld January 2007          S3
BPM—A Whole New
                                                                                                                                    Laura Mooney is
                                                                                                                                    senior director of
                                                                                                                                    corporate and product
                                                                                                                                    marketing for
                                                                                                                                    Metastorm, a global

World of Opportunity                                                                                                                provider of business
                                                                                                                                    process management
                                                                                                                                    (BPM) software to
                                                                                                                                    more than 1,200
                                                                                                                                    companies. Mooney is
                                                                                                                                   responsible for
         By Laura Mooney, Senior Director, Corporate & Product Marketing, Metastorm                        Laura Mooney            corporate positioning,
                                                                                                                                   messaging, brand
                                                                                                       development and overall product strategy.
                                                                                                       She also manages the company’s corporate
    In the fast moving world in which we                                                               communications, including worldwide public
                                                 Now You See It, Now You Don’t                         relations and industry analyst programs.
operate, there are many sources of frus-
tration. How many times have you had a               In the ideal situation, you would have a
                                                 strong strategy and operational plan in               Mooney’s prior experience includes six years with
great idea, only to be beat out by your                                                                Manugistics in senior marketing and consulting
competition before you could bring it to         place against which you could execute
                                                                                                       positions, several years as director of market strategy,
                                                 throughout the year, while at the same time           and vice president of marketing for privately held
fruition? Or worse, watched your com-
                                                 being able to take advantage of new oppor-            software startups SpaceWorks and OutReach
petitors take advantage of an opportuni-         tunities as they arise without completely             Technologies, and several years with IBM.
ty that you did not even know existed.           disrupting your day-to-day performance.
How about losing a customer because              To do this successfully requires several fac-
you could not address their needs? Or            tors and capabilities to be in place: visibil-
perhaps losing a customer when you did           ity into opportunities that exist in the mar-     combined with a process-centric view of
not even know they needed something?             ket; innovative thinking that allows you to       your operations can help you transform your
Ouch. That is not only frustrating but           create your own opportunities; accurate           organization to be more forward-looking and
downright embarrassing.                          knowledge that allows you to identify the         better equipped to respond quickly to market
                                                 most profitable opportunities; and the agili-     changes, issues and opportunities. At a high-

I nnovation, time to market, knowledge, and
ability to execute—all of these things differ-
                                                 ty to seize and execute on the right oppor-
                                                 tunities faster than anyone else.
                                                     Very few organizations possess these
                                                                                                   level, BPM helps you achieve this through a
                                                                                                   combination of three things:
                                                                                                   ◆ Process automation and integration
entiate the leaders from the followers. You      characteristics, and as a result they miss           allow you to close organizational and
may have great ideas or great intentions, but    opportunities—lots of opportunities. Every           system gaps by streamlining a process
without the processes to bring them to           opportunity has a lifespan. This lifespan is         from end-to-end and removing ineffi-
fruition you are left with mediocrity.           the time during which the opportunity pro-           cient silos. Closing these gaps increases
     Organizations spend a great deal of time    vides value. This lifespan is often referred to      collaboration and also opens up broader
                                                 as the window of opportunity. The majority           visibility across the process so that peo-
focusing on improving efficiency and produc-
                                                 of high-value opportunities have a very              ple are able to monitor the big picture at
tivity—and I have even written articles in the
                                                 short lifespan and that is why visibility and        all times on a real-time basis. This cre-
past on the value of these areas as easy wins    agility are so critical. You need to first know      ates a whole new level of visibility and
for business process management (BPM) ini-       that an opportunity exists and then you need         empowers people to take advantage of
tiatives. But there is another focus you can     to be able to very quickly take advantage of         this increased knowledge to proactively
choose to take with BPM—one that will help       it before it disappears—now you see it, now          respond to issues and opportunities. It
you become more agile and one that will          you don’t. Missed opportunities are a con-           also allows for faster response times so
open up a wealth of new opportunities.           stant source of frustration for executives and       that decisions can quickly be trans-
                                                                        management teams in           formed into action.
                                                                        any industry.              ◆ Process analysis and flexible design
                                                                            The key to seizing        tools allow business managers to report on
                                                                        opportunities versus          and learn from actual results at both the
                                                                        missing them lies in          process level as well as the line-of-busi-
                                                                        visibility and agility.       ness level. The close tie that a BPM suite
                                                                        First you need to know        affords between process and analytics can
                                                                        that an opportunity           be leveraged to drilldown from a dash-
                                                                        exists,       preferably      board level into the process detail behind
                                                                        before anyone else dis-       a critical key performance indicator
                                                                        covers it (visibility);       (KPI).This insight allows business man-
                                                                        and second, you need          agers to identify areas of the process that
                                                                        to be able to quickly         are inefficient, but it also empowers users
                                                                        respond to the opportu-       to identify new opportunities for leverag-
                                                                        nity and adjust your          ing processes to improve overall per-
                                                                        business processes to         formance. Flexible process design tools
                                                                        take advantage of             allow business and IT users to easily up-
                                                                        it (agility).                 date and apply process adjustments on an
                                                                            Business process          almost real-time basis. This blending of
                                                                        management technology         analytics and process design results in

S4      KMWorld January 2007
       Blue Rhino Process Excellence Sparks New Opportunity
         If you own a propane gas grill, you are familiar with the          represented a whole new opportunity for Blue Rhino in the
     Blue Rhino on the side of the tank. A small but innovative             form of a completely new line of business.
     distribution company servicing retailers all over the United               It was because of BPM that this opportunity presented
     States, Blue Rhino first implemented business process                  itself. And more importantly, it was because of its BPM
     management (BPM) software for inventory management                     platform and the motivation of its team that Blue Rhino had
     across its distribution network—with its distributors and              the flexibility and agility to seize the opportunity. The pilot
     retailers directly accessing the BPM system. They then                 was so successful that Wal-Mart decided to move forward
     leveraged BPM for overall corporate governance to help                 with the initiative. Blue Rhino has stated that they would
     them achieve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and to support                  never have been able to step up to the challenge without
     ongoing audits.                                                        Metastorm BPM software in place. As a result of BPM and
         As Blue Rhino became experienced in the power that                 a process-centric way of thinking, Blue Rhino increased
     BPM can deliver, it evolved into a true process-driven                 its standing with one of the most important retailers in
     organization. By creating a platform for repeatable                    the world, benefited from a new line of business, and
     efficiency, visibility and control that supported process              created a new revenue stream for the company.
     excellence, and empowering its people to improve                           Blue Rhino then reaped the benefits of the “opportunity
     processes, Blue Rhino was able to establish itself as a                snowball effect.” As a result of the success of the CO2 cartridge
     leader in its market and to demonstrate such extensive                 program, it won its first ever end cap position with Lowes.
     process performance that it caught the attention of                        This is just one example of how effective business
     industry retail giant Wal-Mart. As a result, Wal-Mart                  process management—in the form of technology and company
     approached Blue Rhino as the sole supplier to prototype a              philosophy—can be leveraged strategically to maximize and
     new CO2 paint gun cartridge replacement program. This                  deliver on opportunities for market leadership.

  greater intelligence as well as the agility         Greater visibility and faster response times    effectively, the future is usually altered for the
  needed to implement rapid change.               help you close the window of missed oppor-          better. This ongoing cycle of one opportunity
◆ Process simulation capabilities allow busi-     tunities. More accurate knowledge about how         leading to another opportunity and so on is
  ness managers and analysts to model process     your organization operates lowers risk and          what we call the “opportunity snowball
  changes and simulate results. As part of a      enables informed, effective decision-making.        effect.” Momentum is a powerful thing and
  BPM suite, the simulation is based on actual    Combined, these capabilities as delivered via       the momentum you generate with BPM can
  process data and incorporates actual process    effective business process management afford        open up a whole new world of opportunity.
  flows, roles and performance metrics,           you greater opportunity and greater potential           Many organizations choose to automate
  thereby ensuring an accurate picture of the     for success.                                        process after process on a BPM platform to
                                                                                                      get quick gains in efficiency and productiv-
  situation and the impact that a change in any
                                                                                                      ity, without ever rounding out the lifecycle
  of these areas will have on overall organiza-   The Snowball Effect                                 to analyze how these processes could be
  tional performance. Process simulation in                                                           improved even further. This approach cer-
                                                      The ability to take advantage of new
  this context allows you to proactively model    opportunities is critical to market leadership in   tainly constitutes an easy, ongoing way to
  change to foster opportunities, and it allows   many ways, including financial performance,         lower costs. But leadership is not just about
  you to quickly assess the level of risk         innovation and strategic advantage. But there       taking the easy path—hence the reason that
  associated with taking advantage of a           is a secondary, even more powerful impact           not everyone is a leader. In addition, a low-
  new opportunity.                                                           that occurs when you     cost strategy will only get you so far.
                                                                             are able to execute          So if you have leadership aspirations for
                                                                             effectively on an        yourself and for your organization, you need
                                                                             opportunity: it can      to take your BPM initiatives to the next level.
                                                                             create and make          Try something new; try focusing on design-
                                                                             available to you a       ing, analyzing and improving processes for
                                                                             new set of opportuni-    agility, visibility and innovation. Once you do,
                                                                             ties that may not have   you will find that you are the one seizing the
                                                                             existed without the
                                                                                                      opportunities and gaining leadership, while
                                                                             first opportunity. You
                                                                                                      your competitors become the ones frustrated
                                                                             see this effect in
                                                                             everyday life and you    by YOUR success. Now that is a change that
                                                                             see it in business.      is easy to manage. ❚
                                                                             Doing something          Metastorm is a leader in business process management
                                                                             new changes the          (BPM) software and best practice methodologies for
                                                                             dynamics of your         modeling, automating, integrating and improving both
                                                                             environment, and         human and system-based processes. With a focus on
                                                                             therefore the chain of   complex processes that are unique to their organiza-
                                                                             events that occurs in    tions, Metastorm’s 1,200+ global client base is achieving
                                                                             the future is altered.   rapid ROI and unique process advantage. More
                                                                             If you execute           information is available at

                                                                                                                     KMWorld January 2007                  S5
BPM Proliferation
                                                                                                                                         Ben Cody is vice
                                                                                                                                         president of product
                                                                                                                                         management at
                                                                                                                                         Global 360, Inc. and
                                                                                                                                         has responsibility for

Drives the Need for                                                                                                                      product lifecycle
                                                                                                                                         management and
                                                                                                                                         product marketing.
                                                                                                                                         Ben has a broad

Process Intelligence
                                                                                                                                         background in
                                                                                                                 Ben Cody               technology, with
                                                                                                                                        more than 14 years
                                                                                                          of experience in a variety of research and
                                                                                                          development and product management
                     By Ben Cody, Vice President, Product Management, Global 360, Inc.                    leadership roles. In his current role, Ben is
                                                                                                          tasked with providing guidance and product
                                                                                                          marketing activities to support the Global 360
                                                                                                          sales organization. Ben Cody can be reached
   Many BPMS solutions are falling                   In most organizations, processes live in a           at
short of their promise to give organi-           variety of business systems within the enter-
zations an end-to-end view of business           prise, including enterprise resource planning
processes. In most organizations,                (ERP), enterprise content management (ECM)           warehouse”) as well as the associated reports
processes live in a variety of business          and specialized line-of-business systems sup-        and dashboards typically required by most or-
systems within the enterprise. Thus, or-         porting everything from mortgage and policy          ganizations. BI projects for BPMS analysis are
ganizations will inevitably have to con-         processing to IT service requests. It is im-         even more difficult when the goal is to
tend with the challenge of managing              practical to replace these systems with BPMS         structure a data warehouse for process event-
multiple process silos. Consequently,            technology, and neither cost effective nor tech-     specific data that must be derived from a
“process intelligence” will quickly prove        nologically effective to “wrap” each of these        variety of incongruent BPMS and application
to be an even more strategic technol-            systems with a BPMS when there is BPM-like           technologies.
ogy than BPM suites for the “process-            technology already inside many of them.                  BPM and BI are, in fact, two very different
aware” organizations striving to                     In fact, BPM technology is becoming all          technologies and were developed to stand on
improve their business performance.                                                                   their own, delivering value in disparate ways.
                                                 the more pervasive, being built into applica-
                                                                                                      However, more and more organizations are re-
                                                 tion servers, portals, application suites and de-
O   rganizations today are more “process
aware” then ever before. Many, if not most,
                                                 velopment tool kits. BPM silos are developing
                                                 within organizations due to this technology
                                                                                                      alizing the value of bringing these two tech-
                                                                                                      nologies together. Pairing up BI and BPM helps
                                                                                                      shore up the technologies’ respective short-
companies have active projects underway to       proliferation. As organizations progress along
                                                                                                      comings. As a result, the aggregation of data
improve their business processes. Often, a va-   the BPM maturity curve (deploying more and           that results from the combination of these
riety of technology is deployed to further the   more BPM technology) they realize what they          technologies can best be described as “process
advancement of business process management       really need is information about their               intelligence.”
and improvement. In recognizing the need to      processes, not an increase in their process ap-
better manage processes, there are a number of   plication infrastructure.
common requirements that organizations ar-           At this point, many organizations may con-       Process Intelligence
ticulate. Frequently, what is heard includes:    sider leveraging business intelligence (BI) soft-         Process intelligence suggests a broader
◆ We need a better way to understand why         ware to solve the issue of providing better          reach across systems and processes that may
   business objectives are not being met.        process information. However, a quick evalu-         be ancillary to the BPMS, or powered by
◆ We need an end-to-end view of business         ation finds traditional BI better suited for re-     other suites or enterprise applications.
   processes and an ability to align cross-      porting on data (purchase orders, invoices)               Process intelligence is thus global, pro-
   functional activities.                        rather than processes (process cycle time, wait      viding end-to-end visibility and control of
◆ We need to understand the impact of            times, working times, resources and process          cross-functional business processes, which
   change on a given process before the          costs). This is because event data from a            may be supported by a number of disparate
   change takes place.                           BPMS carries with it a great deal of process-        technology infrastructures.
    While traditional approaches to business     specific context.                                         Process intelligence excels at complex,
process management (BPM) technology as-              For example, to accurately calculate the         human-centric BPM involving thousands of
pire to address these needs, they fall short     number of days a particular work item took to        participants and millions of transactions on
in several areas. BPM suite (BPMS) tech-         complete, the analytic engine must understand        a daily basis. Common scenarios involve
nology often does a good job of providing        the concept of a “business day” and be able to       customer enrollment, loan origination and
management and optimization for the              adjust for holidays, vacations, time zones, etc.     claims processing. In some cases, the com-
processes that it directly manages. However,     The fact that many organizational processes are      plexity of the process involves coordination
most BPM suites are not designed to ad-          enabled by more than one BPMS or applica-            of work among several different functional
dress the management of processes not di-        tion presents the even larger challenge of event     areas including customer service, under-
rectly within their control.                     data normalization. Moreover, BI systems were        writing and new business processing.
    At their core, BPM suites provide an in-     designed—and are still limited today—to pro-              Once these processes are successfully au-
frastructure for applications. While they        viding largely historical information, with min-     tomated, customers begin their continuous pur-
are an incredibly innovative way of delivering   imal real time or proactive capabilities. Finally,   suit of year-over-year ROI. Initially, that ROI
agile applications, they are application         BI is notoriously project-intensive, requiring       is largely derived from the implementation of
infrastructures nonetheless. This is an inher-   significant effort to properly design the            the software itself and the savings associated
ently limiting approach.                         underlying data structure (often termed “data        with automation. However, in order to realize

S6      KMWorld January 2007
                  The Global 360 Approach to Process Intelligence
   Global 360 has developed its Business Optimization Server                       enabling organizations to directly impact the bottom line. Be-
   (G360 BOS) to enable businesses to capture and leverage                         cause Global 360 BOS is based on a multi-dimensional data
   process intelligence in the following three distinct perspectives:              repository, information may be filtered and “sliced” by any
   historical, real-time, and predictive.                                          number of process specific parameters (i.e., loan amount, em-
                                                                                   ployee, region, etc.). This architecture allows a single, consis-
   Historical Process Intelligence                                                 tent information source to be used as the basis for decision
        G360 BOS provides historical process intelligence en-                      making at all levels within the organization. It also enables or-
   abling business professionals to gain end-to-end process vis-                   ganizations to align process measurement and behavior with
   ibility, even for processes that span multiple departments and                  corporate goals and their supporting technologies, including
   are supported by different software applications. G360 BOS                      balanced scorecards and other business intelligence initiatives.
   enables organizations to understand the duration or cycle time
   to complete the overall process, as well as which activities take               Real-Time Process Intelligence
   the most time to perform. Within each activity, visibility is ex-                   G360 BOS provides real-time process intelligence to enable busi-
   tended so that analysts and managers may understand how                         ness professionals to identify issues in real time and adapt to chang-
   much time people spend performing work versus waiting on                        ing business conditions. G360 BOS proactively monitors process
   work. Cost information is also overlaid upon the process,
                                                                                   objectives and metrics known as KPIs. Decisions may be made in
                                                                                   the context of KPI performance last hour, but also within the con-
                                                                                   text of the last week, month or even year when making decisions
                                                                                   about corrective actions.

                                                                                   Predictive Process Intelligence
                                                                                      In addition to historical and real-time perspectives, G360 BOS
                                                                                   provides predictive process intelligence capabilities. Organizations
                                                                                   can model various “what-if” scenarios based on existing process
                                                                                   definitions, often referred to as the “as is” process or the proposed
                                                                                   process, often known as the “to be” process. Business analysts
                                                                                   can identify process bottlenecks and improve process efficiency,
                                                                                   or model external events that may impact business continuity
                                                                                   and/or changes in resource availability. G360 BOS may also be
    G360 BOS is deployed as an independent layer capable of integrating with any   used as a powerful solution for performing ROI analysis associ-
    number of underlying BPM suites and other applications to provide end-to-end   ated with BPM and other related projects, providing an increased
    process visibility and alignment.                                              level of assurance that expected benefits will be realized.

continuing ROI through decreasing operational           managing and proactively embracing                   or the impact of external events and changing
costs and call wait times, increased customer           process change.                                      business conditions. Accordingly, the aggrega-
satisfaction and profit margins, etc., customers            Process-intelligence capabilities enable         tion and availability of this information pro-
must maintain their vigilance for optimization.         process managers and organizations to                vides them with further insight into future
All this requires extensive knowledge about             measure process execution in real time and           workflow design improvements.
their people, processes and information.                auto-adjust priorities based on the declara-
    To reach these business objectives and gain         tion of business objectives, such as service-
world-class process competitiveness, organiza-          level agreements (SLAs) or other metrics.            Conclusion: Solving the Real
tions must excel in the following strategic areas:          Process intelligence involves sophisti-          Problem in Process Management
◆ Visibility—end-to-end visibility to                   cated analysis of historical transaction data,
   processes that span multiple organiza-               but this type of hindsight is simply not                 It would be unfair to trivialize the com-
   tional functions and supporting system in-           enough; actionable process intelligence              plexity of automating processes. In fact, soft-
   frastructures;                                       must provide a real-time view into current           ware vendors still have considerable work to
◆ Alignment—alignment of operational                    process dynamics. Experience has shown               do in order to perfect their offerings. Most
   processes with strategic business goals              that trying to adjust today’s processes based        BPMS vendors will achieve their success
   and KPIs;                                            on extrapolations from six-month, or six-            through specialization. Thus, organizations
◆ Efficiency—identify optimal tradeoffs                 year, -old process history is an inexact sci-        will inevitably have to contend with the chal-
   between time (service level) and cost, as            ence at best. Instead, business managers             lenge of managing multiple process engines.
   well as identify opportunities to increase           need to manage against real-time KPIs and            Consequently, Process Intelligence will
   utilization of human resources; and                  to view the process performance in real time         quickly prove to be an even more strategic
◆ Agility—react to changing business con-               using dashboards, enabling them to identify          technology than BPM Suites for the “process
   ditions in real time and ultimately predict          and compensate for process inefficiencies.           aware” organizations striving to improve their
   and proactively address issues such as                   Another promise of process intelligence          business performance. ❚
   service-level degradation.                           rests in its predictive capabilities. Managers are
    The aggregation and availability of this            best served by the ability to model scenarios to     For more information about Global 360’s BPM solutions,
process intelligence is key to effectively              simulate the effect of changed or new processes      please call 1-214-520-1660 or visit

                                                                                                                           KMWorld January 2007                S7
True Dynamic Process
                                                                                                                                   Scott Byrnes is vice
                                                                                                                                   president of marketing
                                                                                                                                   and product
                                                                                                                                   management at

                                                                                                                                   HandySoft Global
                                                                                                                                   Corporation. He is
                                                                                                                                   responsible for
                                                                                                                                   product and corporate
                                                                                                                                   marketing as well as
Visibility and Control in the Day-to-Day Work Environment                                                                         product strategy. Prior
                                                                                                           Scott Byrnes           to joining HandySoft
                                                                                                                                  Global, Byrnes held a
                   By Scott Byrnes, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management,                 variety of sales and marketing positions with
                                                               HandySoft Global Corporation           leading technology companies, including Plateau
                                                                                                      Systems, Vastera and Manugistics. Byrnes began
                                                                                                      his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
T   he traditional world of business process
management (BPM) is changing dramatically.
                                                     If all work happened within this struc-
                                                 tured world, however, there would be little
                                                                                                      as senior business process re-engineering
                                                                                                      consultant, before moving into the packaged
BPM has already progressed from a niche so-      room for BPM suites to evolve. The simple            software application space.
lution automating administrative processes to    truth is that only a small percentage of
a strategic business tool being used to stan-    work performed by individuals conforms
dardize mission-critical operations. With the    to a structured process.                         streamlining the business processes that
maturation of BPM suites, we are seeing a            The majority of work is performed            span various functional applications.
change in mindset as processes become rec-       within the unstructured—or dynamic—              Ultimately BPM suites drive greater con-
ognized as business assets and deployments       environment of emails, phone calls, instant      trol, consistency, visibility, accountability,
move beyond departmental implementations         messaging and face-to-face meetings.             compliance and speed—core benefits that
to enterprisewide solutions. As business exec-   Dynamically modeling the processes with-         have been associated with BPM for years.
utives and IT leaders alike express a renewed    in this unstructured world, and providing            Beyond these obvious, and certainly
interest in optimizing the processes that im-    visibility and control where there has tradi-    worthy, benefits, lurks even greater poten-
pact their companies’financial and operational   tionally been none, is the ultimate destiny      tial, potential that leading BPM suites ven-
performance, the question on everyone’s mind     of BPM. Applications that successfully           dors are finally beginning to articulate.
is—where do BPM suites go from here?             address this fundamental challenge will          BPM suites are poised to become the busi-
    Today’s business environment—one that        provide breakthrough business value on par       ness context backbone from which comple-
places a premium on compressed cycle             with the widespread adoption of email.           mentary applications may drive greater
times, reduced operating costs, improved                                                          individual and organizational performance.
service levels and the very real threat of                                                            By understanding the business context
                                                 Today’s BPM Value Proposition                    for what a user is trying to accomplish at
penalties associated with compliance viola-
tions—is driving business process evolution.         Most packaged software applications          any given step in a process, a content man-
Organizational leaders now require unprece-      have been designed to address the func-          agement system, for example, can proac-
dented operational control and enter-            tional requirements of a particular disci-       tively recommend specific documents or
prisewide visibility into the functions that     pline, such as human resources, finance,         graphics that address the user’s need.
drive day-to-day performance.                    manufacturing or sales. These applications       Without this business context, and the abil-
    BPM suites provide these executives          have significant functional depth, but fail to   ity to proactively inject itself into the
with timely information about key busi-          take into account that business processes        process, the content management system is
ness processes required to set organiza-         span multiple disciplines.                       a standalone application that has much less
tional expectations and meet deadlines.              In the absence of formalized business        job relevance (and value) to the employee
BPM suites are particularly well suited to       processes that span these stovepipe appli-       and the organization. Forrester calls this
automate relatively static, repetitive           cations, individuals have been forced to         highly productive environment a “contex-
processes such as expense-report entry,          find their own way, which can lead to chaos      tualized information workplace.”
validation and payment, new customer             and waste. BPM suites bring order and effi-          In a report titled “Context Is King In The
enrollment and claims processing.                ciency to this world by formalizing and          New World Of Work,” Forrester pointed out:
                                                                                                  “As enterprises better understand the interre-
                                                                                                  lationship between roles, collaboration,
                                                                                                  content and business processes, the need to
                                                                                                  provide information within the context of an
                                                                                                  information worker’s daily activities will
                                                                                                  drive the implementation of information
                                                                                                  workplaces. When Forrester surveyed 117
                                                                                                  North American professionals about the
                                                                                                  information workplace (IW), 60% said that
                                                                                                  providing content within the context of the
                                                                                                  business process is extremely important. The
                                                                                                  respondents also wanted contextual collabo-
                                                                                                  ration, just-in-time e-learning and embedded
                                                                                                  learning. By moving to contextualized infor-
                                                                                                  mation workplaces, workers will receive
                                                                                                  information seamlessly, and they no longer

S8      KMWorld January 2007
have to mentally and manually integrate dis-
parate tools into their work environments.”1              “The void between process-driven work and
   Delivering control, visibility, consistency
and speed, as well as providing the business
context backbone for complementary                        email clutter challenges the constraints of
applications, constitute today’s BPM suites’
value proposition.                                            today’s current BPM solutions...”
Challenge for Traditional BPM                        process when circumstances necessitate, what        observes: “Emerging businesses do not have
                                                     some BPM suites vendors today consider              the luxury of sophisticated, well-supported
    Despite their current value proposition,
                                                     dynamic process management.                         organizations which focus on process
BPM suites are severely limited by a fun-
damental challenge: traditional, structured                                                              analysis. Real process—effective process—is
                                                                                                         created real-time, dynamically, not by a com-
BPM accounts for only a small portion of             Dynamic BPM: Transforming Noise                     mittee vote. I listen. I evaluate. I decide. I del-
all business processes (a.k.a. work) per-            into Information
formed within an organization each day.                                                                  egate. What I need isn’t an esoteric set of
    In reality, most work is executed in an              To realize their full potential, BPM suites     modeling tools. I need tools that inform me
unstructured, dynamic environment of emails,         must transform the noise of unstructured            better, that help me listen better, that help me
meetings, phone calls and informal conversa-         work into organized, actionable information.        make better decisions, and ultimately track
tions. This is a world of noise, in which thou-          Specifically, BPM suites of the future          the progress of my delegation, no matter
sands of emails get lost in a black hole, with       must enable the following:                          who’s involved, where they are or who they
no way to prioritize, no visibility for execu-       ◆ Management must be able to assign work            work for. That’s how you manage my busi-
tives and no accountability.                            and delegate tasks on the fly, while main-       ness processes. Anything less is complexity I
    We can all relate to the influx of email we         taining complete visibility over the entire      can’t afford.”
receive on a daily basis, and at times we feel          process, rather than losing sight of
buried by it. According to a report from the            execution as work is processed through a         Meeting the BPM Challenge
Harvard Business School, “While all knowl-              series of emails;
edge workers surveyed used email, 26% felt it        ◆ Business process models should be built               BPM is evolving and organizations around
was overused in their organizations, 21% felt           on the fly as actual work is executed, ver-      the globe are leveraging BPM suites to design,
overwhelmed by it and 15% felt that it actual-          sus a team of consultants analyzing and          monitor and optimize processes enter-
ly diminished their productivity.” 2                    documenting current processes over a pe-         prisewide. The traditional static nature of
    In this world of noise, senior management           riod of months or years;                         BPM, however, often presents a challenge for
has no visibility into or control over ideas as      ◆ Work items should be more optimally as-           companies operating in today’s dynamic busi-
they are proposed, to plans as they are formu-          signed in real-time to employees based on        ness environment. Organizations regularly
lated and to problems as they are solved.               current skills, competencies and workload;       encounter time-sensitive, people-centric proj-
Executives gain visibility only after the work       ◆ Value-added documents, content objects,           ects that are not addressed by structured busi-
is finished and the documents, revenue fig-             just-in-time learning courses and other          ness processes, yet still require the executive-
ures, sales contracts and expenditures have             task-specific materials should be served         level visibility, status monitoring and compli-
made their way into packaged applications.              up to employees proactively as they do           ance capabilities of a traditional BPM suite.
The result is a reactive, non-agile enterprise          their jobs, rather than forcing employees            The BPM practice of the future allows
that is not driven by the directives of its senior      to step away from their work to search           executives to quickly create ad-hoc, yet high-
management and cannot improve based upon                through standalone systems for support-          priority work assignments that in turn can be
an understanding of what is or isn’t working            ing, job-relevant materials;                     subdivided and forwarded in order to leverage
on a dynamic basis.                                  ◆ Dynamic processes should be archived              the most knowledgeable human and system
    John Kiser, CEO of Gray Hat Research                and analyzed by intelligent algorithms to        assets while continuously being monitored.
Corporation observes, “A substantial portion            identify bottlenecks and recommend al-               Although BPM suites are well posi-
of any organization’s time is spent document-           ternative scenarios;                             tioned to deliver, they must evolve beyond
ing, rolling-up and communicating what vari-         ◆ Employees should be held more accountable         simply enabling structured processes. They
ous parts of the organization are doing. The            for executing day-to-day work assignments        must also support the dynamic, unstruc-
shelf life of this information is ephemeral; it’s       and their appraisals tied more closely to on-    tured work that drives today’s businesses. It
invariably obsolete by the time it reaches the          going activities, rather than being assessed     will be through this evolution—capturing
CEO. Individual attempts to span the infor-             retroactively once a year via a manager’s rec-   and codifying information about dynamic
mation gap are enormously counterproduc-                ollection of events long passed; and             work, and then serving as the business con-
tive. As CEO, I don’t need hundreds or thou-         ◆ Senior executives should have real-time ac-       text backbone for complementary applica-
sands of messages providing me interim sta-             cess to corporate performance as the aggre-      tions—that BPM suites will be successful
tus. I simply need to know whether accom-               gation of individual, team and project per-      in realizing their true potential. ❚
plishment of an organizational mandate is on            formance. They should also be alerted to
                                                                                                         HandySoft Global Corporation is a leading provider of
track or not—and if not, why and who to call.”          negative trends and be equipped to take cor-     business process management (BPM) solutions. The
    The void between process-driven work                rective action before problems affect the        company is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with
and email clutter challenges the constraints of         business, rather than seeing historical per-     offices in Australia, Japan, Korea and London. To learn
today’s current BPM solutions and demands               formance in the form of quarterly sales fig-     more about the company’s solutions, BizFlow™ and
new tools, allowing knowledge workers to                ures, customer satisfaction reports and fi-      OfficeEngine™, visit
leverage the structure and automation of a              nancial statements.
                                                         Nowhere is the need for accurate, objec-        1 E. Driver, “Context Is King In The New World Of Work”
business process management platform with
                                                                                                           (Forrester, March 2006)
the flexibility of email. This entails a far more    tive process information more critical than in
comprehensive approach than simply spawn-            emerging enterprises. Stephen Vowell, chief         2 T. Davenport, “Thinking for a Living” (Boston: Harvard
ing a “shadow” process from a structured             technology officer of Mesh Networks,                  Business School Press, 2005).

                                                                                                                        KMWorld January 2007                 S9
Expanding Your View
                                                                                                                                     Brett Stineman is a
                                                                                                                                     senior product
                                                                                                                                     marketing manager
                                                                                                                                     at EMC, focusing on
                                                                                                                                     the EMC

of Business Process                                                                                                                  Documentum
                                                                                                                                     Process Suite, EMC’s
                                                                                                                                     business process

Management                                                                                                 Brett Stineman
                                                                                                                                     offering. In his
                                                                                                                                     current role,
                                                                                                                                     Stineman is
                                                                                                                                     responsible for
                                                                                                        external marketing efforts related to the
                                                                                                        Documentum Process Suite, including
                                                                                                        messaging, positioning and promotion. Prior to
                             By Brett Stineman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMC                   his position at EMC, he has been involved in
                                                                                                        marketing, product management and operations
                                                                                                        at various enterprise software companies,
                                                                                                        focused on business rules management, content
                                                                                                        distribution networks and hosted applications.

A   utomation, automation, automation.
Like the old maxim concerning real estate
                                                  for meeting overall goals and objectives—
                                                  a dramatic shift that can have far-reaching
(“Location, location, location ...”) it some-     effects. For instance, BPA evaluates
times seems that business process manage-         processes in the context of individual activ-     automate the process of assigning and
ment (BPM) software vendors tout the              ities as well as the overall organization. So     queuing cases.
virtues of process automation to the exclu-       it can help a department respond to a                 Imagine a self-service BPM application
sion of all else. Yes, process automation is      change in one process without adversely           that enables end users to input information,
a significant BPM benefit. But today, BPM         affecting the other processes in which            which can then be used to pull user and
suites bring together a set of process-related    it participates.                                  other case information from various sys-
technologies in a single solution, suitable           BPA, once a distinct discipline, is now       tems and databases. Based on the combina-
for a broad range of uses across enterprises      an integrated offering inside advanced            tion of user input and imported informa-
and across industries. Just as you expect         BPM suites.                                       tion, other activities can be automated by,
more from your home than mere proximity                                                             say, pointing the user to appropriate docu-
to other things, process automation is only                                                         mentation. Yet typically, to complete the
                                                  Don’t Forget the People                           case an IT professional will have to assist
one essential factor for you to consider as
you evaluate how BPM can improve the                                                                the requestor. BPM orchestrates these
                                                      The vast majority of business processes
way you run your organization.                                                                      activities from initiation through monitor-
                                                  involve people; while completely automated        ing, thus ensuring tasks are handled quick-
                                                  processes do exist, they are few and far          ly and the process is moved forward effi-
First, Understand Your Processes                  between. You might think that goes without        ciently through its remaining phases.
                                                  saying, but proponents of enterprise applica-         Another important aspect of how people
    Business process analysis (BPA)               tion integration (EAI) may argue otherwise.       interact with processes is collaboration.
enables you to discover, analyze and                  EAI technology, which enables disparate       While individual process tasks are typically
improve processes before you automate             applications and systems to communicate           handled by a single person, there are many
them. BPA helps you understand                    with one another, has evolved to the point that   situations that require teamwork to com-
how processes work and, perhaps more              today it can orchestrate numerous systems-        plete. Process exceptions are a good exam-
importantly, how they don’t work—                 based interactions. An interesting recent         ple of where collaboration is required.
and then it helps you deconstruct and                                                               Going back to the IT service management
                                                  development is the advent of business
redesign processes to create an improved                                                            scenario, consider requests that fall outside
                                                  process execution language (BPEL), a servic-
future state. In addition, BPA can identify                                                         of standard procedures. One way an IT pro-
                                                  es-based approach for managing system-to-
process resource needs, the relationships                                                           fessional might deal with this would be to
among separate processes, as well as best         system process interactions. BPEL, though
                                                  powerful, doesn’t account for the human           start an email thread outside the process in
practices that can then be propagated                                                               order to get input from other team members
enterprisewide.                                   workflows within business processes.
                                                                                                    or groups. But this significantly reduces the
    Consider a manufacturing operation that       Systems-based integration is vital, and
                                                                                                    advantages of BPM orchestration and man-
takes orders, builds and ships products, man-     BPEL’s ability to automate redundant or
                                                                                                    agement. The ability to initiate collaboration
ages parts and finished goods inventories,        unnecessary “human-based” tasks certainly         activities within a structured process allows
receives and disposes of returned products,       boosts employee productivity. But to solve        groups to work collectively to resolve
processes bills and payments and so on. To        the equation entirely—that is, to collectively    issues, while containing this activity within
maximize operational efficiency, each             manage both human- and systems-based              the process. Some BPM suites provide the
process must first be evaluated on several cri-   process activities—your organization would        ability to initiate collaboration activities,
teria: individual objectives, organizational      have to cobble together separate BPEL and         such as creating team workspaces for shar-
objectives, resources utilized and interaction    workflow-focused BPM solutions.                   ing content and data, capturing discussion
with other processes.                                 Let’s look at an IT service management        threads, allowing the results of collaboration
    Rather than treating processes as indi-       scenario to illustrate how sophisticated          activities to be used to move the process for-
vidual, isolated cases, your organization         BPM suites can combine personnel and              ward and making this information accessi-
can build a contextual library of processes       systems activities—in this example, to            ble within the process for future reference.

S10     KMWorld January 2007
But collaboration is not just for process                     breed of BPM offerings has been created                    The result: a never-ending loop of process
exceptions; there are many collaborative                      to handle the complexities presented by                    optimization.
processes, such as clinical trial management                  unstructured content. Why just store                           As your business needs evolve—due to
in the life sciences industry, which have not                 process information (structured and                        new corporate objectives, emerging com-
previously been able to take advantage of                     unstructured) when content-aware BPM                       petitive threats, unforeseen customer
BPM to improve process efficiency and                         suites can enable your organization to                     demands and more—how do you make
employee productivity.                                        manage it based on the context and needs                   sure your organization’s processes properly
                                                              of your processes?                                         and quickly adapt?
                                                                                                                             BPM suites excel at managing process-
Processes Need Information Too                                                                                           es throughout their lifecycles. In fact, to get
                                                              Performance Monitoring                                     maximum value from its BPM suite, an
    BPM-run processes must be able to
access relevant information to properly                           Without performance monitoring, suc-                   organization should use it to take a process
perform their various tasks and activities.                   cess is a gamble. You may have created the                 from initial design and analysis through
Because such information often includes                       perfect process and it is running in produc-               operational execution and monitoring—
structured data as well as unstructured con-                  tion. But is it really perfect? Does it meet               then leverage that experience to make iter-
tent—images, emails, documents and                            the goals and objectives for which it exists?              ative refinements that improve process
more—the ability to handle both is crucial                    Are specific activities causing performance                design and function over time.
to BPM effectiveness.                                         issues—and if so, how quickly are they                         As organizations first design and imple-
    Consider an insurance claims process,                     being identified and resolved?                             ment more efficient processes, then evolve
which typically begins when an insurer’s                          Business activity monitoring (BAM) is                  those processes to meet changing business
employee or agent—or, possibly, the cus-                      another technology that evolved separately                 requirements, groups across the enterprise
tomer, acting through a Web-based elec-                       from BPM but is now being offered in                       are more likely to meet their individual
tronic form—enters data to trigger the cre-                   varying degrees by a number of BPM                         goals as well as roll those up into overarch-
ation of a new claims process. More data is                   suites. BAM can monitor process perform-                   ing corporate objectives.
pulled from other systems and data                            ance in real time and provide easily under-                    Process optimization requires an integrat-
sources, validating the customer. From this                   stood, actionable information through                      ed environment that can capably manage and
point on, unstructured content vital to the                   graphical dashboards, alerts and historical                hand off the following lifecycle stages:
claim’s resolution is added (digital pictures                 reports. BAM enables you to quickly                        ◆ Analysis—business-level process dis-
from the claims adjuster, repair estimate                     detect problems by first identifying key                     covery and modeling, analytics and
documents from external vendors, emails                       performance indicators (KPIs) within the                     simulation;
between insurance employees and external                      process, defining appropriate thresholds                   ◆ Deployment—technical implementation
parties involved in the claim, etc.). This                    and then monitoring the processes for                        tools and process UI layout;
combination of structured and unstructured                    threshold violations. More important,                      ◆ Execution—orchestration of human- and
information must be managed and made                          thanks to alerts and root-cause analysis                     system-based activities as well as system-
available throughout the process, as well as                  tools, performance issues can be readily                     to-system integration; and
tied directly to the claim for recordkeeping                  understood and corrected.                                  ◆ Monitoring—real-time alerts, operational
and compliance purposes—even after the                            With BAM your organization can iden-                     dashboards and business performance
claim has been settled.                                       tify and react quickly to process issues                     reports.
    With the convergence of content and                       while gathering actual performance
business process management, a new                            data that can be fed back into analysis.                       As noted previously, process optimiza-
                                                                                                                         tion depends on BPM’s ability to link the
                                                                                                                         monitoring and analysis stages of the
                                                                                                                         process lifecycle. This linkage enables
                                                                                                                         your organization to bring together recent
                                                                                                                         performance information, historical trends
                                                                                                                         and future projections to refine initial
                                                                                                                         process design and continually improve
                                                                                                                         ongoing activities.
                                                                                                                             Business process management suites
                                                                                                                         extend core BPM process automation func-
                                                                                                                         tionality. The best BPM suites enable your
                                                                                                                         organization to discover, understand and
                                                                                                                         analyze processes in a collaborative design
                                                                                                                         environment; manage both human- and
                                                                                                                         system-based activities; manage both
                                                                                                                         structured data and unstructured content
                                                                                                                         within the process; provide real-time per-
                                                                                                                         formance monitoring; and enable full-
                                                                                                                         process lifecycle management. ❚
                                                                                                                         EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is a leader in products, serv-
                                                                                                                         ices and solutions for information management and storage
                                                                                                                         that help organizations extract the maximum value from
                                                                                                                         their information, at the lowest total cost, across every point
                                                                                                                         in the information lifecycle. Information about EMC’s
 BPM suites deliver comprehensive capabilities across the entire process lifecycle, enabling organizations to optimize
 process performance and continually improve processes based on changing business conditions or objectives.              business process management offering can be found

                                                                                                                                          KMWorld January 2007                    S11
Speak Softly and Carry a
                                                                                                     processes. Continuous improvement is the
                                                                                                     name of the game.
                                                                                                         Agility requires sensing market change.
                                                                                                     To sense change, organizations must analyze

Big BPM Suite
                                                                                                     more information faster. On the end-user side,
                                                                                                     BPM helps by providing personalized dash-
                                                                                                     boards with real-time analytics from the
                                                                                                     processes it manages. People gain access to
                                                                                                     the right information at the right time so they
                                                                                                     can make efficient decisions. What claims are
                              By Philip Larson, Director of Product Management, Appian               open? What payments have processing excep-
                                                                                                     tions? How many loans were fulfilled this
                                                                                                     month? Where are my bottlenecks? The BPM
                                                                                                     engine provides answers to these questions

B   usinesses run on large, complex net-
works of underlying processes. Settling
                                                  its promise as both a management discipline
                                                  and an underlying technology platform.
                                                                                                     over the Web in real time and pushes them out
                                                                                                     to the right people.
                                                                                                         However, sensing change requires more
billing disputes, introducing new products,           Aside from well-acknowledged benefits          than pie charts and scatter plots. BPM
procuring goods and services, issuing loans,      like streamlining hand-offs and aligning           therefore couples these analytics with other
managing inventory—the quality and effi-          incentives, BPM also helps bridge the busi-        contextual information, including collabo-
ciency of these processes drive sustainable       ness-IT divide. Standards such as business         ration tools such as chat and message
competitive advantages for the business.          process modeling notation (BPMN), for              boards, as well as document repositories
However, regardless of how efficient your         instance, provide a common language for            and knowledgebases. These tools provide
processes are today, markets evolve, com-         business and IT to model and understand            greater context to particular processes,
petitive landscapes change and regulatory         business processes. Using BPMN, business           helping knowledge workers and managers
pressures fluctuate. To stay ahead, compa-        analysts don’t simply throw requirements           sense change.
nies need to become more process-centric          over the wall for IT to translate into automat-        In addition to recognizing change, agility
and reduce their reliance on rigid outdated       ed solutions—they define abstract process          also requires organizations to adapt their
procedures. They require tighter controls         flows by linking together tasks and activities.    processes to those changes. With traditional
over their processes and better internal          Unlike a static diagram like Visio, these same     packaged (and custom) client-server software,
alignment in order to navigate these uncer-                                                          this has been a nightmare. One problem is that
                                                  models govern the execution of the process.
tain and volatile waters.                                                                            these tools hardwire process logic into the appli-
                                                  Moreover, when appropriate, business ana-
    The business process management                                                                  cation code itself. Some organizations give up
                                                  lysts can even retain the ability to modify and
(BPM) market is exploding thanks to its                                                              on agility and impose these rigid processes on
                                                  optimize these processes directly. This funda-     the corporation. For others, retaining agility
ability to address these problems. BPM            mentally changes the way the business
suites provide organizations with greater                                                            means keeping large teams of “application
                                                  is managed and how operational processes           maintenance” personnel in IT ready to hack into
management and flexibility of their               are executed.
processes while increasing visibility into                                                           their commercial tools and modify them as
                                                      For many companies, competition has            needed (once they finish the other hundred
where those processes are breaking down.          never been more fierce. Therefore, using
By providing process automation in a way                                                             things on their “to do” list, that is).
                                                  BPM to put business users back in the                  BPM technology, on the other hand, has
that transcends the typical hierarchical and      driver’s seat of corporate strategy is a good      put the power of process improvement in the
political barriers in the organization, BPM       thing. Although the industry may have              hands of the business by giving authorized
suites are driving efficiencies across every      argued over what to call it, the benefits          users control to make tactical improvements
major vertical.                                   of BPM have been busy speaking                     to the business processes in which they partic-
                                                  for themselves.                                    ipate. BPM allows users to add new approval
BPM by Any Other Name...                                                                             steps in-flight, modify the rules and policies
                                                                                                     governing a process, or simply pause or can-
    Business process management has had a         Corporate Agility; Adapting                        cel work that is no longer relevant. No calls to
somewhat schizophrenic past. First, it had to     Processes                                          IT; no expensive application maintenance per-
differentiate itself from workflow. It did this                                                      sonnel. In this way, BPM encourages a
by providing a standalone platform for defin-         Many BPM initiatives start by focusing
                                                                                                     process-centric culture in which people par-
ing processes involving multiple applications     on modeling and executing “as-is” business         ticipating in processes are empowered to con-
rather than merely stuffing flowchart capabil-    processes. In many cases, this is a good start.    tinually improve them. This helps organiza-
ities into a single application like ERP or       An as-is process is often understood reason-       tions to adapt their processes rather than hang-
CRM. Second, BPM had to convince the              ably well by the organization, and these           ing their old ones out to dry.
market that its human-centric features for col-   processes can always benefit from smoother
laboration and task management made it            hand-offs, a full audit trail and the efficiency
more than simply repackaged enterprise            of real-time management. However, if you           BPM & SOA: Two Peas in a Pod
application integration (EAI) tools, which pri-   are only using BPM to automate as-is                  By helping break the basic composition
marily focus on message-based system-to-          processes, you are missing out on one of the       of software applications into subprocesses
system integration. Third, it had to earn the     core promises of BPM—corporate agility.            and tasks, BPM abstracts out the process
right to call itself “BPM” by fighting a gruel-   Corporate agility is the ability to sense          flow into models that are easier for people
ing acronym war with the likes of business        change and adapt old processes to these new        to understand and build. But if BPM is
performance management and business               circumstances. It brings with it the vision of     about gluing activities together into a
process modeling. But regardless of its histo-    incrementally improving “as-is” processes          process, aren’t process designers limited
ry, BPM sales have grown rapidly thanks to        until they become optimized “to-be”                by what building blocks are available?

S12     KMWorld January 2007
Sure. This is why (good) BPM tools ship                       What other synergies exist? Well,              BPM has cast a wider net by allowing
with a large library of pre-built services                BPM’s native security and monitoring tools     employees to seamlessly interact with
and components for doing everything from                  can be used to control access to services in   processes. This means allowing people to
uploading documents to updating legacy                    your SOA and even monitor usage. This          communicate with processes using medi-
systems. Plug-ins and starter kits in inte-               makes sure that only authorized users are      ums they are accustomed to. BPM plug-ins
grated development environments (IDEs)                    calling your services under appropriate cir-   for Microsoft Outlook and Office, for
can also be used to further extend these                  cumstances. Additionally, by monitoring        instance, enable users to participate in
lists of components. In this way, business                all activities in a process, BPM can provide   processes—complete tasks, view reports,
analysts build working process applica-                   real-time reports on service performance,      route documents—all from an environment
tions based on components supplied by IT.                 including completion times, uptime per-        with which they are already familiar.
    This fits in nicely with organizations’ serv-         centage and success-to-failure ratios.             But the work here is ongoing. BPM
ice-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives.              Service level agreements can be enforced,      technology will continue to evolve new and
These initiatives expose business assets as               and breaches can be sent directly to the       better ways for users to seamlessly interact
reusable “services” that can be shared across             appropriate manager’s inbox.                   with the process engine through mediums
applications. But having an infrastructure of                 Fundamentally, organizations want to       such as email, IM, text messaging and
services is not itself an end goal. SOA only              build applications faster, manage them bet-    voice over internet protocol (VoIP). The
becomes useful when those services are                    ter and make them easier to change. BPM        day is not far off when people will receive
assembled into composite applications. This               and SOA are a perfect match for helping to     voicemails from their process engines,
is when you benefit from service reusability,             get there.                                     enabling them to escalate or reroute work
reducing application development time and                                                                via voice commands from their cell phones
lowering the incremental cost of future                                                                  or mobile devices. Any medium people
                                                          Human Workflow: Is that BPM in                 currently use to communicate with others
process automation. BPM is therefore a natu-
ral fit to combine with your SOA. BPM                     Your Pocket?                                   is ripe with opportunity for creating seam-
                                                                                                         less inroads to process management.
becomes the glue, sitting on top of the SOA,                  But with all this talk of component            The bottom line is that for BPM to
orchestrating calls to services from within               architecture and service orchestration,        work, people must participate. This means
enterprise processes. BPM makes it faster and             haven’t we forgotten about the people?         making process management easy to use
cheaper to build applications on top of your              Clearly, tying together Web services from      and accessible from whatever device hap-
SOA. The more services the IT organization                an SOA into processes is only half the         pens to be in the end-user’s pocket.
exposes through the SOA, the more building                story. On the people side, human workflow
blocks the business has to build BPM-based                features have helped to put the “B” back
composite applications.                                   into BPM. Organizations realize that not all   Assessing the Architectural
    Based on modular services, applica-                   good ideas come in boardrooms. Often the       Approach
tions built with BPM and SOA also have                    people on the front lines have the best
greater tolerance for change compared with                insights into where processes are breaking        BPM has made great strides in helping
tightly coupled applications that trap busi-              down. Therefore, companies must mine           organizations manage and control their
ness logic in internal code. These services               their knowledge workers for promising          business processes. It is helping put busi-
can be updated independently from the                     ideas and innovative recommendations on        ness users back in the driver’s seat of
overall application without bringing the                  how to improve the organization’s process-     process strategy. At the same time, BPM is
entire system down. This greatly simplifies               es. As a result, BPM today provides collab-    helping organizations get more out of com-
enhancements and ongoing maintenance.                     oration technology, knowledgebase reposi-      mon IT initiatives like SOA. However, this
Moreover, the interfaces for the services                 tories and other tools that help to bring      architectural approach is also being cou-
are well-defined, making it simpler to swap               process management and process control to      pled with a focus on the people—cultivat-
                                                                                                         ing the ideas and innovation of employees
new services in and out of processes.                     more people in varying roles.
                                                                                                         and allowing them to seamlessly partici-
                                                                                                         pate in processes from the tools they are
                                                                                                         familiar with using. Given the strategic
                                                                                                         importance of BPM to both the business
                                                                                                         and IT, some companies are hesitant to dis-
                                                                                                         close everything they are doing for fear of
                                                                                                         giving their competitors a roadmap to suc-
                                                                                                         cess. However, even for companies that
                                                                                                         choose to speak softly about their strategic
                                                                                                         process initiatives, it is becoming more and
                                                                                                         more likely that internally they are carrying
                                                                                                         a big BPM suite. ❚
                                                                                                         Philip Larson is director of product management at
                                                                                                         Appian Corporation. He guides the strategic vision and
                                                                                                         roadmap of Appian Enterprise, the company’s flagship
                                                                                                         business process management (BPM) suite. Appian
                                                                                                         Enterprise sports the industry’s first 100% thin-client
                                                                                                         product, including a business process modeling notation
                                                                                                         (BPMN)-compliant process modeling environment.
                                                                                                         With more than 6.1 million seats deployed, Appian
                                                                                                         Enterprise is being used in a wide range of projects with-
                                                                                                         in government agencies, non-government organizations
 BPM and SOA together constitute the best framework for building agile applications.                     and Fortune 500 companies. More information is avail-
                                                                                                         able at

                                                                                                                        KMWorld January 2007                 S13
Bridging the Gap                                                                                        Retrieving information from a giant
                                                                                                    archiving system is only marginally helpful
                                                                                                    if the information is disorganized and

People and Process with                                                                             uncategorized. This situation is one of
                                                                                                    many that clearly illustrates the compelling
                                                                                                    business need for collaborative document
                                                                                                    management. CDM is an important pillar

Content in Context                                                                                  of a complete ECM strategy, and bridges
                                                                                                    the gap between people and processes
                                                                                                    while delivering contextual information
                                                                                                    through the concept of “workspaces.” With
                                                                                                    workspaces, information can be organized
By Sanjay Kumar, Director, Collaborative Document Management Strategy, Interwoven and               based on business requirements to mimic
        Amita Abraham, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Computer Systems                   information compartments for specific cus-
                                                                                                    tomers, products, projects, engagements,
                                                                                                    deals and contracts. Capturing all docu-
                                                                                                    ments, emails and media assets related to a
    “How can I approve this customer’s com-       provide the full context for the given work-      specific business requirement within a sin-
mercial loan application? I can’t even find all   flow activity step.                               gle, accessible workspace unifies and sim-
the documents and email communications                High-volume transactional processes           plifies the process and delivery of informa-
related to the initial request...”                often exhibit one or more of the following        tion to the right people in the right context.
                                                  characteristics:                                  The following diagram illustrates how a

T   his scenario is increasingly common and
stems from the fact that organizations deploy-
                                                  ◆ Repetitive transactions governed by well-
                                                     defined escalation rules, sometimes num-
                                                                                                    commercial bank organizes customer
                                                                                                    information in a virtual “credit file” while
                                                                                                    processing a commercial lending request.
                                                     bering several thousand per day;
ing business process management (BPM) so-
                                                  ◆ Processes that often interface with vari-
lutions fail to include enterprise content man-
agement (ECM) offerings in their strategic           ous back-end systems for data extraction,
planning. The increasing complexity of               insertion and validation;
processes demands that a collaborative work       ◆ Documents that are added to the system
environment provide the foundational support         via automated batch methods, such as
for the BPM strategy. With a virtual collabo-        scanning or faxing;
rative workspace providing contextual infor-      ◆ Documents (such as scanned documents,
mation for every step in a business process,         faxes, and electronic forms) that are often
users can make informed decisions faster. Or-        static in nature and require little document
ganizations can improve responsiveness to cus-       editing or version tracking;
tomers—both internally and externally—while       ◆ The focus is primarily on workflow stan-
increasing efficiencies across all projects. By      dardization, task distribution, job queue
bringing BPM, ECM and collaborative docu-            management and operator resource               Virtual credit file—managing content in context for a
                                                     scheduling and optimization;                   commercial borrower.
ment management (CDM) together, enter-
prises lay the foundation for a highly collabo-   ◆ Workflow tasks that include the review of
rative, process-oriented environment in which        one or more documents; and                         In a typical BPM environment, a com-
the management of the project or product life-    ◆ Documents and process audit logs that are       pleted process triggers the archiving of
cycle provides greater transparency in cus-          archived into a repository after the           related documents without regard for the
tomer interactions.                                  process is completed.                          context in which the original information
    BPM typically involves processes that             These traditional processes provide           was used. For instance, the loss of contex-
orchestrate a combination of system-to-sys-       employees only with information related to        tual information results in a commercial
tem, people-to-people and people-to-system        a specific task with a set of documents           bank relationship manager being unable to
interactions and can range from managing          attached to that individual step in the           leverage an opportunity to up-sell new
high-volume transactions to collaborative         process. As the number of documents               products and services based on a cus-
team-oriented business processes. By pro-         needing to be referenced increases, such as       tomer’s information around a prior loan
viding contextual content, all three types of     with the opening of a corporate account for       process or account-opening process
processes can be executed with full visibility    commercial or wholesale banking, simply           because the manager does not have access
and knowledge.                                    attaching them to a workflow task is an inad-     to all the account request information
                                                  equate means of providing total visibility.       related to this particular customer.
                                                      As an example, the person reviewing           Similarly, there is no easy way for a com-
High-Volume Transactional Processes               and approving a customer request may              pliance group or internal audit committee
    When discussing BPM, what often               have a need to review all previous commu-         to track the sequence of activities, commu-
comes to mind is the automation of high-          nications associated with the transaction.        nications and decisions made that led to
volume transactional processes around             These may include emails, all customer-           the approval of a set of risky commercial
claims, mortgage loans, auto loans or the         related documents and account history,            loans if they do not have access to all the
opening of retail bank accounts. The focus        among other things. Such a detailed               information presented to them in the right
of BPM has primarily been on process              process requires seamless integration with        context, as shown in the diagram. This can
orchestration rather than the organization,       an enterprise content management system           only be achieved efficiently if an ECM
accessibility, categorization and presenta-       in order to ensure that all relevant content      system with collaborative document man-
tion of relevant content (documents,              related to the request is visible and accessi-    agement is seamlessly integrated with a
emails, other business assets) necessary to       ble to anyone handling the request.               BPM solution.

S14     KMWorld January 2007
        The Benefits of People + Process + Collaboration + Context
     How does this powerful combination benefit today's organizations?
       1. Accelerated response times: Creates a process-driven                    3. Improved employee productivity and tools for effective
   collaborative work environment with enhanced visibility and                decision-making: In addition to enabling collaboration
   accountability. Such an environment provides common                        between team members and functional groups, enhancing
   ground for workspace collaboration on documents and other                  workflow capabilities and providing the ability to source con-
   project data. Organizations are able to accelerate their                   textual information, organizations can equip their users with
   response to both internal and external customer requests for               the capabilities necessary to monitor tasks, issues, milestones,
   information by empowering users with contextual information                meetings and project dashboards, as well as track project,
   at every step in the business process.                                     engagement or customer interactions.
       2. Reuse of best practices and information: Establishes better             4. Assists compliance activities: Helps organizations go
   business practices by defining and automating repeatable business          beyond documentation of business processes in support of
   processes. Valuable information assets such as best practices, tem-        their compliance objectives. Automated and standardized
   plates, policies and procedures can be categorized in an organiza-         business processes reinforce the legitimacy of an organiza-
   tional or a departmental taxonomical hierarchy for standardization,        tion’s compliance efforts and assist internal audit groups with
   knowledge management and information reuse.                                their processes.

Collaborative Business Processes                    ◆A mix of both structured as well as ad hoc         platform for a highly collaborative, process-
                                                       workflow to help with document review and        oriented workplace that provides transparency
    “How do I manage the lifecycle of all the          approval within the context of a project. This   into customer interactions while enabling the
information related to a project—not just the          may also include tracking all other project-     management of product and project lifecycles.
review and approval of a set of documents?”            related information such as challenges, esca-    This foundational platform bridges the gap
    Business processes, such as the one out-           lations, milestones and meeting minutes.         between people and processes across business
lined above, often become complex exercises         ◆ Cross-functional teams working collabo-           units and geographies by putting content in
involving numerous people, tasks and deci-             ratively to create, review and publish con-      context in a collaborative environment. The
sions. Such complexity demands real-time               tent such as collateral and branding to in-      major benefit of this solution is that it provides
access to relevant content, the ability to quick-      tranets, extranets, customer portals and         companies with accurate and timely business
ly and easily collaborate with various team            other document distribution systems.             information to help them quickly act on infor-
members and a preserved audit trail of each              A good illustration of this process is the     mation to make smarter business decisions. ❚
step involved in the decision-making process.       introduction of a new nine-month certificate
    Examples of highly collaborative process-       of deposit at a retail bank. Such a product         Sanjay Kumar is director, collaborative document man-
es include innovation management, new prod-         affects multiple departments who must col-          agement strategy at Interwoven, Inc. Kumar is a recog-
uct launches, contract negotiation and execu-       laborate on reviewing and approving the prod-       nized industry expert with more than 15 years of experi-
                                                    uct offering. Many individuals have an impact       ence in enterprise software. At Interwoven, Kumar held
tion, deal management for M&A and private
                                                    on this process, from the product group, to         various management positions in engineering, business
equity, creating educational materials for                                                              development, product management and marketing.
learning services, managing call centers and        tax, risk, audit, legal, operations and IT. Once
the creation and management of customer             launched, it becomes necessary to gather data       Interwoven is a leading provider of content experience
                                                    over the product’s lifetime. Formal reviews at      management solutions that extend enterprise content to
self-service portals.
                                                    varying intervals can then effectively measure      enrich the experiences of customers, employees and
    Collaborative business processes often                                                              partners. Interwoven solutions help organizations gain
                                                    product performance vs. the original market-
exhibit one or more of the following                                                                    control over their global content processes, from cre-
                                                    ing plan. Such comprehensive tracking is the
characteristics:                                                                                        ation to delivery, resulting in more satisfied customers,
                                                    result of a complex, collaborative process that
◆ The document creation process is highly                                                               more efficient processes and more productive people.
                                                    requires integrated ECM with CDM systems
   collaborative and normally occurs within                                                             For more information, visit
                                                    working in harmony with an effective work-
   the context of a project team. Emphasis is       flow system.                                        Amita Abraham is senior product marketing manager at
   on ease of creation, revision, and access                                                            Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation. Abraham is
   to documents via multiple familiar inter-                                                            responsible for managing market research and market
   faces such as Microsoft Office, Outlook          The Bottom Line                                     analysis, and developing the market direction and strat-
   and Web applications.                                                                                egy for Fujitsu’s leading BPM suite, Interstage Business
                                                        Organizations looking to improve their
◆ A focus on managing the lifecycle of                                                                  Process Manager. Abraham is based in Sunnyvale, CA,
                                                    business processes require a robust enter-          and can be reached at
   all related information (for example,            prise content management suite with an
   individual project lifecycles, contract          easy-to-use collaborative document man-             With operations across the globe, annual revenues in
   lifecycles and managing customer                 agement solution that:                              excess of $40 billion, and 158,000 employees in 100
   account service requests for the life of                                                             countries, Fujitsu is the third-largest IT company in the
                                                    ◆ Provides flexible, end-to-end process
   the account).                                                                                        world and continues to provide customer-focused busi-
                                                       management capabilities;                         ness solutions based on its enterprise software, hard-
◆ An emphasis on document organization              ◆ Allows rapid access to content in                 ware and services. Fujitsu’s process-driven integration
   within a collaborative workspace and set-           context; and                                     approach to SOA using Interstage Business Process
   ting roles and privileges of team partici-       ◆ Facilitates collaboration across teams.           Manager, together with CentraSite, Fujitsu’s SOA registry
   pants for easy interaction with active con-          CDM also provides the ability to keep all       and repository, is geared toward successfully bringing
   tent—usually within the context of a             information organized in context within a           business and IT together. For more information,
   project, product or customer service.            workspace structure. This forms the underlying      visit

                                                                                                                       KMWorld January 2007                S15
Dashboard Design
                                                                                                                                        Daryl Orts is
                                                                                                                                        responsible for
                                                                                                                                        managing the
                                                                                                                                        growth and
                                                                                                                                        development of the

and Implementation                                                                                                                      Noetix Dashboard
                                                                                                                                        offering, bringing
                                                                                                                                        more than 10 years
                                                                                                                                        of technology and
A Step-by-Step Guide                                                                                              Daryl Orts
                                                                                                                                        experience to
                                                                                                                                        Noetix. Orts joined
                                                                                                                                        Noetix in early 2001
                                                                                                          and managed the development of NoetixViews
                                     By Daryl Orts, VP of Advanced Solutions, Noetix Corp.                for Oracle Applications for two years. He also
                                                                                                          managed the development and launch of the
                                                                                                          first two releases of Noetix for Siebel CRM. Prior
                                                                                                          to joining Noetix, Orts was vice president of
A   dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the
daily health of your organization. From a sin-
                                                    their needs and expectations. To keep the
                                                    dashboard project within scope, map these
                                                                                                          applications R&D for Onyx Software as well as
                                                                                                          vice president of engineering for Luminous
                                                                                                          Corporation. Earlier in his career, Orts held
gle interface, decision makers have access to       needs and expectations to the pre-established         software management and development
key performance indicators (KPIs)—action-           KPIs. To increase the likelihood that the             positions at Adobe Systems, Frame Technology
able information that can be used to effectively    final dashboard will meet users’ expectations,        and IBM.
guide and track business performance.               take advantage of available tools and
    At a high level, it may seem relatively         technologies that lend themselves well
easy to build a dashboard. Companies that           to prototyping.                                  “code complete,” both the technical team
feel they have a good handle on which                   2. Design: Once the team approves            and the primary users must test the dash-
performance indicators are of strategic             the dashboard’s content and appearance,          board to ensure it meets the requirements
importance to the organization may think            the next step is to incorporate major            outlined in the project plan.
collecting, summarizing and consolidating           design aspects:                                      4. Deploy and maintain: Once the
the supporting data shouldn’t be that diffi-                                                         dashboard has been built and tested, it is
cult. However, such oversimplification              ◆ Refine the user interface and control flow;
                                                                                                     then deployed into production and security
can lead to a failed project before it ever         ◆ Confirm the data sources for each
                                                                                                     requirements are implemented. With the
gets off the ground.                                   data element;
                                                                                                     dashboard in production, or “live,” steps
    The successful implementation of a dash-        ◆ Determine how to “persist” data when his-
                                                                                                     must also be taken to provide for ongoing
board is complex and requires a step-by-step          torical trending information is desired, but
                                                                                                     maintenance. Over time, requirements and
process: a methodology that considers all             unavailable from the transaction database;
                                                                                                     expectations for the dashboard will change
aspects of the project life cycle. This series of   ◆ Define the queries needed to retrieve each
                                                                                                     and the dashboard solution should be flex-
tasks—plan, design, build and deploy—will             data element; and
                                                                                                     ible and open to allow for such inevitable
be similar, regardless of the technology or         ◆ Determine drill paths.
                                                                                                     enhancement requests.
vendor chosen. When comparing proposals                 3. Build and validate: The “real”
from multiple vendors or the cost of a “do-it-      development begins at this stage of the
yourself” project, it is important to include all   project. Several tasks occur here, typically     Final Note: Build vs. Buy
of these steps. Correctly designed and imple-       in parallel and closely coordinated with             Building and deploying an executive dash-
mented, a dashboard has the potential to bring      each other.                                      board takes time, regardless of the vendor or
immediate and considerable return on invest-            Front-end implementation—Create the          technology that is chosen. Creating the graph-
ment (ROI) to your organization.                    dashboard user interface. Evaluate what          ical front end is relatively quick and easy, but
    1. Plan: Dashboard development                  graph and chart types best represent the         that’s merely the shell of the dashboard. What
begins in the planning phase. Identify the          data to be displayed and make decisions          you actually see on your desktop pales in
project team members, their roles and               regarding grouping data to provide the           comparison to the hidden effort—80% of the
overall project objectives. When working            greatest visibility for cross-analysis.          complexity lies beneath the surface. All of the
within a tight timeline, populating the                 Query implementation—Create the              tasks listed above require planning, organiza-
dashboard is the most critical area of con-         queries to retrieve the necessary information    tion, coordination, scheduling and solid proj-
cern. Take care not to underestimate the            from the appropriate databases. This step can    ect management. When comparing proposals
complexity of the databases in which the            be particularly complex and time consum-         or considering a “build vs. buy” decision for
data resides. Accessing the data from               ing, especially if there are multiple data       deploying a dashboard, it is imperative
a myriad of tables requires technical               sources for the various dashboard elements       to ensure that the entire scope of the project
resources with detailed knowledge of the            including data from customized enterprise        is considered. ❚
underlying table structure and consider-            applications for ERP, CRM or SCM.
able SQL skill. Define the project budget               Configure scheduling, refresh and secu-      Noetix provides business intelligence tools that enable
and take into consideration the work                rity—To ensure the dashboard content is          more than 1,300 customers worldwide to quickly and
required to create the custom queries for           up to date, queries need to be configured to     cost-effectively access the enterprise application data
the desired metrics. Set realistic goals for                                                         they need to make important business decisions. Unlike
                                                    run regularly. At the same time, it is impor-
                                                                                                     most BI tools that require weeks of extensive manual
your dashboard project by striking a bal-           tant to establish and implement security         mapping to be set up and maintained, Noetix uses
ance between the primary user’s needs and           rules to display the appropriate information     patented technology to automatically discover and
what you can afford to deliver.                     for users with different levels of access.       produce metadata based on customers’ specific
    Requirements gathering and prototype—               Dashboard validation—As with any             implementations of Oracle Applications or Siebel CRM.
Interview the key stakeholders to determine         software project, when the effort reaches        For more information please visit

S16      KMWorld January 2007
Empowering Business
                                                                                                                                                   Rashid Khan
                                                                                                                                                   leveraged his
                                                                                                                                                   prowess to build
                                                                                                                                                   Ultimus into a

Teams with Interactive                                                                                                                             successful global
                                                                                                                                                   enterprise. In 1983,
                                                                                                                                                   Khan founded
                                                                                                                                                   SINTECH, Inc., a

                                                                                                                                                   startup that
                                                                                                                                                  pioneered the use of
                                                                                                                          Rashid Khan             application software
                                                                                                                                                  for mechanical
                                                                                                                     testing automation. After a successful run, he
                                                                                                                     sold SINTECH, Inc. to MTS Systems Corporation.
                                By Rashid Khan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ultimus                        In 1994, Khan founded Ultimus. Currently,
                                                                                                                     Ultimus employs more than 300 people in 16
                                                                                                                     offices worldwide. Khan holds an MBA from
                                                                                                                     Harvard Business School, a Masters in Computer
I nteractive BPM is a powerful and flexible
capability that enables business professionals
                                                          or field sales based on their qualification
                                                          level, where:
                                                                                                                     Science from University of California at Berkeley,
                                                                                                                     and a B.S. in Computer Science from M.I.T.
to view real-time performance metrics and to                  Level 1 = Valid email;
make changes to business processes dynami-                    Level 2 = Has project;
cally. The first component of interactive BPM                 Level 3 = Has budget; and                             IT: Since this is not a standard report, I
is business activity monitoring (BAM) which                   Level 4 = Has RFP.                                    would have to run a special report for
provides visibility into key performance indi-                                                                      you. Since it is a relatively straightfor-
cators (KPIs). However, providing a “warn-                    Typically, level 1 and 2 leads are sent to
                                                                                                                    ward query, I could probably turn this
ing” when KPIs fall outside targeted levels is            inside sales for telesales follow-up, while
                                                                                                                    around in two to three days.
not enough. Business results are only im-                 level 3 and 4 leads are sent directly to field
proved when “action” is taken. The power of               sales. The team is experiencing an unexpect-              Marketing: Unfortunately, I need it
interactive BPM is linking BAM directly to a              edly high response rate and needs to make a               today. I may need to adjust the process
BPM execution engine. In this way, when a                 temporary change in the process to offload                immediately to reroute level 2 leads to
                                                          some of the call volume to field sales. In our            field sales so they can act as an overflow.
KPI threshold is reached, the business team
                                                          first scenario, let’s take a look at how the mar-         IT: Even if I run the report today, you
can optimize the process by using an interac-
                                                          keting and IT teams might interact when they              won’t be able to change your process right
tive control to change business rules or adjust
                                                          do not have interactive BPM:                              away. That will take several days because
process flows.
                                                                                                                    we will need to identify the new rules and
    The need for interactive BPM is appar-                    Marketing (to IT): I just emailed                     have them developed and tested before
ent in almost any business situation, from                    55,000 prospects through KMWorld,                     taking the new process live. To update the
loan scoring to online shopping cart analy-                   and more than 400 people have already                 process, we need to document the require-
sis, or supply chain logistics to customer                    clicked on the link and registered for a              ments in order to add them to the require-
support operations. To illustrate the value                   white paper and Web-based seminar. I                  ments list for new features to be added
of interactive BPM, let’s consider the need                   need to know how many leads are in the                next year.
to optimize the flow of a lead generation                     queue with inside sales and if field sales
process. Leads are directed to inside sales                   has any excess capacity.                             Now, let’s revisit the same scenario to
                                                                                                                see how interactive BPM can empower the
                                                                                                                business team to optimize the process
                                                                                                                dynamically, right from their desktop, and
                                                                                                                without requiring IT resources.
                                                                                                                    Marketing (thinking): According to
                                                                                                                    my KPI gauges, my inside sales team is
                                                                                                                    “red-lined” with 250 outbound calls,
                                                                                                                    while outside sales has available band-
                                                                                                                    width. If I dial down qualification
                                                                                                                    threshold from 3 to 2, I can temporarily
                                                                                                                    offload some of the call volume until
                                                                                                                    the incoming leads stabilize. (Switch
                                                                                                                    dial to lower threshold.)
                                                                                                                    After adjusting the process and compar-
                                                                                                                    ing the two sets of gauges, the lower set
                                                                                                                    of gauges indicates the process has been
                                                                                                                    dynamically optimized. The inside
                                                                                                                    sales gauge has moved below 200 and
                                                                                                                    out of the red zone as lead volume has
                                                                                                                    shifted to the field sales team. ❚

    Dynamic BPM tools, supported by business activity monitoring, allows you to “dial back” certain processes   To learn more about iBAM, the Ultimus iBAM Suite, and
    according to current, real-time activity.                                                                   the Ultimus BPM Suite, visit,
                                                                                                                call 919-678-0900, or email

                                                                                                                              KMWorld January 2007                  S17
THE ABSTRACTION OF BPM continues from page 3          Ben Cody added that, “The best combi-          across the silos. I can’t make a decision
                                                   nation is a spirit of business change man-        with just my finance hat on if I don’t real-
process are adopted. The changes used to           agement coming together with technical            ize what impact that decision might have
be far more burdensome; the rules and              competency. The key question is: at what          on my manufacturing or my sales environ-
process flow used to be buried in thousands        point do you establish a center of excel-         ment,” Byrnes said.
of lines of code with thousands of depend-         lence? I’ve seen people start too late, and           Brett Stineman added, “Customers do
encies, which first would need to be               not benefit from the structure; and I’ve also     not ask for an enterprisewide solution that
discovered and then recoded and retested.          seen customers establish groups like these,       will change everything they do. They’re
Now,” he pointed out “rules can be exposed         then basically wait for ‘business’ to come        going after more specific areas. But the
explicitly in the process and rules reposito-      to them from within the organization.             great thing about BPM is reusability, as
ries, and therefore are far faster and easier      Timing is key.”                                   opposed to a point solution that addresses a
to change.”                                                                                          specific problem—like a loan origination
    This is consistent with Sanjay Kumar of                                                          application. With BPM, they quickly see
Interwoven’s experience: “Most often we            Can’t We All Get Along?
                                                                                                     the value, and how it can be used many dif-
have seen the business analyst working                 The subject of “enterprise” versus            ferent ways across the organization.”
with IT side-by-side to draft the process          “domain” always comes up when you talk                Sanjay Kumar uses an example of a
diagram. Once the process modeling has             about BPM. It’s only natural; we’re talking       customer to illustrate the synergy between
gone through a few iterations and is final-        about improving the performance of indi-          a process of one department affecting the
ized by a business analyst, IT gets involved       vidual departments, but at the same time          results gained by another: “The wholesale
in its execution, by building an integration       endeavoring to create a kind of universal         division of one of the world’s largest banks
plan with other systems if necessary, and          platform that ALL departments can suc-            is required to submit a large number of cor-
performing the software customization that         ceed with.                                        porate documents as part of the new
may be needed.” Do IT executives grasp                 Whew. There’s ALL kinds of implica-           account request. Before, the bank would
the many business imperatives firmly               tions underlying that little trick.               collect paper documents in their central
enough to take a strategic (versus a mere
                                                                                                     office and move boxes of paper among var-
implementation/acquisition) role? I wanted
                                                                                                     ious employees for verification and
to know. “Depending on the organization,
                                                                                                     approval. This process required a large
we have seen where IT has taken the lead
                                                                                                     army of people, and it also created a long
role in coordinating with various business
analysts to build a strategic roadmap for the        “We’re beginning to                             customer-service cycle time. Now, via an
                                                                                                     automated workflow, users from various
overall process improvement, and in some
other cases, IT has followed mostly the                                                              remote operational departments can access
                                                                                                     the documents by Web interface, provide
implementation role,” Kumar said.
                                                        see million-dollar                           easy verification of application documents
                                                                                                     and approve or deny the requests very
It’s All About Teamwork                                                                              quickly. This automated access has drasti-
    This hand-off from one group to the other is                enterprise                           cally reduced the bank’s operational costs,
                                                                                                     and at the same time has greatly improved
one way it happens in organizations; increas-
ingly, according to my phone buddies, there’s                                                        its customer-service experience.”
                                                                                                         Adding a different view, Laura Mooney
another trend emerging: The cross-functional
team approach. “The role of IT is in raising the
                                                          commitments to                             described a basic approach her company has
awareness and facilitating cross-functional col-                                                     taken toward merging the action with the
laboration, and using technology is one way to                                                       means. “Through acquisition, we have taken
drive that,” said Ben Cody of Global 360. Laura      standardize on BPM                              our human-centric BPM focus and added sys-
                                                                                                     tem and integration capabilities on the back-
Mooney added, “Once a businessperson brings
an application in-house for a specific problem,                                                      end to have visibility into an end-to-end busi-
IT now has that application in their portfolio,
and they can bring that out to address a new
                                                      process platforms.”                            ness process. Those customers we gained are
                                                                                                     now looking the other way, at the human end
problem. It’s more reactive than proactive. The                                                      of the equation. Customers who were once
companies that have already put BPM into                                                             focused on system integration hadn’t really
practice are starting steering committees,                                                           realized they could leverage their human
sometimes called ‘process centers of excel-                                                          capital, too.”
lence,’ that are cross-functional groups that          “It’s the normal evolution of software,”          Ben Cody added: “We see an emerging
oversee various business process needs and         insisted Scott Byrnes. “Software always starts    demand for what we call ‘process intelli-
make sure there are consistent deployments of      off as very siloed, very focused applications.    gence.’ Historically, BPM vendors make
technology,” she said.                             As great as these applications are at what they   money through selling process-based applica-
    HandySoft’s COO, Brian Boxman,                 do, they fail to address the fact that business   tions. There will continue to be a demand for
stopped by to add, “If you put IT folks in         process spans ALL those various, specific         that. But we also see the need for intelligence
front of businesspeople who understand the         applications. In order to get synergy in an       about the processes—call it ‘BI for BPM.’
process tool in a center of excellence, you        organization—say, between sales and market-       Especially for companies that are coming up
get a translation effect. You learn you can        ing—you better be able to collaborate and         the maturity curve and already have BPM
provide automation to any businessperson.          have those two things communicate.                suites or BPM-like applications within ERP
That’s a huge differentiation ... especially           “Buying decisions are being made at a         or content management—they want visibility
as CIO organizations are being out-                much higher, senior, level because execu-         into those processes end-to-end.”
sourced.” But, as Boxman also pointed out,         tives realize the performance of their                Is BPM a function? I always imagine
these so-called centers of excellence are          organizations depends on communication            the guy getting up in the morning, and say-
rare. “I wish it was more common,” he said.        among all the silos. And they need visibility     ing “Gee, I better get to work! I’ve got a lot

S18      KMWorld January 2007
of business process managin’ to do!” It          the things that leading businesses are look-    mission, I don’t know what is. Please keep
never rings quite true to me...                  ing at, and should be on your radar as well.    reading these white papers; this is the mag-
    Laura Mooney sets me straight: “All          But the fact is: BPM is, at its very core,      azine’s 10th year of trying to deliver this
the things businesses do—finance, HR,            simply another term for “sharing information,   message; it is the KMWorld Best Practices
engineering, even marketing—are all just
conglomerations of business processes. So
if you’re a manager, your job is to opti-
mize your business processes. And the
managers are starting to term it that way;
                                                                 “It’s actually happening because
that’s why BPM has been able infiltrate
into businesses. They realize they have                       business units and IT have the same
‘processes’ that are broken, and BPM is
that answer to how to fix them. Once they
realize how applicable the solutions are            mandate coming from the top. This pressure is
across different types of processes, then
BPM starts to proliferate.”
    Brett Stineman of EMC Documentum
                                                    felt by both sides of the organization, and they
helped me put it into perspective: “Vendors
are realizing that BPM isn’t ‘integration-                         are starting to work together.”
centric’ versus ‘human-centric.’ It’s not just
about automation; it’s really trying to bring
it all together and handle human activities      knowledge and expertise” in a way that          White Paper Series’ seventh year. Here’s
as well as process execution.”                   improves your company’s performance,            the deal: We’ll keep creating a space for
    As you read the following essays, keep       saves money, increases competitiveness          buyers and sellers of business process
an eye out for emerging trends, such as          and makes everyone happy when they go           improvement to get together if you—
shared service options, hosted BPM offer-        home at the end of the day.                     valued readers—keep coming here to join
ings and the further integration of IT with         And if that’s not a good and fitting         the marketplace.
the business side of the house. These are        description for the KMWorld magazine               Here’s to the next decade! Thanks!

        The 2007 “Best Practices” Series...
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